Maulana Sheikh NazimAllah swt is the sole designer

Allahumma salli wa salim ala Nabiyyina Muhammad alayhi salam
Salatan tadumu wa tuhda ilayh ma marra l-layali wa tula dawam!

As-salamu alaikum!
Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded!

All of us we are servants.

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaytani rajim
Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
La haula wa laquwatta illa bi-llahi-l Aliyu-l Azim.

Welcome to you! As-salamu alaikum!
ALLAH swt Designed everything in the smallest detail

It is an association; we are all servants, we are all (from the) generation of Sayyidina Adam, nothing else, nothing else… and Islam (is) coming for teaching people and to remind them that they are servants, nothing else. don't say: I am something else, no! If you are claming that you are something else - after to be (from) mankind, what you are asking to be? To be (a) donkey, to be (a) camel, to be (a) bear, to be (a) wolf, to be (a) fox? What you are asking?

Enough honour granted to you Allah Almighty, what you are asking? No, I am something else. You are not something else, you are (from the) generation (of) Adam Safiyullah, (the) first man, that Allah Almighty created him by His Divinely Hands.

And (He is) giving to you your form or better: He is (the) Designer for mankind and He, (the) Almighty, that His Power or His Ability (is) everending, He is (the) Creator and when He is creating, (He is) designing also. He is designing, (He is the) Designer for everyone; you can't find two persons to be 100 % on (the) same design, no!

And He, (the) Almighty, (is) designing (you) first to be male or female. He is Designer. When a woman (is) getting pregnant, He is designing to be that child through the womb of his mother (male or female); He (is) only giving His Divinely Decision or His Divinely Will to be that one through the womb of a female to be male or female.

No one can involve in that case! His Will, Allah Almightys Will, (is) doing everything, designing and creating, as He likes. No any ones will may be there, no!

Allah Almighty (is) designing (you) first to be male or female and He is, Almighty Allah, giving our forms, giving our colours… (They are) so foolish ones, (these) people now, that they are fighting to their Lord: Why my colour is dark or: Why my colour is green?… There is green also?? Yellow…yellow with blue becomes green…

Why Europeans are white and (have) yellow hairs? Why our hairs (are) like this, curly? What is that! Say: Alhamdulillah! My Lord (is) designing me with this colour!

What (is) saying Allah Almighty? He is asking: O people, do you think that anyone can do better than your Lord colour? He likes and makes your colours and (He is) saying: Ohhh, so beautiful colour, dark colour, yellow colour, red colour, white colour… but not green colour… green - there is green?...

He is doing (the) colours of your eyes to be green, brown, black… not yellow! Yellow eyes (are) for snakes…He is giving the colours for your eyes… Alhamdulillah, no red colour eyes! (They) may swallow everything… Red colour eyes - they are so violent, most violent creature should be, when their eyes (are) going to be red colour…

Be happy with your appearance, your 'looks'

O people, think on it! don't quarrel with your Creator! don't say: Why my nose (is) in such a way! Why my height is so short?… and some of them (are) 2 meters high or, I am looking someone (was) coming here also.. 3 meters… from where? One from European, one (from Africa)…

O my Lord, as You like! Give to me from Your Divinely Lights, to be my heart to be shining with Heavenly Lights lightening! Ask Heavenly Lights, don't ask these colors that people now (are) fighting on it, asking to change it, and they are thinking that there is better colours, no! You must ask Heavenly Lights, to shine! Try to reach that Lights. It is not important our colours, no, but what Allah Almighty (is) dressing you on your creation from Heavenly Lights, that is important!

So many people that their colours (is) dark colours, when they are passing through (the) desert, may follow them wild animals, asking from that one: O our Lords razi person, our happy servant, that you are happy with your Lord design, what (He is) designing to you…

One person (was) coming to (the) Prophet sallaLlahu alayhi wa sallam - and he was a short one and there was something on his back, hunchback, and (his) eyes (were) like this, like that, and his nose (was) like this and his mouth and his neck (were) like this and his feet - one (was) like this going, one (was) like that going… (He was) coming and saying: O ya Rasulullah! Do you think that anyone my Lord, Rabbi, created more ugly than me?

(Rasulullah was) saying: don't say this! Ama tarda an takun yaumu-l qiyama ala surati Gibril - are you not happy that on the Day of Resurrection you should come in the form of Gibril and his beauty?

And (that man was) saying: O ya Rasulullah! Tauba, ya Rasulullah! Razi, I am happy to be (on) the Day of Resurrection on such a beautiful design! I am happy! Tauba, ya Rasulullah, that I said to you (this)! I am happy (with) what my Lord (is) designing me!

Look Islam, how (it is) dealing with people and teaching them makarimu l-ahlak, the highest manners! How (is is) dealing! Saying (to) that one that he was saying: Everything that may do a person to be seen ugly, I am carrying, ya Rasulullah! Then Rasulullah (was) saying: Are you not happy to be the Day of Resurrection on such a beauty that angels they should have? (And he was) saying: Ya Rasulullah! Tauba, ya Rasulullah! I am happy, I am happy…!

People they are not happy that Allah Almighty created them from Adams generation! (He is) not making them, not creating him as a donkey, as a dog, as a wolf, as a fox, as a bear, as a camel, as a lion, as a tiger, as a crocodile… (but as a) man, from mankind!

Everyone, when they are looking and seeing people, they are not happy, they are saying: Tuhh! for you, that your Lord created you as, from (the) generation of Khalifatullah, (the) deputy of Allah Almighty! You are written on it and you are saying, you are complaining? What is that! Cursing on you coming!

Who is going to be happy with Allah, Allah (is) going to be happy with him! If he is not happy with Allah Almightys Tajalli, manifestation, Allah is not happy with him. If Allah Almighty (is) not happy with him, what he is going to reach? Nothing, nothing, nothing!

You can't find even an ant to object on its creation (and) to say: Why, my Lord, You created me (to be) under the feet of mankind or other animals? They are not saying anything, they are saying tasbih, glorifying their Lord, saying: Glorifying, glorifying, O our Lord to You, that you are bringing us from nothing to be something and You granted us to glorify to You! Ants (are) saying (this), (but) man (is) not saying: O our Lord, thanks to You, that You created us, from (the) unknown, bringing us in (the) known world, and making us to know, to understand! And we are complaining, complaining- naudhu bi-llah!

O people, Islam (is) coming to teach people (the) highest manner that can be for a servant towards to their Creator!

O people, try to be (a) much more glorifying one for Your Lord and His doings that (He is) doing, then you should be happy here and (in the) Hereafter!

May Allah bless you, for the honour of (the) most honoured one in His Divinely Presence Sayyidina Muhammad sallaLlahu alayhi wa sallam,


Allahumma salli wa sallim ala Nabiyyina Muhammad alayhi salam Salatan tadumu wa tuhda ilay ma marra layali wa tula dawam…

Subhan Allah, Sultan Allah… Subhan Allah, Sultan Allah… Subhan Allah, Sultan Allah!

Subhan Sensin, Sultan Sensin… Subhan Sensin, Sultan Sensin… Subhan Sensin, Sultan Sensin, ya Allah!

Ziyadatan li sharfin Nabi wa alihi wa sahbi wa mashaykhina wa ila ibadiLlahi salihin,


Lefke, 23.09.2007 Transcribed by Khairiyyah Siegel

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