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In the Name of Allah, All Mighty, All Merciful Most Beneficent and Most Munificent
You are asking a question about good people. You are asking for examples for mankind in Islam.

Firstly, the mission of all religions, particularly the main mission of Islam and the prophet of Islam, beloved Muhammad (pbuh), as mentioned in his Hadith: (Sheikh recites a Hadith). That means: 'My mission during my life is just to create a man with perfect qualities in all aspects.' A perfect man means a noble man, an honoured man, a charitable man. The most perfect man lives for others, not for himself, as the prophet of Islam was saying: Ummati, Ummati, Ummati, O my nation, O my nation. He only lived for the sake of his nation, for his Ummah, and he sacrificed everything for the sake of his Ummah, for his nation.

He trained his followers, his Sahaba, to be on his Sunnah, on his way, and 124,000 Sahaba were all sacrificing their souls. Material things are nothing, everyone may sacrifice material things; but if a person is sacrificing his soul, that is difficult and more precious. Therefore, the Prophet, beloved Muhammad (pbuh), taught, trained and practised his followers, his companions, to sacrifice their souls for the sake of his nation, his Ummah. Therefore, all of the 124,000 companions who met and worked and sacrificed with the Seal of Prophets are the most perfect examples for mankind - they are on the top horizon of humanity.

We are saying that such very weak people are living in our days, in the 20th century - one, two or three examples. But our religious history is full of millions of such examples. If you want to speak about this from now until the end of the world, you will not be able to finish; if you want to write about it, you will write millions of volumes of books about such perfect men living throughout the Islamic world during fifteen centuries. All of them are perfect examples for mankind, because they lived for the sake of humanity, not for themselves.

That was the main teaching and mission of the Seal of Prophets, beloved Muhammad (pbuh) - to live for humanity, to live for his nation, to live for his Ummah, to uplift them, to support them, to give them every kind of support, physically and spiritually, here and hereafter.

If you want to know about those hundreds and thousands of books about the chivalrous, noble knights around the Seal of Prophets, Rijal ??Hawla?? Muhammad...

KK - What do you mean by "sacrifice their souls"?

Sheikh - To be for humanity, to save human nature from the hands of devils, fighting with material (things) and fighting with their souls. People may give money to make something and that is Jihad with our money, with our material power. But sometimes the Prophet asked the people to defend Islam with their swords; and when you take your sword, you are sacrificing your soul, you may be a martyr.

We have been ordered to make Jihad, to fight against devils, against Satanic powers - with our property, with our money and with our soul.

KK - Do you mean soul or life?

Sheikh - Life. Soul means our life.

KK - When you say "sacrifice the soul", it's a concept in Christianity, particularly in Catholicism, which means something different from sacrificing your life.

Sheikh - As we said, Islam is the most perfect and best teaching for mankind, saving them from the dirtiness of life, saving them from the wildness of egoism and from the hardness of bad dealings with each other, helping them reach the best stations here and hereafter and making them more generous, because generosity is one of the most famous characteristics of Islam and the most precious value of humanity. Islam is teaching people generosity.

Therefore, from the beginning until today Islam established thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousands of charity trusts - we are saying Wakf - works for that purpose. They established such a foundation of charity not only for the protection of mankind, but also for the protection of animals, birds and nature. Therefore, we have such a foundation of charity, that they used to look after old animals, saving them, looking after birds in cages, setting them free, giving their owners money and setting them free.

You can find in Islam every possible kind of charity. There are so many, but we are so ignorant about Islam and non-Muslims are so fanatic, that we can't show them and they can't see them. You won't find such a great foundation for Wakf in any other religion except Islam - from the far east to the far west throughout the Islamic world hundreds of thousands of charitable buildings and charitable purposes have been established.

KK - ...are confused by the idea of Jihad. They think they should join militant organisations and protest against the society in which they are living. I understand what you said about fighting against devils and so on, but what is the best way for young people growing up in the west to do this?

Sheikh - Not only Muslim youngsters, but all youngsters must try to let people live, not kill them. But before ??asking a life??, you must ask about what is preventing to live, what thing is making people's lives difficult, not letting them live freely, happily, safely, in confidence, in peace, peacefully.

This is a gigantic subject. The first prophet (pbuh) tried to establish that building on heavenly orders, to show the way to reach the target ??up/of to A??. He was practising in his time and then the real followers of the Seal of Prophets (pbuh) also protected the same method and so on. In Islam only one (person) is authorised to call Jihad, to declare Jihad, war, or to make peace, ??Sullah??. It is not for everyone to call to Jihad, otherwise there will be an anarchy of Jihad, like it is now in our days. Everyone is calling Jihad and an anarchy of Jihad has appeared, because no-one is authorised.

I am asking, who is ordering you to (call/make) Jihad? You or someone over you? Tell me his name, tell me who is commander-in-chief of the whole Islamic world. If you don't know, open our books and read about the characteristics or conditions necessary to be Imam, to be Khalifa, to be the head of all Muslims. Bring that person. If a person is not carrying the holy flag of Rasulullah (saws), he is not able to be Imam, because no flag from the Islamic territories can be for the whole Ummah, except the flag of the Prophet (pbuh). And that flag is imprisoned in Turkey. No Arab is asking for it, no Pakistani is asking, no Indonesian person is asking, no African Muslims are asking, no other Turkish nation is asking. Why? It is written in our ??Thikr/Fiqr?? books that the flag of the Prophet must be carried in front of the Ummah and the Ummah must be collected under that flag, as we hope to be under the holy flag, the flag of the Prophet, on the Day of Resurrection.

Therefore, no-one is authorised. They are only defending their local areas, but it is impossible now to defend the whole Ummah without a Khalifa, without a ???? Mu'mineen for the whole Islamic world. Only such a person can declare Jihad or ??Sullah??, peace. If a person goes ahead of (beyond?) his authority, he is going to be a cruel and bad-mannered person, he is rebelling against his Lord Almighty Allah. We are not accepting him.

But devils are always asking to make Fitna through the rows/ranks of Islam. They are trying to fall (pull?) youngsters into Fitna, to be in bad and dangerous conditions. Devils are trying to make youngsters fall into bad conditions, into Fitna. That is the reason. And youngsters are ready, they are willing to spend much more energy. They are making this sign with their fingers and they are coming out. They are only devils making...(end of tape)

(new tape)...youngsters in Islam must be very careful of those devils, not listening to them and not moving. They may only move against their egos, against their Satans. Firstly, those people who are claiming Jihad are claiming without having any power in their hands. But those people are so foolish. If they find a machine gun or a revolver in their hand, they think that they can oppose every power on earth. They are such ignorant people. They think that if a person puts a pistol in his belt, he is then so important, so powerful. He thinks he may come against the whole world. That is why the Muslim world and Muslim youth are being harmed.

The Prophet said, it is a command of Allah Almighty to prepare power against your enemies. But we are not producing our weapons, we are only buyers - the non-Muslim world is preparing all the weapons. When their weapons are second-hand, they are selling them and keeping for themselves the new ones, terrible ones. They are always knowing how to keep the power in their hands. Don't think that Iran or Saudi Arabia or Morocco or Damascus can buy the most improved and developed weapons with their money. No. Old-fashioned weapons are for Muslims and new-fashioned one are in their hands - to put the power in their hands. It is a competition in east and west. How can you give your power to Muslims when you are non-Muslim and against Muslims? Therefore, Allah Almighty says 'Don't trust them. If they are not Muslims, don't trust them.' That is a clear order from Allah Almighty, but all our Muslims are heedless. Does Germany give the most developed weapons to Turkey? Does America give the most developed weapons to Saudi Arabia? Does Russia give the most developed weapons to Iran? Do you believe that? ??Humaqa?? Stupid people, no-mind people, heedless people believe, but clever people will never believe that.

They may give to some people. Russia gave to some Palestinian groups, but they are mixed groups. They only give to those groups who belong to them, they don't give to the Muslim side. They may even give, but it is not enough. Then, they may give when the fighting is going on, but they may stop their donations at any time and everything will finish, just as happened to the Egyptian army in 1967.

Those believing in non-Muslims are heedless Muslims, no-mind Muslims. Don't believe. If you believe, you are heedless. If we, as Muslims, have the most developed weapons, do you think that we will give them away? No. That is normal. They are dealing with the Islamic world and as they are Christians, or non-Muslims, it is all right. I am not blaming them, because if it were possible, I would be doing the same against non-Muslims, because I don't trust them. Politically, we are saying like this, like that, it is another thing; but we are not political people.

K - But I'm thinking about young Muslims growing up in western countries. I know you say to the parents, if they want to keep them in Islam, they should go back to their own countries. But very often these young people have been born here and they've grown up here. If they're Turkish and living in Germany, they don't fit in in Turkey and they don't fit in in Germany. If they're Pakistanis growing up here, they're not part of this world and they're not part of Pakistan. Those people have two basic choices - either they leave Islam and join the world of dance-halls and clubs, etc. or they get involved in Islamic politics and they think they are making Jihad. They are told they must fight everything in western society, so they put themselves... How can they live without going to either of those extremes - without being cheated by politics or being cheated by western society? How can they maintain themselves here?

Sheikh - It is a very difficult position. As long as we are not giving youth strong beliefs and strong faith, they will escape, like through the two sides of a magnet. It is so difficult to keep a balance between extreme poles. A little movement from the balance and that youngster will find himself on an extreme line. It is so difficult. Either they will fall into the hands of those fanatical, political people who don't know about real faith and real Islamic practice or they will fall into the hands of horrible western places. It is impossible for a young person living in non-Muslim territories - either he will fall into the hands of groups of fanatical Muslims (the political pole) or he will fall into the hands of western devil centres. It is so difficult for a youngster to keep a balance - not to fall here or there. Like a person going up to high on a wall one-foot wide - he will fall either to the right or to the left. It is so difficult to walk on that high, narrow wall.

Therefore, I am saying to people, if you are asking to save your generation, your children, be patient in your homeland, eat dry bread and salt, don't come to be slaves in non-Muslim countries for the sake of this life, because it doesn't matter if you fill your stomach with Kebab or with dry bread, but for the sake of pleasure from your teeth up to your throat you are taking such great responsibilities - to be slaves of western people and to put your youngsters in very terrible and dangerous conditions. You can't save them, it is so difficult to save them.

Therefore, those of you who need to must try to live in your homeland if only for a while, like a doctor must enter a hospital where there is an epidemic. But they are protected; if they are not protected, the epidemic may attack them as well. It is the same for Muslim youngsters in non-Muslim countries. If you are not ??cautious??, it is so difficult. If anyone comes and tells me he can do it, let him come and tell me, I will test him.

KK - Those Bengali girls who came to you will have to stay in this country, they are British, they're not going back to Bangladesh, their parents are not going to take them back, they have to live here. The only Muslim people who are appealing to them and who attract their ear and their eye are the fanatics. How can moderate people like yourself reach these young people? Many of them want to be on a good way, but...

Sheikh - They may be on a good way, but they should get married. After marrying, they may continue their marriage on an Islamic way. So many beautiful ladies come to me, crying and telling me about their husbands, because western countries and non-Muslim countries are only for youngsters. When you are getting older, the community refuses older people. Particularly when ladies are getting older, their husbands look for younger ladies and ladies ??come down??. Those girls are like flowers now, but after a while they will...and their husbands will ask for new ones. In non-Muslim countries men can get young ladies by means of their money, but when they have two or three children or are getting older, even their husbands don't look after them. That is destroying women in western countries.

Therefore, I am saying it will be no good in the future, particularly for ladies - it will be so difficult for them. In our countries we are living with our ladies and it is all right, because we don't have such a cheap market for women as in Europe and non-Muslim countries. Therefore, everyone must keep his wife and moreover he will be blamed if he asks to marry a second time. Therefore, in Islam ladies are more protected than in any non-Muslim countries.

Therefore, from time to time I hear about the rights of women. It is ??masked?? They need to say "the rights of women when they are getting older". Youngsters have been granted rights everywhere, but when they are getting older, by working or in their homes, they will be like old shoes ready to be thrown away. But Islam doesn't accept this. Islam protects the honour of women and in Islam women have all their rights.

If you can find any way of saving Muslim women in western countries, tell me. Therefore, I say to people not to make their home in western countries. Even if you are building thousands of mosques, they are useless; thousands of schools, they are useless. If you isolate, they will run away. If you try to make Muslim colonies in western countries, they will be like isolated areas. It is abnormal, against nature, you won't be successful. If you leave them in this community, darkness will come over them. Therefore, beware of western countries.

I am saying this to Turks in Germany in particular. They are trying to become second citizens. In Germany they are building so many mosques, Markaz buildings. But I am saying that they are all temporary. Allah Almighty is now sending them new Nazis, fighting them. Today's newspapers are saying that Turks are like the Jews before the second world war. They are preparing a terrible future for Turks in Germany. Therefore, I am telling all people to quickly pack their bags and return to their homeland. If they are asking you, come; if they are not asking, don't stay.

Allah Almighty says that you may knock on a door and ask permission to enter. If you are welcomed, you may enter; if they are saying go, you must go away. Where is our Islam? Everywhere they are saying go home. Why are they enduring such humiliation? For kebabs? Or for cars? For deutschmarks? For sterling? For dollars? Go, take your honour and go back.

Q - What happens to us, because we are seen as traitors to our culture...

Sheikh - If you are really giving up that culture and coming to the Islamic heritage, Islamic culture, you will also have the same problems.

Q - Should we go to Turkey?

Not to Turkey, but to any Islamic country where the majority may protect you with their power. Don't fall into dangerous conditions which will be against your beliefs. You will also be one member of the big family of Islam. As long as you are living in western countries, the conditions there will affect you and destroy your faith. You belong to the Muslims and you must look after yourself like that person going into the hospital where there is an epidemic. You can't say that you are protected or that you are of them. Nationality never protects Muslims. You are English, but you are Muslim. You are living here, but you have left all the customs and traditions of Christianity through the centuries. If you don't take care, the same epidemic will catch you. After a while, you will find yourself without Iman, without faith, not practising, no characteristics, nothing from Islam, only a name - eating everything from you, so that only the bones are left, a skeleton.

That is a difficult point and Muslims must look at it. If they don't listen to me now, they must listen in the near future. Therefore, western Muslims should run to Islamic countries, but even Islamic territories are not prepared to accept those new people embracing Islam, they are not prepared to welcome them. But even if they are not welcoming them, they must be patient with such Muslims.

KK - in western countries...

Sheikh - The best protection is to say to our children just two points - one, to make them believe in the existence of the Lord Almighty Allah, to declare belief in the prophethood of the Seal of Prophets, to believe in Paradise and Hell and to believe in their responsibility during their lifetime...(end of tape)

(new tape)...first, to give them a real belief about the existence of the Lord Almighty Allah, to declare the prophethood of the Seal of Prophets, Sayyiddina Muhammad (pbuh), to believe in their responsibility and to believe in the existence of Paradise and Hell. That is belief; but as a practice you must teach them when it is necessary to be clean, i.e. Ghusl, not ablution. It is most important not to be dirty. If our youngsters are keeping these two things, leave them - they have been given protection.

Also, make them do a charitable action every day, even one pence - to teach them to give something every day for the sake of charity, that it is a most important thing for mankind, to give charity daily. If a person is not able to give charity, if the whole day has gone and he hasn't given charity, he must know that he is thrown out of humanity.

Also, they must be taught to be true in every condition. Even if you have been given all the gold in the world, you must not leave that principle - to be true. This must be planted from childhood to adulthood.

I am telling you of three or four principles and it should be enough for them, it will protect them. They may go everywhere, they may live with every community, they have been armoured, they won't be affected.

Also, you must try to introduce them to trustworthy people, noble people, best people. And you yourself must try to be a noble person. That is all.


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