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Dastur Ya Sahib Al Zaman (as). Madad Ya Rijal Allah (swt). Al Salamu alaikum. O believers & Muslims. Al Hamdulillah that He (swt) granted us the month of Rajab Al Murajjab. The month of Allah (swt), may it be a blessed month to all of you, to the Muslim world & specially to the people of Egypt. May Allah (swt) protect us from all the fitna/corruption.

I am a weak servant. It came to my mind to speak to the people of Egypt, the Muslims of Egypt. Al Salam alaikum, O people of Egypt. The biggest country... The biggest & strongest country within the Muslim world, Egypt, Misr Al Mah'rousa, (the protected Egypt), protected from the time of the Prophet (saws) until our time now. They are holding... they are holding onto Islam & believing and thanking Allah (swt) for His (swt) favours on them; that they accepted the religion of Islam and they defended.. they defended Islam against the non Muslims, the unbelievers & the corrupt. Until the year 1952 they were defending the Sharia of Islam & were glorifying it. We ask Allah (swt) that they may be supported in this matter and that they may return to how they were before the satanic, faithless revolution.

These devilish ones, because they were against the Muslim people, and they exiled King Faruk from his country & they took control with false promises. They were supporting shaytan, the worst enemy to Islam. These people who raised the revolution in Egypt they changed the events from the beginning to the end. And they brought a system, a rubbish system of shaytans. They were the worst enemies of the Muslim people, out of all the different religions & different nations. And they came up with false promises, til it reached the point that we are at now. O people of Egypt, you are the honour of the Muslims! With your scholars, with your Kings, with everything that you were dealing with in the name of Islam. They used to put all their efforts into keeping the Islamic Sharia.

Then O Muslims, people of Egypt... The evening of (Lailatul Raghaib) Rajab Al Murajjab, raghaib/wishes. Raghaib/wishes it arrived. Maybe today is the 10th or 11th day of the month. May it be full of blessings for you! We ask Allah (swt) that in this blessed month your situation may be corrected according to the powerful Sharia. This is our hope for the people of Egypt. I am reminding you O Muslims, because Allah (awj) says "Wa Dhakkir.."(51:55) "Remind." This was addressed to the Prophet (sas). To remind, it is important to remind. And we see the situation of what happened in this past year: shaytan & his supporters planted... planted the seed of unbelief in the country, in the countries. And until now through the tyrants and those who poisoned the thoughts of the Muslims with a deadly poison, making them divided & in factions.

O people of Egypt, you understand Arabic, what did the Prophet (saws) say? "My nation will become divided into 73 groups all of them will be in hell except 1 group."? They asked "who are they Ya Rasulallah?" He said "they are the ones that follow me and my sahaba (as). The ones who are with me & my sahaba (as)." It is very clear. And all the rest, the corrupt people are the people of hell. So may the month of Rajab al Murajjib, the month of Allah (jwa), be blessed for the people of Egypt.

And I see the situation now that the people are arguing, fighting each other to elect a president. An inspiration came to me & I wonder about this president: Did the order come from the president of the Heavens? O people of Egypt, do you think that the Lord of Heavens is a president or a Sultan? Allah (jwa) Is The Absolute Sultan, the King of Kings, the Creator of all creation. He (swt) Is One. Was He (swt) elected? From where did you bring this presidency system? I spit on those who support that in Egypt there should be a president, hasha! He will never succeed. To succeed they have to bring a King to rule with what Allah (jwa) has ordered. This is enough for us as an advice for everyone, because if they are ordered to elect a president this would be from the President of the Heavens. We would accept this. But in the Heavens there is a Sultan, not a president & no elections. These things were brought from the worst of unbelievers. Shame on them! Shame on the scholars of Egypt! Because they don't explain to them about this matter: That in the Heavens there is a Sultan for the Heavens & Earths. How do you bring and argue to elect a president, shame on you O people of Egypt? Shame on you! Not only 1 time, 70 times! Return to the Sharia of Allah (swt) so you may have a King in Egypt who follows the Khalifa according to the principles of the Prophet (saws). From a Sharif to a Sharif.

And now this fits the King of Jordan. His Royal Highness King Abdullah, he is the last of the descendents of the Prophet (saws).It's obligatory for Muslims to follow him and to give him ba'ya because he is carrying the banner of Islam. He will carry until the appearance of Mahdi (as).

O scholars of Egypt, my Arabic is little but, from it you understand a lot. And this weak servant is reminding you that Allah (jwa) said "Wa Dhakkir Fa'inna Adh-Dhikra Tanfa`u Al-Mu'uminina" (51:55). If what I am saying is wrong, my punishment is from Allah(swt). If it is correct, then Allah (awj) & His Prophet (saws) may reward me. O scholars of Egypt, O believers leave this & do not be divided. Allah (jwa) reminds you, O people "Wa A`tasimu Bihabli Allahi Jami`an Wa La Tafarraqu" (3:103) How come you are making different parties in Egypt? Don't you have a religion,faith, virtue, honour? How do you accept this? How can you refuse the orders of Allah (swt), when He (swt) says "and do not be divided" (3:103) If you do not follow this, Allah (swt) Will give you a lesson, a lesson such as was never given before. This addressing was inspired to my heart, to a weak servant and illiterate also. You are the scholars. Woe to the scholars who go against the orders of Allah (swt). The worst punishment on Resurrection Day is for the scholars. O scholars keep your honour, show what is True and return to the powerful Sharia & leave this presidencial election - finish! I am warning you! I am warning you! Take your precaution otherwise "Inna Batsha Rabbika Lashadidun" (85:12) He (swt) will teach you a lesson, He (swt) will not leave even one of you. This Vengence is coming closer from the Lord of the Heavens & the Earths.

O common people of Egypt do not be proud of these people who still are behind the tail & footsteps of the worst of unbelievers; who do not want the power of Islam & its people to appear. It will appear! The time has come for Mahdi (as) to appear. And his(as) vengeance is mighty, because his(as) vengeance is from Allah (swt). Wa Min Allah Al Tawfiq.

I am weak, I got tired. O my Lord forgive us & remove burdens from us. Send us a King so we may fight in Your Way, O our Lord. O our Lord.. O our Lord.. Woe to us if we do not listen to Your orders O our Lord. Tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba Ya Rabbi, Tawba Ya... O Saints of Egypt, Nujabaa, Ya Budala' reach the Muslims in Egypt. O Men of Allah (swt) O Men of Allah (swt), look for the worst people. We are asking safety from them. Forgive us & have Mercy on us O our Lord, O our Lord, O our Lord. Ya Sayyidi Al Awwalin Wa Al Akhirin, Ya Habib Allah (swt) Ya Rasulallah. Let us turn back to you. Send us, Ya Rasulullah, those who can arrange all matters, who will put everything in place. Send us Mahdi (as), the Just King. Ask for The Mahdi (as). Do not say nonsense about Mahdi (as) or vengeance from the Heavens will come upon you immediately. Let none of these people who are against these words reach this Blessed Ramadan & Blessed Feast. Tawba Ya Rabbi.

I have declared what was given to my heart. Thank you O Prophet (saws) of Allah (swt). Tawba Ya Rasulallah, Ya Rabbu Al 'Izzati Wa Al 'Azama. The Lord of Heavens. O our Lord, for the sake of Your Beloved Prophet (saws) - Wa Bihurmati Al Fatiha. Tubna Wa Raja'ana Ilayk Ya Rabbana. This is my Arabic, who can understand may understand & has permission for the listeners to correct it and arrange it & present it to the Muslims. May Allah (swt) reward them with all goodness & specially the Shaykh of Az'har Al Sharif & the rest of the scholars - we kiss their hands and if it is possible their feet also. I would kiss them because they are people of knowledge, they are honoured & glorified. Tawba Ya Rabbi. Fatiha.

All nations are bankrupt, finished. The ruling has to go back to the Kings, with Allah's (swt) permission. With the order of Allah (swt). It is not possible for any power to accept or bring them back to their previous condition. It will happen to all the Muslim countries. And support now the King of Jordan who is from the descendents of The Prophet (saws) & we have given him ba'ya/allegiance because he is representing the family tree of the Prophet (saws) in our days now. And our days now are the days of the time of Mahdi (as). May Allah (swt) grant him power and honour and glory. Because he is carrying a great responsibility. May Allah (swt) support him. May Allah (swt) honour him. May Allah (swt) glorify him for the sake of His (swt) Prophet (saws). Return & give him Bay'a/allegiance. Those who do not give him bay'a, have bay'a with shaytan & his followers. Woe to them! I am reminding you. "Fadhkuruni/Therefore remember Me 'Adhkurkum/ I will remember you" (2:152) Allah! Subhansin Ya Rabbi Sultansin Ya Rabbi You are not a president of a republic! Is He?

S.N. Hasha!
M: Or is He Sultan? O scholars what do you say? Is Allah (swt) a president in the Heavens or Sultan? Sultan of the worlds, Allah (swt) dressed the Prophet (saws) to be Sultan of the worlds. Return to him & listen to him you will be saved & will be honoured. Allah (swt) will dress you with glory & honour here & hereafter. Sharpen your swords on the ones who are against the Muslim people. Fatiha.

Welcome to you people of Egypt. Do not get upset from me, then "Verily, The Vengence of Your Lord is Mighty." (85:12) Go against your ego & egoistic desires Go against your ego & egoistic desires, you understand O scholars. Masha'Allah, Masha'Allah! I am happy that the people of Egypt are accepting my addressing & who does not accept this addressing will not reach the month of Ramadan. This is a warning for them, Fatiha.

My heart is full, but my situation is weak. O people of Egypt! My grand-father is also from Egypt! From Yusuf Pasha Surughi - he is my grand-father, from Alexandria. I am honoured to be from the people of Egypt, because they are the people of knowledge, dignity, power & solidity. And they have high aspirations. Allah! Allah (jwa) chose Sayyidina Yusuf (as) to be a King for them, not a president. You should be ashamed O people of Egypt! Sayidina Yusuf (as) took from Pharaoh & did the best for the Egyptian people, Sayidina Yusuf (as) did the best. O Egyptian people wake up! Allah (awj) chose Sayidina Yusuf (as) to be a King for you not an elected president. Remember & wake up O people of Egypt! O our scholars woe to you if you do not wake up! Fatiha.

The best of countries is yours, Egypt. I love Egypt. Why? Masha'Allah because they have nobility, they have generosity & courage. And nobility... Nobility, they have it. And they have bravery & virtue. Allah (jwa) He granted this to you. Woe, to who denies, & great tidings to who believes, greatest reward. Come to Haqq! And accept & be defenders of Truth. Defending Haqq is not defending falsehood. Naudhu Billah! Naudhu Billah!

May Allah (swt) grant an opening to the people of Egypt, don't be upset with me. I am a weak servant, but nobody knows about another person's nearness to his Lord. Correct my addressing - these are not my words. And declare to the servants of The Lord between East & West. Subhana Allah! Subhana Allah! Sultan Allah! Subhana Allah! Sultan Allah! Support us O men of Allah (swt)! Support us O men of Allah (swt)! Support us O men of Allah (swt)! Support us O Sahib Al Zaman (as). Fatiha.

May Allah (swt) reward you with the best rewards.

I will pray 2 rakaat for this addressing. Ij'alna Ya Rabbina Fi Huzfika Wa Amanika Min Sharr al shayatin Wa Min 'Azabi Al Nar Yawm Al Qiyamati. Fatiha.

Lefke, 31.05.2012

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