Maulana Sheikh NazimO Allah, send on us rahmet and barakat…and every day rahmet is coming down on us…it rains on us khair, barakat, sharaf (honour), and nur (light)
Taubah…Astaghfirullah al ‘Azim…Ya Rabbi, Shukr! O Allah, send on us rahmet and barakat…and every day rahmet is coming down on us…it rains on us khair, barakat, sharaf (honour), and nur (light)…That is from Allah…Get to know Allah!Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim- you must always say: ‘Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim’… ‘Meded, ya Rijalallah’, you must ask heavenly support.

Material support from earth is nothing; it never gives any support to a person here or hereafter. Only if a person uses his material for Allah Almighty’s pleasure it may give support to him here and hereafter. If a person can’t use his material for the Lord of Heaven’s pleasement, it is only a heavy burden on him, killing him here and destroying him hereafter. Believers must know this; it is so clear. You may have all treasures; it is all right, if you use them for Allah, to make Him pleased. Then they are like a feather, so light. If not used for the sake of Allah, then even a material of 1 kg is going to be heavier than the whole globe.

We are speaking from the roots of reality; they make me to speak to you to give you some new understanding of Islam and its principles, because up today came so many bad ideas through scholars, through enemies of Islam, and hypocrites, who try to change the outlook of Islam and to make its face ugly looking. No - now there is coming a stop, they are saying : ’It is enough! Your Batil is enough. You must stop. We are coming now to destroy you! You can’t destroy Islam- it is built by Allah Almighty. No power for creatures. If all of them come together, they can’t do anything, and they can’t even remove one 1mm cube of stone from the building of Islam. If the people of the whole world come together, and if the power of all men and all jinn reaches to them, they can’t remove even one stone, because the Islamic building is built by Allah and it belongs to Him, finished. Be in peace and satisfaction!

The whole world is running against Islam, ma scha Allah, and they say: ’We are so powerful, we are coming to destroy Islam, to cheat people and to make the face of Islam looking ugly. We try to make bad advertisement for Islam, so that people may run away.’ It is like when someone finds a treasure in a plain. When he sees the other treasure seekers, he says to them: ’Just I looked everywhere here, but I didn’t find anything. Go to another place.’ He is putting a sign on it, but he is telling others not to look in that place for cheating them not to come on the treasure.

Now the whole world, all of the religions that are out of time now, know the power of Islam. Don’t think they don’t know! The heads and chiefs of the Christians and of the book-given people know very well the power of Islam, what is in Islam. They know the difference between a sleeping volcano and a working one, the difference between a dead body and a living body. Don’t think they don’t know Islam and its power. But, as Allah Almighty is saying: ’They are jealous, envious, proud, stubborn, and unlucky people.’ And yet these satanic characteristics make them to be against Islam.

Shaitan also knew that the command of Allah is over his will, but his pride and his hatred for Adam and his anger towards Allah, who didn’t give the highest honour to him, prevented him to bow. He was so angry with Allah, and proud and stubborn for Adam and his generation, and angry about what Adam had been granted. He knows very well, but these four worst characteristics prevent him to bow.

And book-given people are angry and full of hatred since the birth night of Rasulullah. In that night one Jew was running through Jathrib (old name of Medina) and he was calling: ’O Bani Israel, o Children of Israel, just tonight the star of Ahmad appeared, about whom Allah Almighty has given good tidings through every holy book. Good tidings for you!’ From that day on they are so angry and hating people. Only a few ones accept reality, but the others run to the sewage. Allah, Allah…From that time they know the power of Islam.

Islam is not man-made or a philosophy, a mind product, no! They know very well that Islam is coming from Heavens. If it was not, Islam couldn’t stand up since 15 centuries. Since 15 centuries they call the Adhan five times daily in the whole world; no hour is passing but the Adhan is calling people to Islam. Such greatness for Islam! They are against Islam here and there, but they put a Muezzin in the Mosques, and five times a day they are calling: ‘Ashadu an la ilaha ill-Allah, wa ashadu ana S.Muhammadun Rasulullah sws’, saying Shahada. They are against Islam, but they can’t take it away. Officially they are against everything in Islam, but they can’t prevent the Adhan. It is five times- even in Cyprus, Turkey, Egypt, in Malaysia. Everywhere in the East, West, North and South they say: ‘Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar…’ Therefore they are trying to stop the power of Islam through their small minds; they try to prevent the spreading of Islam.

In the time of Rasulullah there was a Christian kingdom, the kingdom of Nadjran, a state in Yemen. The Prophet sent his holy letter to the king, calling him to come to Islam, saying: ’I am your Prophet, I am that one about whom good tidings has been given through the Ingil, through the Gospel. Come and accept my prophecy and my message, I am the last one. Renew your faith and beyat (oath, pledge of allegiance) with me, like you did with Jesus Christ.’ The king showed the letter the religious people, the bishops, who were with him always, and he said: ’What do you think about that letter and its sender?’ The Chief Bishop, Biscopus, said: ’Let us go and look after that one who claims to be a prophet, to look to him and to speak to him and to understand.’ Now if we were hearing about a person claiming to be a prophet, do you think it would be necessary for us to go and ask him whom he is, to give his proof? No, because we know that prophecy is finished. But if we were given the order and good tidings that another prophet was coming, we would have to go and look to him. If not, it is not necessary. Jesus Christ was saying: ’After me is coming Ahmad’, that is Parakletos in Greek language, ’he should come and speak what Allah is giving to his tongue.’ Now they write a new Ingil and instead of Parakletos they put Advocate, Shafi’, advocate or lawyer, someone who is defending people. They write that the Advocate, Shafi’, is coming, defending his nation on Yaum-ul-Qiyama, on the Last Day. They are changing this and every time they make changes to put some doubts through the minds of people. Yet it is mentioned, so the king said: ’Look if he is that one or not’, and he sent 80 people, a big committee or delegation to Median Munawwara, to see Rasulullah…It is a long story, but what I mean to say is that the Chief Bishop, Biscopus, and his brother were through the delegation. They were coming on horses, and suddenly the horse of the Chief Bishop’s brother made what an animal is making - dirt. The Chief Bishop was quickly getting angry, and he was swearing, not on the animal, but on the Prophet. He got angry with his brother and he was swearing, using a bad word for the Prophet, which is used in anger only, a dishonoured word, meaning like ‘may you die’. His brother said: ’O my brother, your holiness, why you say this? Don’t say such a thing for him. He is that one about whom Jesus Christ was giving good tidings. Why we are not going to follow him?’ And the Bishop said: ‘I know, o my brother, that it is good to follow him, but we see that his companions are so poor, they have nothing to dress, nothing to eat, and their homes are from mud. Look how kings honour us, respecting us. Look our clothes - golden clothes, golden crowns and we live in palaces such a high life, honoured life. How can I follow him and leave our king and our Sultanate? I know he is that one, but I can’t leave this life and go and follow them. ’That was the reason that only his brother remained in Medina Munawwara; he didn’t come back, but embraced Islam and followed Rasulullah sws. All the others went back. And he was informing what happened on the way - this conversation.

We make a long story, but it is only for to say that all Bishops and Rabbis know very well about the Seal of Prophets. But the love of Dunya, love of this imitated life’s pleasures and of imitated titles, and zinat-ul-dunya, the pleasures of this life, prevent them to say the truth. The religious people in the entire world know very well about Islam and its Prophet, about his power and about the Holy Quran. But they try at least to prevent Muslims from following the Prophet, to make them to leave the Holy Quran, the Prophet and his way, and with bad advertisement they ask to carry people on their ways up to Hells. But we hope, and it is our belief, that they reached the limit of their bad actions and intentions. Now Islam is going to appear with its most perfect look- and perfect power is in Islam- and it is asking to be visible to the eyes of people, because they put on Islam so much rubbish. Now the Awliya begin to take away that rubbish for that magnificent palace of Islam to appear and to shine, so that people may run in it.

Thursday evening: It is a holy night, Cuma, let us call Allah! Who doesn’t call Allah, is finishing. A Muslim will not live without Sajdah, and a Non-Muslim has to believe to live. Then, when he comes into faith, Sajdah becomes obligatory for him…It is the holy night of Cuma; we must call Allah; that is obligatory for every person. If someone doesn’t call Allah, he has no support here or hereafter. If someone comes new into Islam, Allah gives support to him. But there is no support for a person, whose parents were already Muslims and who is not making Sajdah. If the people of the whole world come together to support a person who is Muslim by name, but who doesn’t make Sajdah, they can’t do anything; there is no support.We are calling Allah for a support, and we need His support, no doubt. Without His support nothing is going to be in existence; the smallest parts of the universe up to the biggest galaxies are in need of His support. They are asking for or they need their Creator’s support. And it is same for Allah to give support for one atom or for a huge galaxy; it is never going to be a burden for Him: ’…wa la yaudhuhu hifthuhuma…’, Allah Almighty is saying (Ayat ul Kursi). It is not a burden on Him to keep Alem-ul-Mulk, material worlds and also Heavens; it is same to Him to support the smallest piece of mass and the huge galaxies in the material universe to be in existence. You must learn; everyone must learn, that if Allah Almighty doesn’t give support, they are finishing, melting, disappearing. Don’t say: ‘Crisis, economy, stock market, gold, money, Dollars, Euros, Marks’- that just finished. Unless they call Allah, nothing can make man to trust.

21st century people are not trusting on Allah. Astaghfirullah- but their trust is only on their money: Dollars, Pounds, Euros, gold, and such things, material aspects, which are nothing in the endless territory of Allah Almighty. People don’t trust Allah; they have no trust on Him. Just Allah honoured us to be His servants, and a servant must trust on his master. But I am sorry to say that 21st century people lost their humanity, because who looses his trust in Allah, looses humanity. And when a person looses his humanity, he and cattle are equal, on the same level, or he is even less, more down. You must learn, o mankind, to trust on Your Lord Almighty Allah, if you are asking to be here and hereafter in peace, pleasure and satisfaction. And you can’t trust in Allah, until you know about your Lord, Who He is. If you don’t know about your Lord’s Greatness and His endless power oceans, you think that He is something and His existence is nothing, of no meaning. Astaghfirullah. Therefore through all religions mankind first of all has been offered to say: I believe in God, ‘amentu bi-llah’, I believe in Allah, that He is our Creator and Sustainer, Razzaq. You must know that He is the Sustainer and your Creator. He is keeping you here, He is that One who gives you life to live, to see, to hear, to smell, to taste, to touch, to know, to walk, to do. You must know Who makes you to see, Who makes you to hear and listen, Who makes you to smell, Who makes you to taste, Who makes you to walk on earth. You must know Who is giving so many plans through your mind to think on and to do, to make. If you don’t know about this, your level is even under the level of animals- you are only a two-leg animal.

Therefore we say thanks to Allah Almighty that He gave us His divine Permission to be here and to make Sajdah for Him and to make Dhikr of His holy Name. Try to reach the level of perfect humanity. Don’t think everyone is going to be from human nature, no. Most people are animal nature, not human nature…This is a long conversation…enough for you and for me to know, to keep and to try to reach reality, and to try to know and to recognize Who He is. We are thankful to Allah Almighty who granted us to make Sajdah and Dhikr of His holy Name.
Lefke - 24.01.2002
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