Maulana Sheikh NazimA Visit with the Prophet (sas)

Aliyyul Azim.

We are servants of Allah. We are all Ummah of Habibullah, Muhammed Mustafa, sallallahu
alaihi wa sallam. Janabul Haqq appointed our Prophet as the leader over His Ummah. Our
Master is responsible for all of the Ummah. On the Day of Resurrection, each Prophet, 'ala
Nabina alaihi s-salatu wa s-salam, will accompany their Ummah. On the Day of Resurrection
(Yawm al Mahshar), the people will gather in 120 rows. Eighty rows belonging to our Prophet,
forty to the other Prophets.

That Day, each Prophet will carry his banner. Janabul Haqq has given our Prophet for his
Ummah's protection from the evils of satan, in every century, awliya (saints) appointed as the
Prophet's inheritors. Every century has awliya. Who are the awliya? They are the ones who
observe our Prophet's way and keep his Sunnah, no doubt. Awliya who live now, who are among
us and also the ones who passed away. Divine blessings are descending on all of them. Those
who follow them receive their blessings.

If awliya are close by people attend their assemblies. If one listens to them and is obedient he
finds happiness. The people who live far from the wali, can have a heart connection, love him in
their hearts, love his way and keep his way. And just like the Sun in the sky that is beyond reach
but its light/nur and rays give life to Earth, the wali too reaches us. The awliya are like this. It
doesn't matter if they are far away. From his heart to the hearts of people who follow him, who
love him, who obey him and who listen to him and keep his teachings, the nur of the wali shines
in their hearts, just like the sun.

His light reaches those who follow him. When the nur of the awliya reaches them, their hearts
revive like the Sun giving life to the Earth. Nothing can survive without the Sun, there would be
no flowers, trees or fruits. Nothing can flourish without sunlight. If the light in the hearts of the
awliya reaches the hearts of people, the hearts are revived. The Earth turns green when it is
revived. All the plants on it grow and give fruits. Any plant can grow. When the light of awliya
reaches the heart of Muslims, their hearts freshen and revive, and then they become good ones.
Who are the good ones? They are the ones with good deeds, they are the well mannered ones
with morals, with proper worship and divine service. These are good ones, good people.
However now, they write on gravestones, they couldn't find anything better than, "he was a good
person". There is no benefit writing "a good person" on the gravestone.

When one is put in a grave, when one is buried, hajji hanim, an angel whose name is Nauman
will come. The angel will ask him, it will make the dead one sit up and command him, "Write
down!" "How do I write? Where do I write? What do I write?" He will say, "Use your finger as a
pencil, let your saliva be your ink, and your palm be your paper". He will tell him to write all the
deeds that dead one performed through his life. All that was good or bad, is recorded on his

Nowadays, people are recording thousands of pieces of knowledge on a platin film, within a small
space, using a machine such as a computer. If mankind is capable of doing this, Janabul Haqq
with His Mightiness, very well can have people's life stories written on the palms of their hands. It
is complete. Nowadays, exam papers are checked on a computer. The computer checks them
and gives the results: True or false. What is that? Hajji Anne: Passed or failed. Now, the result
sheet is marked. The Mizan (Divine Balance) is like this. Each one's paper will be presented to
the Mizan. A register of all of the person's deeds is given to the Mizan and its flip-side shows the
result; a good servant with good deeds. Good servant: Pass. Sins? His sins are forgiven.

If the Mizan shows he is a good servant, his sins/mistakes are forgiven by Janab Allah. If the flipside
reports a bad servant; bad one: take him to the other side! For a good person, being a good
one is the aim, it must be man's target. But, by writing on the gravestone "he was a good person",
doesn't make one good. The treatment in the graves determines if one was good or not. Was he a
good servant or a bad one? What is in their hearts? That is why Janab Allah sent Prophets. After
the Prophets, alaihimu s-salam, awliya were sent. Until the coming of our Prophet, in every
century, prophets were sent.

Since our Master is the last of the Prophets no more prophets would appear, but instead there
are awliya now. But the awliya are hidden in this time. Actually, they don't reveal, "I am awliya",
because if people deny them it ends in tragedy. Janabul Haqq is sending them in every century.
The one who meets them, who attains their company finds his heart enlightened. If your heart is
illuminated, its light/nur like the blood circulating in your body is transmitted to all the organs in
your body. Darkness is lifted. One with radiant organs, doesn't commit dark business. He is
illuminated inside.

Once the inner self of a person is enlightened it is not possible he will commit sins. So, where
does enlightenment come from? Like the Sun in the sky, with the light coming down to Earth,
the light of the awliya with Allah's order and consent, reaches His servants. Since you came here
to visit us, may Allah grant you to visit Habibullah, a visit with our Prophet alaihi s-salatu wa ssalam.
May you be granted the visit. When you stand with respect in front of our Prophet (his
maqam), your heart receives the light coming from his maqam and his presence. Between the
holy tomb and his minbar, is the Rawdah, a garden of Paradise. May Allah grant you to pray
there. Rawdah. Have you prayed there? Guest: "Many times". Well done! Then you will enter
Paradise, one present in that Paradise-garden will not enter Hell. He won't enter Hell.

In every moment, blessings descend there with 70,000 angels. These blessings descend on those
who are praying there. Whoever receives these blessings, comes to be of the people of Paradise.
Hell is haram/forbidden for those who have prayed in the Rawdah. May Allah grant this honour
to you. May Allah grant us again also. Visiting awliya is like visiting our Prophet's Maqam, it is
acceptable. They are inheritors of Prophet. Although we are not able to find them easily because
they are hidden, we visit them through our hearts.

In the morning: "O Lord, from East to West, all Your Prophets who lived and passed away, and
all awliya who lived and passed away, I greet their maqams, peace be upon them, and I visit
them". I present Fatihatu s-Sharif and Ikhlasi s-Sharif, which I read, Yasini s-Sharif or Tabaraka
Sharif to them. I stand with respect in their presence, asking himmat/support from them. “May
You give my heart nur from their nur, O Lord. You revived them with Your Divine Lights, so
too may You revive me with Your Divine Lights". Say this! You will neither have grief or illness,
nor will you worry or be distressed. You will freshen up. Offer salams in the same manner every

Before sleeping recite 3 Ikhlas, Qul Huwa Allahu. "O Lord I give salams" and present these 3 Ikhlas
which, "I read to all awliya and prophets who rest in Your Domains from East to West, all of them,
I greet and present them, 3 Ikhlas. May You illuminate my heart with their lights, let me be radiant
with their light, O Lord!" If you can say: "May You send me from their himmat/support, may You
enliven me, O Lord", if you keep this for 40 nights, you will be called to the Prophets' assemblies.
You may visit the assemblies of awliya in your dreams, at least. Blessings descend in mentioning
their names.

You bothered yourselves to come here, may Janabul Haqq accept your visit. Go and visit the
good servants. Be with good ones. Our egos are bad. Actually man is good-natured, but what
makes him bad is the ego. satan is the one who ruins the ego. If satan would not mislead the ego,
the ego would remain as it is. But satan is cheating the ego making it wild. That is why we pray:
"O Lord, don't leave us to our egos." (Amin). Yes. It is essential for people to wear a spiritual
armour because satan is shooting its arrows. People used to wear armour when fighting in battles.
When they wore armour they had protection from the arrows, spears, swords and stones of
enemies, up to a point. Now we are in need of spiritual armour because satan is attacking with its
arrows and spears continually. It is now shooting bullets too.

What is the armour? It is reciting salawat on our Prophet. Allahumma salli 'ala Muhammadin wa
'ala ali Muhammadin wa sallim. What is the armour? It is the dhikr of Allah. La ilaha illa Allah is
the armour. Salawat Sharif is the armour. Basmala Sharif is the armour. Qul Huwa Allahu is the
armour. Astaghfirullah is the armour. Subhan Allah is the armour. Al-hamdu Lillah is the
armour, Allahu Akbar is the armour. They are shields to protect you.

Zid Habibaka izzan wa sharafa, nuran wa surura wa ridwanan wa sultana. Bi hurmati l-Habib,
bi hurmati l-Fatiha.

Kayseri, 09.07.1989

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