Maulana Sheikh NazimAkhirah - II : If you cannot be here without working, how can you say He will give you for the Eternal Life Without working for it?
"If you cannot be here without working, how can you say He will give you Eternal Life without working for it?"
May God Almighty give us more faith and make it stronger every day and every night. The Prophet (saws) advised his nation, his community (ummah) that because we are living in this world, we must work for this life to acquire our lawful provision (rizq halal). We must work, because the most tasteful food for people is when they work and buy and eat. That is most lovely to our Lord, God Almighty. It is also the reason of physical health, so that anyone who has the power to work must work. Don't say, "There is no work for me." Those are not true words. As long as this world is in existence and life goes on, you can always find some work for yourself to do.

The prophet Solomon (as) was at the same time a king and a prophet. He had been given all the treasures under the earth. He commanded and ruled human beings and jinn. They were also under his command. Jinn are guardians of the treasures under the earth. If Solomon had commanded them, they would have brought up all those treasures. He was such a magnificent king, and, O believers, he ate by the work of his hands, never taking from those things. But we - we are waiting for the government to give us unemployment [money] - unemployed people, every week going and taking.

You may cheat the government, but you can't cheat God. You may take money from it, but if you can work and yet you take it, there is no blessing (barakah) in it. Illness will come to your body, and troubles. Therefore, it is healthy if you can work and eat from the work of your hands.

Sultan Abdul Hamid, one of the last caliphs of the Ottoman Empire, held the whole Empire by himself, one person. The sermons (khutubat) were given in his name throughout the whole Muslim world. He kept the trust (amanah) of the Prophet (saws). He also worked with his hands. Yes. He sold his work and ate from its earnings. He found time for that amidst the work of a huge empire. He never sat upon his throne for judgment until he had made the Naqshbandi remembrance (dhikr) of God, recited from the Qur'an, recited from the book of daily devotions (salail al-khayrat), prayed a supererogatory prayer of two cycles observed shortly after sunrise (ishraq) and another supererogatory prayer of between two and eight cycles which is observed around mid-morning (duha). Then he would come. He was such a person. There were blessings (barakah) during his rule, more mercy. For thirty three years he held the whole Ottoman Empire, that is, the Islamic Empire, because he was the caliph, keeping the flag of the Prophet (saws). The whole Christian world was afraid of him and Queen Victoria was a friend of his.

What are we saying? We are saying that in this world, as long as it is in existence, you can find so much work to do. Don't be unemployed, no. If you can take this from here and put it there, you can earn money in this huge country.

Yes. You must work for your lawful provision (rizq halal) not for saving. Saving, saving in banks. Your lawful provision is a grant from your Lord to you to give benefit to yourself and to the servants of God Almighty. What is the benefit of saving in banks? The Prophet (saws) says, "You must work for your lawful provision, and you must work as if you are going to be on earth forever," because when the hope of life is cut off from a person, he is going to die. Hope must be with him and must continue. Hope of life makes him stronger for everything, for every job or duty or responsibility.

At the same time, you must think about your afterlife, your Eternal Life. You must consider that perhaps tomorrow you may die. You may transfer to the Eternal Home. Even a one square foot place in paradise is of more value than the whole world and all the treasures in it. Why? Because the whole world and its treasures are going to be nothing but one square foot in paradise. That is eternal. This world may be bigger than that one square foot, but it is going to be finished and vanish. It is temporary, but that place in paradise where you can put foot, that is permanent, eternal. Therefore, you must be careful also about that point, to work for your Eternal Life.

The Prophet (saws) said, "Oh people, you must think about how long you are going to stay during this life and work for it for as long as you are intending to stay here. Then, for the Eternal life, you must think how long you are going to be in Eternal life and you must work for it, also. You must make a balance. But if you make that balance, you will not be able to find any time for this world. The whole of our time we must spend working for Eternal Life, not for this world because it is so short a time. To the contrary, we give all our power to this temporary life and its needs and for the Eternal Life, we say, "Nevermind. It does not matter. The One who gives to you here in this life is going to give to you in the next life, as well."

If you cannot be here without working, how can you say that He will give you for the Eternal Life without working for it? And that is important. We must look after, we must be more careful about the Eternal Life. We must give more time. Now during Ramadan we are giving a little bit more, praise belongs to God, but after Ramadan, also, we must make a balance - for prayers, for everything that makes our Eternal Life more enjoyable for us and more honorable so that we may be honored in the Divine Presence.


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