Maulana Sheikh NazimA New Spiritual Century
Since 70 years Muslims have left the foundation of Heavenly Rules and are trying to arrange their lives by following western 'isms': socialism, communism, capitalism, liberalism... How can a Muslim consider to lead their life without the guidance of the Holy Quran? Oh believers, you must be examples for this heedless Muslim world which has chosen to follow the western world! All solutions for the problems of the world today are in the Holy Quran. All doors are locked if people don't follow the Holy Commands. Their period will be finished by the beginning of the 21st century.
I am happy to see that the Crown-Prince of this country has realised and is saying aloud that the 21st century must be a spiritual century. Nothing of the foolishness of this century will remain. Allah has inspired the Crown-Prince to say to his people to be interested in Heavenly Orders! He understands more than most Muslims, who only want to be followers of modern life.

Ask forgiveness and ask Allah to send us His Holy People to defeat all evil. When Mehdi a.s. and Jesus a.s. come, the whole world will be ruled under Islamic Order and no unbelievers will be left. Those are good tidings.


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