So many holy-people say that if they lose the sight of the face of the Holy Prophet infront of them just for one moment, they do not consider themselves to be believers. They always look at him. The whole universe exists from the light of Muhammad. It is the main material of the universe; of Heavens and earth, the lights of Muhammad, may peace be upon him. It belongs to the Divine Power Oceans of Allah, to that which has put us into existence. When the power of that ocean catches you, you will be ready to disappear.

When an object is surrounded by different powers from different directions, it is not possible to direct it from one side. If equal power is put into you from all sides, you will not be able to move. Every atomic piece must be balanced from 6 directions by unseen power oceans. Mass is dissolved in energy. The first type of mass is energy. All the universes are produced by energy. The Lights of the Prophet is produced by the same energy. Condensed with other powers it becomes an atom. Computers will not be able to count them, but each one has a special position, a special situation, a special function, a special name, a special wisdom, each one has a special art. That is why it is impossible to understand the real essence of Allah Almighty. It is complete sacredness into which no-one can enter. That in which you are moving and which you are feeling is only a little spot of the endless power oceans. No imagination can imagine it. If all the imaginations of mankind and angels are put together, it can still not be imagined: the endless power oceans of Allah. The Unlimited Being cannot be understood by the imagination of a limited being. Our imagination is in limits. And even if your imagination gets bigger and bigger and bigger, it will still be in limits. It will never be an unlimited pot. It may be great, but it will always be in limits. But everything which belongs to Allah Almighty is absolutely unlimited.

People ask of Allah Almighty where He is and how He is. Those questions show foolishness and ignorance. If someone asks you to give a description of yourself, you cannot give it. No-one can give a perfect description of themselves. To be able to do that you would have to name everything on the inside and on the outside of you and say how many of them you have and what their function is. You would also have to say within which time-span all this happens; in minutes, in hours, days, weeks, months, years... which change will you undergo in that time? Sometimes I ask people how many teeth they have, and they are very surprised and start counting. So what foolishness! People cannot even describe themselves, but they want to be able to describe their Lord, Almighty Allah!

Everything has been created from the Lights Of Muhammad, may peace be upon him. How do lights come into existence? The material of light is one thing, but to be able to create everything out of that light, is something else. For example, if cotton comes to a factory, it will come in as a piece of material on one side, and come out as a dress on the other, even as different kinds of dresses with all kinds of colours and all kinds of qualities. Or a factory may obtain iron and turn it into cars. On its own, iron cannot do anything, but the factory makes it into something. In the same way the Lord Almighty Allah gives existence to everything in the universe. And the first material is the Light of Muhammad, may peace be upon him. At first Allah Almighty created atoms, elements and all these elements come together as one.

Through this divine art He created the universe, the planet. He is an endless designer and He designs so many things, but all of them come from 100 elements. That is Divine Art! This is why they say that holy-people always look around and see the Prophet. In different appearances, but they know that it is the Prophet.

Italy - 01.11.1994

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