Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim Advice for the Balkans

The Grandmufti of Kosova told us that there is a massacre in his country without a reason. I cannot accept this. There is a reason: they are Muslims. People came there with a cross and asked the inhabitants to save their soul.

I was very pleased to hear from his Excellency the President of Chechnya that when he heard about the massacres in Kosova he was the first one who wanted to go there and to fight! His name is Aslan, which means lion. The Russians sent 1/2 million fully armed soldiers to Chechnya with a population of 2 1/2 million. The people of Chechnya said that they would face this army with their faith, because they are grandsons of lions like Imam Shamil. The people of Chechnya all belong to tariqat, they won their independence through, "La illaha illaLlah".

The Muslims of the Balkan were under communism for a long time and they lost their tariqats. They need tariqats and dhikr, that is what will give power to their hearts. They are now loving this world more than Allah and are unable to give their souls for the sake of Allah. The Russians signed the independence of Chechnya because their armies were moving with, "La illaha illaLlah", "La illaha illaLlah", "La illaha illaLlah".

This is what I am advising the people of the Balkans to do. They left the spiritual path and a curse came on them. Let them open their tekkes, their zawiyas and their derghas and follow the command of Allah and do zikr.

- 01.01.1997
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