We are only a means for re-generation. Islam never gives permission for abortion - it is prohibited, if Allah Almighty created a baby in a woman's womb, there is no permission to touch it.

Birth control is also not allowed - it is wrong and is a big sin. Destroying generations, destroying women, destroyment everything from good attributes and character. So, it is a most prohibited thing to make some control on birth. Not to allow what Allah Almighty creates and to prevent his creation.

There are also two kinds of childlessness. One, where some people are naturally not suited to having children, either on the man's side or on the woman's side. That is natural. The second kind is where people decide not to have children. They decide that they must enjoy themselves, without children for a few years. Then perhaps, when they decide to have children, after having used the contraceptive pill, their bodies have been damaged and they are unable to have children. Therefore, if a person believes, there is no need to use any form of contraception. We must believe that children will arrive only if the Lord wills. I hoped for ten or twelve children and neither I nor my wife used any pills but Allah Almighty gave us six. One died in the womb, the second died at the age of two and a half. Alhamdulilahi, we were left with four, two boys, two girls. But I never used anything to prevent pregnancy. There are three years between each one of my children because as long as a woman is breast feeding, she will not become pregnant. Allah Almighty arranges everything. But, people believe that they are like rabbits!

Q: What is the Islamic view on means to aid fertility such as drugs and test tube babies.

We do not accept such foolishness. If the Lord wishes to give children, He will give children. If He does not wish to give children to a couple, He will not. If they try to fight Allah's will with such methods, terrible things will grow. We should not try to fight the will of Allah.

Islam orders very quick marriage, not to leave youngsters unmarried, because unmarried people are mostly trouble-makers in the community, spoiling communities and corrupting. Islam prevents cruelty, prevents all nonsense activities, prevents evil and cutting off devils and their activities. The first activities of devils is ZINA (adultery, fornication). That is the first thing that Islam prevents - adultery and fornication are prohibited. That is the worst thing and Islam prevents it, because as long as fornication is free, no religion or belief will live. Therefore, Islam first fights fornication and brings honourable marriage. In Islam, no fornication, no adultery is allowed. Devils make everything bad and bring evil to the community. Therefore Islam fights fornication and brings honourable marriage for mankind, to bring safety for generations and be in divine discipline among themselves. Islam brings mercy for everyone and respect to everyone and love to everyone. Those are the main characteristics of Islam as a summary and we may say volumes on those points, but it is not necessary. This summary should be excellent for everyone, like a letter they may read and understand about Islam. If they ask more, they may consult the sources of those points that we spoke about and they may learn. If they are concerned for more than this, they may ask and they may learn.

There is another question, the relationship between the male and female sex. This is the most important relationship in a community and there are two kinds of relationship between males and females. One relationship is true and honourable the second, dirty and prohibited. Can you find another? No. One is true, honourable and clean and the second is a dirty, dishonourable, forbidden relationship. The forbidden relationship between male and female has been forbidden from the first man and woman up to date. The Creator created first man and then woman. This is our belief. According to every holy book we know that the Lord Almighty first created Adam and from Adam He created Eve. Adam was created from Earth and woman was created from flesh and bone, from one of Adam's ribs. Therefore, men love earth because they were created from earth. It is a man's habit to run to earth; the woman's habit is to run to men. Man was created directly from earth and therefore we are drawn to earth more than women. Woman was created from man and so they are drawn more to men. From the first man and woman, the Lord Almighty made a rule. When Adam, p.b.u.h., was alone in Paradise he looked around at all the beauty but was not satisfied. The Lord knew what Adam needed and why he was not satisfied. The Lord made Adam sleep for a short while and, whilst he slept, He took a rib from Adam and from that rib, created Eve, without inflicting any pain on Adam. If he had felt pain, how could we live with women?! But, there was no pain. When Adam awoke he saw Eve and her beauty equalled that of all her daughters - you can imagine how beautiful she was. Adam beckoned Eve to him and she refused saying, "You come." No good ladies run after men; men must run after ladies but you have changed, I acuse all of you. Let them run after you! Why should you run after them? When Adam went to touch Eve, the Angels said to him, "No, don't touch. Don't touch without divine permission". That is first order from the Lord Almighty to mankind, to the first man. Not to touch a female without divine permission. Adam sat patiently. "Oh Adam, you must respect her and you must give her her gift, her present". Adam asked "What should I give? What is the most precious gift, oh my Lord." "Give your respect to my beloved Muhammad. Say, "Alahumma salli ala Muhammad wa ala aaly Muhammad wa salli." Greetings to my beloved one. Say this ten times. Now I give permission. Now I give Eve to you with my permission to be your honourable wife. Keep her and bring children from her until the end of the world. This I make Halal (permitted) for you. She belongs to you and you belong to her. This applied then and still applies now, today. The relationship between men and women must be by Divine permission. Christians do just this in Churches and Muslims do it in Mosques - religiously, according to the high command of the Lord Almighty Allah. To those who do not have Divine permission, it is prohibited and it is a cursed relationship. There is no honour for them and no blessings for a prohibited relationship and these days, the whole world is full, really full of forbidden or prohibited relationships. Therefore, we are living in a cursed world.

Q: What about platonic relationships between males and females?

A: If you put gun powder with fire, what will happen? Boom! It is wrong but, as we said there is no power in our hands to prevent it and governments take no care of this point. It is a big mistake. It never used to be like this before; at the beginning of the twentieth century you would never have found a mixed school. Now it is the fashion. Now, we live in 'free' times.

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