Maulana Sheikh NazimAllah's Will is the Best

Since 21 years Allah has made it possible for me to start and complete the Holy Month of Ramadan in London, to lead the Tarawih prayers there. This year it was the Will of Allah to start this month in Germany. Whatever Allah wants is the best and most beautiful, whatever He plans is wonderful. Those who rely on Allah will be successful. Whoever is stubborn to fulfil their own plans, will lose. When something happens, don't ask why. When something doesn't work out, don't fight, it is foolish. But foolishness doesn't leave mankind so easily. Everybody wants everything to happen the way they want it to. Do you, foolish person, really think that what you want is the best for you? On the other hand, do you really think that what you don't want couldn't be good for you? The foolish ones oppose the Will of Allah when it doesn't happen the way they thought.

'Islam' means to submit to the Will of Allah. Once you have submitted to Him, don't start fighting against His Will again. Be satisfied with what He has chosen for you.

One of the signs of the coming of Mehdi, is that seven great nations will come to Islam, the first of these will be the Germans. Their inner nature is very suitable for Islam.


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