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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}} **Allah Almighty teaching His servants what is good for themselves and what is bad**

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ’Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

Allah Almighty teaching His servants what is good for themselves here and Hereafter and also warning His servants what is bad for them, what is harming them here and Hereafter. He created some minerals going to be good for the health of mankind, some of them are poisoned, some of them against poison, anti-poison. Also form plants, some of them are good, some are harmful for the body. And animals are knowing what is poisonous for them and what is good for them, particularly sheep; they have been guided on healthy grass, healthy plants, and they are leaving some of them, and eating some others of them. Eating what is good for themselves. They are animals and they have no any willpower, but their Lord is sending them on such foods, grass or plants that are good for them. And they are surrendered themselves to their Creator and they are living in safety for their food. All of them just created for mankind and mankind has been granted two precious characteristics or two precious grants from Allah Almighty:

One of it is their minds and second Allah granted to them willpower, that no any creature around ourselves can be like a man. Man has a special creation, specialized creation honoured creation, most valuable creation on earth. Allah Almighty granted to them that characteristics through their creation and dressing them from His Own Attributes Will and Mind, Mentality.

If Allah Almighty not sending Prophets for teaching mankind through their minds they may know what is good for themselves and what is harming themselves! Yes, mind and mentality that are a big grant from Allah Almighty, showing to man and teaching them and they may try it also, if it is good for them or not, it is okay, everyone may know. Who granted mind, they are knowing through their minds or through their mentalities and their knowledge that they may try it, it is giving them so many good knowledge for keeping their generation, because all obedience or servanthood that we have been asked to keep, depends on a safe knowledge. That knowledge is showing a person how he can be healthy. Because if a person is loosing his health, he can’t do anything, can’t work and can’t pray, can’t be standing by servanthood, because he lost his health. It is clear. A patient, a sick one or an ill one, he is occupied with his health or with their health and they are under a deep pressure, can’t move, can’t do anything, can’t stand up, because he lost his health. It is clear.

Therefore, as all Grandsheikhs were saying- and also my Grandsheikh was saying, (and) now also I am hearing from him- the most important thing for mankind to learn and to keep, to learn and to act (on), (is the) knowledge (of how) to keep their health. Therefore knowledge is going to be into two camps: ‘Ilmu adhan (?)’, ‘ilmu adjan’- two kinds of knowledge. One knowledge that mankind is granted is how they should be able to keep their health, because anyone loosing his health going to be useless, and (he is) going to be a heavy burden for himself and (on those) around himself. A heavy burden. One kind knowledge that we must keep is how we should be able to live healthy. For Dunya and for Akhirat you must be healthy! Maybe a young person coming a headache and falling down and he was like giant person, but coming some pain through their stomach, falling down, coming another pain from backside, from every part of his body, making him to fall down and he was able to push an animal and to make it to fall down, but (now he is) finished. When he lost his health, going to be nothing, (a) burden on himself and on people also. Therefore first of all that we should try to teach people how they can be able to keep their physical being healthy. If no health, he can’t pray, he can’t do his servanthood. Therefore that is (a) very important, (the) most important point for our lives: to keep our physical being healthy up to end.

Every Prophet just came to teach people; first of all that they are servants of the Lord of Heavens and second they were calling mankind, their nations, to stand up for fulfilling their servanthood towards their Lord Almighty Allah. Then Allah Almighty teaching all Prophets and Saints which thing keeping their health. First of all, for being a good servant, they must keep their health, (and) first Prophets also (were) teaching them through that Iman and what is necessary for praying, teaching them, making for them according to the holy Commands of Allah Almighty, making this Halal and that Haram. Everything from Halal and Haram for what? What is the benefit? Allah putting a limit for His servants and saying: “This is your limit. Beyond this limit, you are falling into Haram.“ That Haram (is) disturbing and destroying your physical being so that you are going to be unable to bring a real obedience and servanthood towards your Lord Almighty Allah.”

Through that grant that Allah Almighty granted to His servants, ‘Akl’, mind, they may know, through their mind! And mentality also is coming with mind. Mind balancing everything through mentality. Mentality is as a balance. Mind is sending to mentality: “Look what it is” and mentality is saying: “This is true one”- if it is good or bad. It is so easy. But what is difficult?

Allah Almighty then granted to mankind willpower that He only is using that, it is a divinely Attribute, granted to mankind. He is not forcing His servants, but He granted to them from willpower and not forcing them, giving value to man. If a person is forced to do something, quickly he is running into the level of animals. Animals are making, doing something by force. If a person is not using willpower, without willpower he is going to be forced and coming quick in the level of animals and it is not honour for mankind. Our mind and mentality are saying according to Holy Command that He Almighty granted a list of some actings for something, saying that this is a list, a program. You may look at it and you may understand that is good, that is no good. When it is appeared, don’t wait that Allah Almighty to force you to do this or not to do- but that biggest grant that even Angels haven’t been granted- willpower- we have willpower and our honour is with willpower. Putting in front of you a list of good ones and harming ones, useful or not useful. Useful, that it is Halal, good for you, for your physical being as well as for you spiritual being, this list it is okay for you. And other list (is) showing that this is harming you here and Hereafter and making you to be under the hegemony of you ego or to be Shaitan’s donkey and this is forbidden, so that everyone is knowing what is good for them or bad for them.

Everyone is knowing (that) smoking is no good, carrying to drugs. Everyone is knowing (that) drugs are killers, physically and spiritually. Everyone is knowing (that) drinks are terrible and destroying people physically and mindly. Everyone is knowing (that) adultery is a bad thing, destroying you physically and spiritually…So many things… (so) that reaching that list, the number of harming things, harmful doings, to 8oo. 8oo kinds of actings that it has been signed through Shariat, heavenly Commands: (These) 8oo (actings are) harming you here and Hereafter. Here making your level to come down and in Judgment Day making your level to be under deepest position.

And there is another 5oo actings that you are able to bring one of them or all of them, giving to you benefit, it is also as Prophet was saying: “Al Halalu bayiun, wa-l Haramu bayiun”- what is good for you, everyone is knowing, what is bad for you, also everyone is knowing what is harming. Allah Almighty is teaching His servants, because without that knowledge you can’t be able to carry the honour of being servants for divinely Service. Therefore (He is) putting (that lists). And (then He is) giving willpower to you, (saying:) “Oh My servants, look! These 5oo kinds of actings give you honour and make you to approach from My divinely Presence. Use your willpower to come much more closer to Me through these actings. And beware of that 8oo kinds of works, they are carrying you away from My divinely Presence, taking you to the field of cursing, cursing land, (that) always coming on you cursing from Heavens. Beware, oh My servants!”

Now mostly people are not using their willpower. Animals know what is good for them what is harming them, but mankind is knowing also what is good for them and what is bad, but they are not using their willpower to stop it and to send their egos to do good things and to keep themselves from bad things. What is the benefit to be to have willpower from Allah Almighty? You are going to be like such a person who has a plane, jet plane, you have, but you are never going to use it. What is the benefit to have a plane if you are not using it? Or if you have a car, a good car, but you are not using it? “What is the benefit to be in front of your home a good car, even Rolls Royce or Mercedes or other famous cars- what is the benefit? Why putting there? Use it!” “I don’t like I am sleeping, better. Better to sleep…” “Ya Hu- take that car and go around to look everywhere!” “No, I am here, drinking and…(putting injection)…I don’t like to open my eyes…” ”If you don’t like to open your eyes- why Allah Almighty giving to you eyes? Any animal saying like you? Animals 24hours asking to sleep?” But new generation they are saying: “We like to sleep”, putting injection…here, there…For what? He likes to sleep…What is that? You have been created for sleeping? Animals are not sleeping as you are sleeping! The new generation is sleeping. 24 hours, or 2o hours, or 18 hours, or 15, 12, 1o- what is that! That is degeneration of generation. Degenerated generation now, asking to sleep. If they are opening their eyes, not opening, but (with closed eyes also) eating something, then making injection, (continuing to sleep)...That is 21st century’s civilization?

People are asking me to go and to be present in a conference in Athens and they are saying that we are coming here to look some cure for youngsters. And when I was in America, New York, UN building, there were so many posters, saying: “Save youngsters from drugs!” To whom you are addressing this? “Save youngsters from drugs!” How? And now the whole world is working on it. Biggest business is the business of drugs, to make youngsters to be degenerated generations.

If they are not using also- youngsters are sleeping more than enough. The limit for sleeping for an adult is 8 hours. After 8 hours not giving comfort to our bodies but coming to make it to be tired. After 8 hours body getting to be tired by sleeping. Up to 8 hours sleep our physical being is resting, and after 8 hours getting unrest. And everywhere if they are not using drugs also, but new generation doesn’t like to work. They left lands, they left gardens, all youngsters are asking to be employed by the government, to sit in front of table…eating…someone coming, asking: “Why you are coming? Come tomorrow”...continuing eating…”Bring that paper…take it, I am busy now…” Like this they are asking to be paid and to sit down through their rooms, on their tables. Even police people sitting in their office! At the colony time we know police was going around, making patrol on horses and keeping guns…they were going around, making patrol, and no one can take courage to do anything wrong. Here it was, this small house in front of the mosque was for this area police center. Seven policemen, six on their horse, for all of this area, 4o or 5o villages…you may open your doors and windows and no one can take anything, no one can be able to come and to harm people. Now they are sitting in police station…for what this? Police must do control, they are not making, sitting in front of tables…A custom officer was saying to me that once the commissioner of the district was coming and asking: “Where is cavus, sergeant?” And they were saying: “He is on patrol.” And when he was coming that commissioner was asking: “Why I am not seeing you in front of your table?” And he was saying: “Oh our commissioner, our table is on our horse. If we are waiting people coming and complaining, it is go to be worse and worse. We are running around and bad character people or Shaitans agents can’t move. They may know that we are on patrol, can’t do anything…”

Now the new generation asking a very rest life behind their tables… “Hallo…Yes, I am speaking to my friend…say that director is in a meeting…Now I am speaking to you, oh my darling…after? Yes, after Maghreb okay…Who is that one? Say to him that he is in meeting”…”Oh my master, I said but he is said this is not time of meeting.” “Say that he has a meeting in toilet, because toilet also a meeting hall. Say to him!”

Making people atalet, more than laziness- people are asking not to move; he is asking everything to be brought to him and to enjoy himself. No any other opinion for them, only for their pleasures…not for helping people, no, for their pleasure making everything, every design there and putting…that is the representative of Shaitan Dr. X….

Therefore people now in worst position. Therefore I am going to speak to people, insha Allah, that they are accusing poverty making crisis, saying: “After poverty crisis, after poverty wars, after poverty fighting, after poverty that and this, after poverty economical crisis…” lie. And Islam saying: “Fi-l haraku baraku.” Islam saying: “Make your hand to work, because blessings coming on you. You must know that to move, to work brings Baraka. Therefore our people, our ancestors were standing up before sun shining. Those people now, youngsters, they are lying like crocodiles… sleeping…sometimes opening eyes, looking something to eat and coming on it, then continuing to sleep…

Where is Islam? What is our situation now, Muslims? I am sorry and in sorrow that they are asking to follow Western people who like to sleep…

May Allah forgive us and send us Mehdi a.s. and Isa a.s., for the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 05.05.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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