Maulana Sheikh NazimSheik Nazim, What is your Greatest Wish'?
All we want is peace for the whole of mankind. Every year we look out for a general peace all over the world, one that will enter everyone's home. Don't think that peace will only be amongst nations. The smallest cell of the community is the family. Sadly throughout this century family problems are increasing and chaos is spreading in all homes. You cannot find any home where family members are living peacefully with each other. That is the biggest problem occupying people's conscience, heart and mind. They want a solution.
I heard it is written that nations are spending 5 million dollars every day on weapons. How can there be peace in this year, or in the next like that? We know that weapons are for killing and destroying. As long as nations are running after that, you will not find a general solution for peace.

Good people are not in power in our world now. Kind people are not in power. If some people have a good heart they will always be on a second level, not on the point of being able to give orders. That is the problem. Within governments you can find good ones, but the important decisions will be made by others.

This is why we are looking for a merciful solution to be sent to us through a Heavenly Intervention. Someone who will be able to stop devils from harming mankind. If someone like that doesn't come, it will be very difficult. We Muslims are waiting for someone called Mehdi a.s.. He has been authorised by Heavens. He has miraculous powers to take away evils and devils. Christians are expecting Jesus Christ to come back from Heavens and to give his last decision for the nations. Jewish people are also preparing for the Messiah to come and to arrange every wrong thing on earth.

We are pleading with Heavens to send us someone with miraculous powers. Otherwise those dangerous atomic weapons will remove the whole civilisation from East to West and kill billions of people. We cannot stop it. Only the Lord of Heavens can bless and send some power to his weak servant. Earthly power cannot give any result. It is finished. No tariqats can control anything now. We need spiritual power to stop every evil and devil.

Naqshbandis are only a peaceful group consisting of so many different nationalities asking for peace for all nations. We are on a ship and wherever the captain wants to take us, we have to go. There is nothing you can do. We will never be against anything except evil and devils. That is all. Everyone should be against devils and evil.

- 01.01.1997
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