Maulana Sheikh Nazim Advice to Mureeds in England

Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem. Welcome to our beloved guests who are coming from long distances, from London. I like to live in London more than any other place. My heart is never going to be happy and in satisfaction, except to be in UK, in England. I don’t like that word also, “UK.”

I reached the silver jubilee of His Majesty, the King of England and Emperor of India, the late King George V, and I was granted a silver medal because I was the first in my class in elementary school. We were happy in those days that the British way of governing was always on top. I went east and west, north and south, throughout the Islamic and Christian worlds, I lived among Arabs and in America also, but I never found a civilization and governing methods like the British Empire and the Indian emperor, the late King George V. Then he passed away. He always had a beard that he never shaved and His Majesty also wore robes.

(Mawlana Shaykh sings British national anthem, “God save the King”.) He passed away and is buried in Westminster. Then, O my children, my brother, my daughter, my grandson, came the late Prince of Wales, Edward VIII, because his grandfather was Edward VII, the son of late Queen Victoria. He was with Lady Wallace Simpson and people said, “You can’t marry her because she is not from the royal family,” and he said, “No, I am leaving the throne and the crown, and I am marrying this lady.” SubhanAllah, glory to Allah, as He likes. He was asking to be the Prince of Wales and to marry the princess.

I think in 1933 he came to see the first president of Turkey, in Istanbul. There were no such instruments then (video cameras), only photographs. He came to visit the first president of Turks and he was hosted in Dolmabahce Palace. We have seen photographs. After insisting, he ceased to be the King of England and Emperor of India.

Before World War II was King and Emperor of India, George VI, father of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth. George VI had a coronation and for that occasion I was also granted another medal. (Mureed: Why are you not wearing it?) I don’t know where it is, people took it from me! Then came Her Majesty, the Queen, and we respect her as she is a model of a modest queen. We are very happy and my birthday and her birthday are the same, April 21st. She became a queen and I became nothing! And I like Crown Prince Charles. May Allah Almighty grant to them from His endless Mercy Oceans. I am taking a little bit longer for a chance to be with you a little bit more.

His Highness, Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, knows something about me and is sending salaams to me. I pray for him to be honored in Eternity, just as he is honored here. I am happy with this book that you brought here (Harmony, written by Prince Charles). He has good understanding and is a very clever one. This book is a way of life that people have abandoned and have now fallen in endless troubles, miseries, problems, and crises. If people follow such a way (as mentioned in the book), not going against nature, but are friendly with nature, they will live an excellent and sweet life. However, since they left it, they fell down in endless problems, miseries, crises, and dangerous thoughts, making them like mental house people.

(...) It is a sign that your works are giving pleasure to you here and Hereafter, as well as that you are going to be with them. Goodness and heavenly gifts will come from you to people. Keep your way and try to be kind to everyone, because everyone is from one man and from one woman.

(Mureed: What should people in England do if they live in big cities?)

I have always said that big cities are dangerous. I don’t think that anyone living in big cities will be saved, because if they bomb the center of electricity everything is going to die. Therefore, I always say go to the countryside. These big cities are all dangerous and I don’t like them. I say this to Turks in Istanbul also; don’t be there.

(Mureed: Should they leave now?)

You may prepare a place and be there on the weekends. If you understand (recognize) anything about the beginning of war, quickly take everything to that side or else I can’t carry any responsibility. I am saying this to Istanbul people also. It is very difficult now. SubhanAllah 'l-`Aliyyu 'l-`Adheem.

What we are saying now is okay. I like Glastonbury. There is spirituality there and in Nelson there is also spirituality, as well as Windsor, Edinburgh and the last point of Scotland. All of Scotland is safe, Wales not too much, but the countryside is okay.

(Mureed: Happy birthday to you for next month!)

Happy Birthday to me!

Lefke, 19.03.2011

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