Maulana Sheikh Nazim„O Allah, send us the Sultan of hearts!”

As-salamu alaikum!
...No one improving from first class to second class of our
mental-house! All of you useless people coming here. I was looking to be
graduated- no one graduated. All of you tembel, lazy people, not keeping
your lessons… Some people their mind working morning, some people not
working afternoon, this one… model.
As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa baraktuh!
Antallah, Antallah, Antallah, Sultan Allah, Sultan Allah, Allah Allah!
Ohhh our Lord, You created us, You are granting us our provisions here
and Hereafter, from pre-eternal up to eternal…
Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmani Rahim!
Don’t forget Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim! May Allah forgive us! Allah
Allah… ya Rabbi, ya Allah…Ashadu an la ilaha ill-Allah, wa ashadu ana
Muhammadun ’Abduhu wa Rasuluh wa Habibuhu… Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani
rajim, Bismillahir Rahmani Rahim!
Inna-llaha wa-l malaikatahu yusalluna ‘ala nabi, ya ayyuha-l ladhina
amanu, sallu alayhi wa sallimu taslima…

O people, listen and obey! Listen and obey and act! It is only (a)
handful years remaining for Akhirat, for the Day of Judgment- we are
approaching (it).

(The) Prophet sws- Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah- he
was sitting every day after morning prayer, sitting and asking: “Anyone
dreaming a good dream?” If someone dreaming, he was answering for
meanings. Once one Sahabi-l Kiram (was) saying: “Ya Rasulallah, just I
dreamt a dream (which was) surprising.” “Say!”

“I am dreaming that I was in a green place (that) you can’t find from
four directions an end (for it)- and in it was put a Mimbar, (in the)
center. Then you was (there), ya Rasulullah; (you were) coming and
standing on one step, second, third, fourth, forth, sixth step and (on
the) seventh step you are sitting, you are making Khutba.”
And (the) Prophet was saying: “You have a good dream. That means that
Mimbar, it was my Mimbar, as I am (the) last Prophet (that) had been
sent. And I am getting up, I am not sitting (on the) first step, (or on
the) second step, till (the) seventh step. That means the period of
mankind on this earth it is seven thousand years and just I have been
sent on (the) seventh thousand. That I am sitting there (means that)
after me (there is) no (other) Prophet, no any heavenly Messenger,
finished. Just I brought it (the heavenly Message) to be forever. (Even)
if life on this earth may continue up to eternal, (there is) no need
(for) a new message or a new Prophet, finished!”

O people, some people they are so foolish, asking (the) renewment of
Islam. They are foolish ones, no mind people. If they are coming to my
mental house, I am chaining their feet, and putting, everyone tying to
one tree, and three times under their feet- (those) who (are) asking a
renewment- and Islam (is) just coming with full perfect(ion). As (the)
moon; (it is) beginning as a crescent, (then) growing, coming this line,
lights more, more, more, more, till (it is) going to be full, full moon.
After (the) full moon- what you are asking? (The) full moon is (the)
full perfect position of (the) moon.

And now, our Prophets mission; just he had been sent… why he was not
sent first?

No, first Adam- alayhi salat wa salam-, (was) coming, as a crescent, but
then- (it was) coming that heavenly Message, growing, growing, and Nur,
Lights from Heavens (were) coming on earth, growing, growing, till (it
was) coming (to be the) full moon: (the) full moon (is) for Rasulullah
sws. After (the) full moon… Allah (is) saying: “This is (the) perfect
Shariat that I have sent to you”, and those foolish people, animal
people, (are) asking to make a renewment? What is (that) renewment? What
you are bringing? If there is a ‘noksan’ (something missing), if there
is less place to complete, (then there) may come (something more), but
just he was completed, it is full; after (the) full moon, what you are

But those people now, every kind of rubbish people, they are attacking
on Islam. They are attacking (like)- I am sorry to say (this), but I
must say (it)- sometimes dogs, when (they are) looking (the) full moon,
(are) beginning (to make): “Huuu, huuu, huuu, huuu…” (They are) never
happy, dogs, with (the) full moon… Now there is such a dogs around,
rubbish people; they are asking… from their jealousy they are saying:
“No, we must do more than this (full moon)”. Do! Do it! Everything
hundred percent (is) perfect! That is seven steps, finished, then the
period of mankind on this planet (is) going to finish with its Last Day,
with its Judgment Day, then with its Paradise and Hells!

People are thinking that Allah Almighty (is) occupying Himself with our
world- what is that? It can’t be even (like an) atom through this whole
universe! Through our eyes, it is so big, but in (the) divinely Presence
every creation can’t be more than a spot. As much as He may create
universes, billions and billions (of) galaxies- its size (is) only as a
spot beside the Greatness of Allah Almighty! Therefore- don’t ask about
Allah, Subhana wa ta’ala, Allah Almighty! Because so many rubbish people
also, no mind people also, are asking: “Who (is) Allah” or “Where He is,
what He is doing?”- such nonsense questions (are) asking so many
ignorant ones…

First ask about yourself: Who are you? Say your identity, then ask! (A)
very simple example: If a small ant- we have also- if that small ant
(is) asking about yourself, what you are going to say? It may say: “I
must ask who created me and how He is and where He is…?”
First you ask about yourself, who created you? Do you think that by
yourself you are coming in creation? Who may say: “I came with my will
to this life”? If you are saying: “I came with my will”- do you think
that you were preferring to be man or women? You are remembering that
point? To be man or women, to be ladies or gentlemen? No, no, no. What
is your position? Nothing! You can’t know about yourself yet anything!
If I am asking so many people: “Where is your liver?” (they) may show
downstairs… That is your liver?... “Where is your mind?” “Under this…”
So rubbish people they are asking about Allah, about the Creator!
If I am saying to them- they should be surprised also-: “Oh, that
foolish one, you are asking where He is? Climb (up) to (the) sun and
behind (the) sun there is 70 more powerful suns, and you must pass from
one to (the) second one, from (the) second to (the) seventieth one, and
there you may ask where He is…”

Don’t ask here, where He is! He is beyond of universe. You know (the) beginning
of universe? Or beyond universe, you know? Where is creation, He is there,
because without Him Almighty (there is) no creation. Therefore, if you are
asking: ‘Where He is?’- He is beyond every creature, every creation, go, ask!
But (it is) shaitanic teachings that (are everywhere,) from East to
West. Through (the) Muslim world and Non- Muslim world, all teachings
they are (the) teaching of Shaitan. No any benefit (is) coming from
shaitanic teachings! Shaitanic teachings (are) bringing mankind now at
the edge of a huge valley- one more step, they are going to fall in it
(and) it is impossible to find a bottom and no one can bring them up.

Therefore, (the) biggest Haram in (the) Islamic World (is) to follow
shaitanic teachings! So many Islamic Territories also they are showing
themselves that: “We are Muslim countries, we are (the) representative
Shariatullah” and cursing coming on them and (an) announcement (is)
coming from Heavens: “You are liars! You are liars, rubbish people, you
are not Muslims! As long as you are not following the Knowledge that
(is) coming from Heavens, you are liars, you are shaitans armies against
Allah! You arel al Nimrods! You are liars, Allah should destroy your
territories and making yourselves to be unknown, to be thrown with
Nimrod!” Nimrod was saying that…

O people, whole troubles (are), because people, particularly whom they
are leading people, (are) against Shariatullah, against heavenly Orders!
They are all Nimrods and Allah should take His Revenge from them!

Oh Allah, we are weak servants, we can’t do anything, but You can do
everything! Send us from Your heavenly Armies to save Your weak servants!
We are never happy with those Nimrod people- take them away, for the
honour of our most honoured Prophet, (the) most beloved, (the) most
glorified servant!...
I am shouting- you must say (it) also, or (there is) coming an arrow
from (the divine) cursing arrows. (It is) coming on their heads, don’t
be with them! If (they are) voting, don’t go! Don’t go, don’t support
anyone of them! Say: “I am not with you!” If they are killing… but they
can’t kill!

Hajjaj-u-Dhalim, that he had been sent by Amiru-l Mu’minien (in)
Damascus, to Iraq, had been sent there, because Iraq people (are) very
difficult people and disobedient people. Always (they are) killing by
themselves, neverending troubles there, always (they are) against (the)
Khalifa, not hearing heavenly Orders. He sent to them Hajjaj-u-Dhalim-
he did much more than that one that passed away- he was particularly
against (the) Holy Prophet most honored family members, Ahlu-l Bait… And
Zaynu-l Abidin, alayhi salam, radia-llahu anhu, he was asking (him) to
come to him. He came and he was 13 or 12 years old, and asking (him)
questions. Hajjaj (was) sitting and Zaynu-l Abidin alayhi salam (was)
stand(ing) up, and his heart (was) full with holy Knowledge about that
one (the holy Prophet sws). He was answering, saying who he was, from
which tribe, from which kind of people their families… He was asking and
Hajjah was getting more angry, angry, angry, and saying: “Ohhh, small
one, ohhh, ya Walid, you are not fearing from me and (you are) speaking
in such a way in front of me? I may order just now to take your head-
you are not fearing from me?” “No, you can’t do anything! Yet I don’t
know that the Lord of Heavens (is) giving (the) authority of Azrail
through your hands and to come and take my soul! But he may send (him)
to you now, to take your soul! Beware to whom you are addressing!” (That
one was) trembling, saying: “Take this boy away, quickly!”
Therefore- people (are) thinking that Azrail alayhi salam… those foolish
people (are) thinking they can kill you, they can do this or that- if
(the) Lord (is) not asking to do (that), you can’t touch!

O people, keep your honor, keep (the) respect (of) Allah Almighty’s
Orders, if you are asking to save yourself here and Hereafter. If not-
(it is) coming now! (There is) coming now (a) heavenly Revenge and (it)
may take everything and, (as) Allah (is) saying: “...wa ma thalika
‘ala-llahi aziz…” it is not too big (a) thing to take all of you and to
throw them, everyone that (is) against (the) Shariatullah, to throw them
through (a) flood or through (a) flood of fire. No one (is) preventing
(that), (it needs) only His Order: “Be!” and it is…

O people! Run to Allah, be with Allah, you should be happy here and
Hereafter, or you should be punished here and Hereafter.
May Allah, forgive us! Therefore I am asking daily, morning, evening:
“O our Lord, send us (the) Sultan! We have everything except (a) Sultan.
Send us (the) Sultan, (the) real Sultan, that he can be able to take our
hearts, not (only) our physical being. We are asking (for a) Sultan,
whom they reach to our real life, our spiritual being, and carrying
ourselves, saving ourselves from Shaitans and Shaitans representatives!”

May Allah forgive us!
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Subhan Allah,
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Sultan Allah,
Subhan Sensin, Sultan Sensin wa nahnu fukara duafa...

Lefke, 1.4.2007

Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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