Maulana Sheikh NazimAllah loves to hear: “La ilaha ill-Allah!”

May Allah finish this technology! It became the bela and ceza of the
nations! La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ’Aliyu-l ’Adhim... Allah
Allah, Allah Allah...
As-salamu alaikum! As-salamu alayna wa ’ala ’ibadi-llahi salihin!
Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded!...
Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim!
Allahumma alhimna rushdana wa aidhana ?? min sharri anfusina!

O people, all of us we are on same level. One level = our physical
being, one level = spiritual level. Physical level = our physical being.
All of us living on surface of this earth. This on our physical level
being. Yes? No one another level to be over ourselves; all people
gravity of earth making them to be there. Second level- Sleeping?
Hungry? Angry?- Second level- that all of us, including Prophets pbuh,
including all Awlyia, Salihin, Mu’minin, then Munkirin, Kafirin,
Dhalimin, Atheist people- all they are on the level of servanthood. All
of us servants! No one can pass over servanthood, no, only on that level
you can find good servants, bad servants, believing people, unbelievers-
but they are on same level, level of servanthood.

The Seal of Prophets pbuh and upon whole Prophets, they are saying: “We
are servants!” No one claiming more than this. Therefore the Seal of
Prophets pbuh S.Muhammad sws: “Ashadu an la ilaha ill-Allah, wa ashadu
anni Muhammadun ’Abduhu wa Rasuluh!” He is saying for himself: “I am
declaring that: ‘La ilaha ill-Allah’ only our Lord One; He is our
Creator and He is only Lord, the Creator (of) everything!” (This is the)
declaring (of) nall Prophets and the Seal of Prophets saying also: “I am
declaring the Unity and Existence of our Lord Allah: La ilaha ill-Allah,
la ilaha ill-Allah…
(Here Sheikh Effendi is starting a short Dhikr, repeating: ‘La ilaha
ill-Allah’ for a few minutes, ending with:) La ilaha ill-Allah, la ilaha
ill-Allah, la ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammad Rasulullah, alayhi salatullah wa

Therefore the Lord of Heavens, the Creator, our Lord, our Creator, He is
declaring to His Prophets, saying that and Prophets (are) translating
(to) us from Holy Words of our Lord- He is saying and Prophet saying-:
“Afdalu ma takallama-l bihi ‘abdu (?): La ilaha ill-Allah!” Most lovely
and most valuable, most precious, most beautiful saying that mankind is
speaking, the Lord, saying (is) to say La ilaha ill-Allah!

What speaking? Allah giving us our tongue to speak and we are speaking
everything, but through everything that Allah Almighty happy to hear
from His servants, (is) to say: “La ilaha ill-Allah!” Allah Allah!
Making Allah Almighty to be pleased with you.

Therefore, even a person, last moment, if he can say, last word from his
tongue to say: “La ilaha ill-Allah”… that makes the Lord of Heavens
happy and pleased with that servant and ordering Angels: “Take that
(one) who (is) saying My Unity, saying ‘La ilaha ill-Allah’, take him
(to) the Way of Paradise!” So important! So important, and Shaitan
insisting, particularly cheating Christian world; all of them to say:
“3” -ha ha- “trinity.” “What is trinity?”
“We are saying: One equal three, three equal one.”
“What mentality (is) this? One equal three, three equal one, trinity?”
Trinity, that never accepting mentality, to say ‘One equal three, or
three equal to one’, but Shaitan (is) teaching. If you are asking: “Why
you are saying this?” “We are keeping our traditional books; what is
written in it, without any discuss, we are accepting!” If you are
saying: “It is opposite of mentality, why?” “We are not discussing on it!”

Once three Bishops or three learned ones from Christians going to China
and they are asking from King of China an interview. And Emperor saying:
“Let them to come.” They are coming in front of Emperor. “Say: From
where (you are) coming?” “We are coming from (the) Christian world, from
West countries.” “What is your mission?” “We are asking to teach you our
religion and to call you to believe, as we are believing.” “Okay”,
Emperor saying…- O Allah send us one Chinese, (so that) when I am saying
(something), he may translate (it) in(to) Chinese Language!…Mandarin…
and Orange… “Say: What is your religion?” “We are calling (you) to
believe what we are believing.” “What you are believing?” “We are
believing that there is Father, there is Son, there is Holy Ghost.”
“What happening among themselves? All of them on same level?” “Father
Father, Son is Son, Holy Ghost their servant.” “How? Who is ordering,
who is following?” They said that: “These, all these three they are one
and one of them also equal to three.”

Chinese that they are always using this grass and then sleeping… Emperor
opening his eyes, saying: “What you said? Three equal one and one equal
three?... I am not so much drunk…what saying? Three equal one, one equal
three?...” Emperor was drunk, but awakening, saying: “One equal there,
three equal one…what is that? You are saying I must believe in such a
things? What we are believing is better than your beliefs. We are not
saying such a nonsense thing to say people: ‘O people come and believe
in one that (is) equal to three! Come and believing in three that (they
are) equal to one’! You are free, go!” Then his ministers saying to
their Emperor: “O Your Majesty, how you are giving permission those
people to go around your territory and calling people to their
religion?” “I wish, yes, you said something true, but I know something
else. I let them to go and to speak to people and they are doing their
missions, because when they are coming and saying such a foolishness, I
don’t think that anyone should follow them: Therefore I am giving them
permission: Go Eats and West. If anyone is accepting three is equal one,
one equal three, they may follow, take them!”…

Now 21st century people same mentality to look Christianity. They are
refusing Unity of the Lord of Heavens and saying: “Trinity.” Trinity is
Batil, false. Therefore Christianity (is) finished, just finished, no
any function on the conscience of people. Never! I never heard someone
that becoming Christian now. Only perhaps that one asking to marry a
Christian girl and must say this false wrong word or one girl asking to
marry to some Christian and she must accept this, without accepting
through their heart, saying: “Yes.” Finished; no any speciality for
Christianity. And they are so many sects, no one is showing right path,
right way towards Heavens!

We are prepared to… our direction (is) to(wards) Heavens; they are
making down… Yes, Muslims they are not in such a way for technologia;
Christian and Jewish people they are so clever. Muslims they are not
working on it too much. Because Christians (are) working for Muslims,
why you are tiring? They are asking their ways to Heavens, they are
asking to be on earth, therefore they are making so many useless things
from technologia and from technologia they are fearing, not fearing the
Lord of Heavens!

O people, therefore level, our level, for every kind of man, for
humanity, spiritual level (is) servanthood, to say: “La ilaha ill-Allah!
No God but Allah!” And if anyone (is) saying this and making his finger
like this (Shahada position)… Christians (are) never touching that dead
body. (They are) saying: “That one is out of Christianity, take him to
(the) Muslim site!”… Alhamdulillah, they are not accepting, better!...

You are coming here to know, to learn something. I am only a weakest
servant of our Lord- if He (is) accepting- even weakest. But I am crying
and asking that He may accept me (as) His weakest servant. I am doing
nothing for His Glory! His Glory (is) from pre-eternal up to eternal!
Our glorifying (is) never giving any glory to our Lord, but He (has)
ordered ourselves for glorifying Him, (the) Almighty, because when His
servant (is) glorifying his Lord, (the) Lord (is) giving glory for His

Not from His (Own) Glory, no! No, it is impossible to reach or to ask
Glory from Allah Almighty! Only on our level- that our level (is the)
servanthood level, and (the) servanthood level, if His servant (is)
glorifying his Lord, He is giving a glory to His servant, according to
their servanthood level. No more! Don’t think that Glory of (glorifying)
the Lord of Heavens (is) granted to creatures, ha sha, can’t be, can’t
be! (The) one spot from His Glory Oceans that belongs to His creatures,
one spot, it is enough to fill (the) whole world with glory! That glory
that we are knowing, only so big oceans that Allah Almighty (is)
granting. Don’t ask from His Glory! His Glory (is) only for Himself; no
one can be able to enter in that Ocean, because (there is) no another
Lord, only He is one Lord! La ilaha ill-Allah! O people, you must come
and you must say: “La ilaha ill-Allah, no God but Allah-Subhana Hu wa ta’ala!”

Glorifying, absolute Glorifying Oceans that you
can’t imagine, (are) for Himself! Every imagination for Allah Almighty’s
Oceans that is imagination also, no real!
O people- come and listen and accept your Lords Glory and make your
Sajdah in front of His Glory! Allahu akbar!... Make: Allahu
akbar!...Make: Allahu akbar!...everywhere- it is okay! No direction for
your Lord!... Understanding?... Make Sajdah!... Afarin (welldone)!...
May Allah give us an understanding! It is important!
Therefore Allah Almighty He likes to say His servants: ”La ilaha
ill-Allah!” How Arabs (are) saying? “Ma fi minnak!” They are very happy…
If you are saying to me: “Ma fi minnak, ya Sheikh”, I am happy!...
May Allah forgive us! May Allah bless you and grant us some servants
from real servants to be sent on earth and to stop whole ‘sharr’. (For)
whole troubles, problems, He may bring (a) solution. If no any
involvement (is) coming from Heavens- people they lost their ways; they
can’t find any solution for any problem on earth. (They) must say: “La
ilaha ill-Allah! La ilah illa-Anta, Subhanaka, inni kuntu mina dhalimin!”
We must say: “We are really disobedient servants!” Because our shepherds
(are) following Shaitan, therefore we are sorry. O our Lord, we can’t do
anything, You can change those bad shepherds, bad shepherds, bad
leaders, and send us good ones to lead ourselves to Your divinely
Presence! O Allah, Ant-Allah!”
Bi hurmati man arsalta alayhi Surati-l Fatiha! For the honour of the
most honoured servant S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha!

Lefke, 15.4.2007

Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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