Maulana Sheikh Nazim Allah Rewards Charity and Punishes Misers and Tyrants

There are at least 300 people eating here and it is not a burden on me, never. Which one of your princes opens food for poor people? In this way, Allah Almighty shows people’s characteristics. Those people who are granted billions or trillions and do not use it for the honor of the Lord of Heavens are like ka-annahum humarun yahmiloona asfaara, humaroon, donkeys that carry treasures on their backs without receiving any benefit from it.

Whoever has billions but is not using it, nor putting it for the benefit of poor people (is wrong)! Today in the Islamic world there are thousands of wealthy people that have billions and trillions, but they are not using it to give to people for the sake of Allah, and their likeness is that of a donkey carrying bags of gold on its back what it cannot use and is unable to give any of it.

Therefore, I was saying yesterday to visitors from Saudia Arabia, as some of them were giving five, ten, twenty, or fifty rials (US $13.30), when there are a million people in Arabia that have treasures but they are not giving to people to use. All troubles and crises throughout the Arab world are caused by this!

Why are the people in Tunis standing up against their government? Their heads are billionaires. Same for Libya: people have very little money for themselves and their families, but jabbar, tyrants, have trillions, storing it outside their countries! It’s the same for Egypt: Husni Mubarak has fifty billion and yet the common people when I was there were eating dry bread. That person whom I visited took me to his home from the mosque – before you or she were born – and he brought dry bread to eat, adding water and serving it with white cheese and nothing else, not even soup.

Millions are sleeping without eating dinner, not even a piece of bread. Why are you making this? Also the same for Damascus and Yemen. They are taking everything from national wealth, the Bayt al-Mal (Islamic institution that collects zakaat and distributes it to the poor), making it in their names and sending it out. So people are saying, “Irfan, irfan, give us and go!” Baghdad and the Arabian Peninsula are the same: collecting, collecting, collecting, but for what?

Our egos are never happy with billions or even trillions; they ask for quadrillions! For what? That is what I was saying to them. It is the main reason for the crisis in Muslim territories. They have the characteristic of a small boy to whom you give a toy, and when another child tries to take it he will prevent him, exclaiming, “No, it’s mine!”

That is why we are training people about the honor of Mankind, which is to be our Lord’s servant. Our honor is not in our gold and jewels and palaces, servanthood is our honor! How was Rasoolullah (s) living? Did he never think on it (but only collect and hoard wealth)? Their characteristic is that of Fira`oon, who was finally swallowed by the Earth with all his gigantic treasures. Tawbah yaa Rabbee.

Therefore, Man needs a trainer, to train him to be an example for all people, just as Rasoolullah (s) was the most excellent example. But people have lost their place. May Allah forgive us. We are speaking of what has happened, and now for the ummah there are no more trainers. All of them are saying, “No, don’t listen to anyone; there is no need for mashaykh. You may recite Holy Qur’an and its tafseer, the explanation, and you must find your way alone.” But it is impossible to do that! May Allah forgive us.


The biggest and most dangerous thing for the ummah is worldy treasure. When Allah is giving to you, give it in charity! Help others! Don’t fear that when you give for Allah that you will be losing. He will not cut you off, no. When you open a tap (faucet) water flows, and when you close it, waters stops flowing. Why are you imprisoning that water when it is coming without stopping! It is coming, then give! “Give, O My servant, and I will give you. I will give you! Give your wealth and trust in Me, believe that I will give. Anytime you give to others, I (replenish it) by giving you more, to continue that grant to My poor servants.”

At least 300 people are eating and it is not an easy number to accommodate, but people never leave here hungry. Any time you may ask for something to eat if you can find it, as Allah Almighty grants favors. Also if giving 1000, must come 10,000, giving 10,000 there must come to him 100,000, and this is particularly true in Rajab, the holy month. Allah opens for those who give. Those keeping in their hands are bad people.

Grandshaykh (q) said that his mother (r) said, “O my son! Make your hand open. Don’t make a fist, make it open. People may take and may also put.” When you are giving don’t think that Allah Almighty will not give to you, hasha. O our Lord! We are heedless people; send us one who may teach us. Allah, Allah. Yet they are not giving to people.

Look at Sham (Damascus). We said they should give to people that are going against the government as it is muqasir, on the wrong way. The Syrian government should say to its citizens, “O People! Come and take a hundred, a thousand!” Instead of giving, they are shooting them! Is that the honor of Mankind? People are asking for something to eat as they have nothing in their pockets, in their hands, or in their houses. They are asking, and you are shooting them!

If those people were happy in their homes and villages, would they come and make this? Crowds of thousands are asking the government, “Go away, because you are finishing us!” Instead of someone generous coming, the government sends tanks, artillery and soldiers to kill them: small ones, young ones, old ones! What is that?! Allah is going to take His revenge on them! That is the government’s mistake, saying, “You made a big mistake demanding that we leave!”

However, their protests are because you are not looking after them; rather, you are saving billions for yourselves when they have nothing in their pockets and no work. Your citizens are pleading, “O our governors, our kings, give us something!” And all you say is, “Take these bullets!” You are destroying their homes, entering their homes and killing hungry, naked people who have nothing to eat or dress in. Also, you are bombing them. Is that showing the world the good character of Arabs?

O People! You are doing wrong and Allah Almighty is saying, yaa umara al-`arab, “O kings or governors of the Arabian people! You are killing them while they are only asking you to give them jobs and homes, and yet you are bombing them!” Ansuranaka, that is Hadith Qudsee: “I am going to help you, O My killed people, if not today, then tomorrow, if not tomorrow, then in the future and I am going to take revenge from them on your behalf, if not today, then in the coming days. I will exact punishment on them!”

You are understanding? The Syrian government is bombarding them on this holy day, Jumu`ah. If they are not understanding, perhaps by next Jumu`ah they will be taken away. One day Allah Almighty is going to take His Revenge from those merciless people! Tawbah, yaa Rabbee.


Lefke, 12.06.2011

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