Maulana Sheikh NazimAngels Warning comes to your conscience!

As-salamu alaikum!... If you are sitting a little bit (like this)... to look everyone, because it is
better to hear and to look... (Then you are) taking much more share from our speech,
everywhere also…

Destur, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded! Ya Rijalallah, Meded!

As-salamu alaikum! It is (an) order from Rasulullah sws to make among ourselves more to say:
»As-salamu alaikum«, because with 'Salam' (is) coming much more blessings. 'Salam' (is)
carrying blessings. Or standing up, not coming. Such, some clouds (are) coming (and) going,
but not giving, not raining. Some of them (are) approaching and giving rain.

Therefore, who (is) asking heavenly Rains with Blessings of Allah Almighty, say much more: »
As-salamu alaikum!« It is so important that Allah Almighty (is) ordering: »Idha dakhaltum
buyut, fa sallimu 'ala ahliha... When you are entering to a place, to one home or house, say: 'As-
salamu alaikum'!« Therefore, before, it is our good manner, if (someone was) coming and
knocking (the) door, from inside someone (was) asking: »Who is there?« (And:) »As-salamu
alaikum«, (was) saying that coming person.

Even- (it is) so important to say: »Salam«- even when you are getting in a place, in a home,
(and) no one (is) there: »Fa sallimu 'ala ahliha…« If no one (is) there also, you must (still) say: »
As-salamu alaikum! As-salamu alaikum wa 'ala 'ibadi-llahi salihin!« It is so important and it is 'bi
shailillah (?)', from the signs of or (a) symbol of Islam, to say: »As-salamu alaikum!« (If)
anyone (is) not saying ('Salam'), you may understand that he is not (a) Muslim!

Therefore we are saying to our attenders- may Allah bless you with, from His endless Blessings
Oceans- : As much as possible try to take much more blessings from Allah Almighty! But
people, they are running to reach something from (the) material world, but (they are) not
thinking to save much more blessings. So greedy people now! Even (the) Muslim World
people, they are so greedy, to ask much more blessings.

For what you are living? For Allah or for your ego? For what you are living? You are trying to
make your ego happy or you are trying to enjoy your ego… People (are) asking enjoyment for
themselves, (they are) not asking to make their Lord enjoyful with them. As much as you can
do anything for yourself, (it is) going to be disappearing, finishing... finishing! But what you
are doing for Allah Almighty, will remain: » 'Amalu salih yabqa, good deeds (are) remaining«,
but bad deeds (are) never remaining- for what!

I am sorry to say that (the) whole Muslim World they are going on a wrong direction! Their
idea, their target, is not to ask blessings from Heavens, but they are asking (something) for
themselves: to make their egos much more (to be) enjoying and (to be) much more getting to
be happy. But it is (a) big false, (the) wrong way, wrong way!

I looked a new instrument, teaching small ones letters and words also. I am only remembering
from that small instrument (that) sometimes (you are) pressing (a button) and (there is) coming
(a voice), saying: »Wrong! Wrong way! Wrong!« That (is) in my memory. Yes.

How many times (are) Angels addressing to your souls: »Wrong! Wrong stepping! Wrong
action«? How many times (they are) saying (this)?

When that instrument (is) saying: »Wrong«, that boy is correcting, quickly correcting! But so...
billions of people, just (the) heavenly »Attention« (is) coming to them, (the heavenly) Warning
(is) coming to their souls, but never (they are) correcting! So many (warnings)! For everything
(it is): Wrong or right. Heavens (are) not leaving anyone on earth alone! Always that Warning
(is) coming from Heavens to our conscience, saying: »Wrong!« But people (are) saying: »I
don't care! I don't care!«

Like Pharaoh. How many times Moses (was) saying: »Come to your Lord and surrender«,
Pharaoh was saying: »I don't care!« So many times Abraham (was) calling Nimrod: »Come
and surrender to your Creator, (the) Lord of Heavens« and he was saying: »I don't care! I
don't care! I don't care!«

And therefore (the) Prophet was saying sws: »O people! If Allah Almighty (was) leaving
everyone with his ego, and giving (them) a chance to be (a) Pharaoh or Nimrod, I don't think
that anyone (was) going to be Muslim! Everyone (is) going to say: 'I am the Lord of Heavens!'-
Astaghfirullah! - or to say: 'I am (the) owner of whole continents! Whole countries that I am
on it, belong to me!' Everyone should claim that he is (the) owner of Heavens and earth!«

But Allah Almighty (is) not giving (to them a) full opportunity. Not giving! If (He was) giving,
everyone (is) going to claim: »I am (the) Lord! I am your Lord!« Not (only an) ordinary lord,
but (he is) saying: »Ana Rabbukum al 'ala!« (He is) not accepting to be an ordinary idol for
people, but (he is) saying: »I am most important! I am on top! Even you are serving,
worshipping, so many 'ilah', gods, but I am the greatest one!« That is Nimrod! Therefore
everyone (is) going to say this!

Now that it's title (is) this time, they are saying: »We are (the) most civilized people, (the) most
perfect people that (ever) passed before our time!« You can't find even a small ones (not) to
say: »I am this one!« Everyone (is) just taking a condition or... to be like a Nimrod. Everyone
(is) asking that: »What I am asking, must be! What I am asking, you must give to me!« (They
are) fighting to their parents, fighting to their teachers, fighting to (the) government.. . fighting
to everything, saying: »What I am saying, what I am asking, you must give to me!«

The title and famous 'tabiat', (attribute). .. they are on that way, no difference between Nimrod
that passed away and (everyone) who is now living on earth!

Therefore Allah Almighty (is) making among themselves 'nufur', hatred. Hating; everyone (is)
hating from others: Children (are) hating from their parents, men and women (are) hating from
each other, children (are) hating among themselves, neighbours (are) hating between
themselves, nations (are) hating other nations... Subhanallah! That hatred (is) just planted
through peoples hearts. Who is (the) planter, 'sari'? Who is (the) farmer that (is) farming
through people that hatred?


Now (the) Love that Allah Almighty (had) granted to nations, to people, (is) just taken up. Not
taken up, but people they are kicking that out and people (are) running after hatred. Therefore,
they are saying: »(We are the) most civilized people now«, (but) they are cursed people, whom
they are saying such a things!

How? You are kiling, destroying, burning- how you are saying: »We are most civilized people«?
What is that foolishness? And you are killing innocent people and you are not believing that
(on) the Day of Resurrection you should be asked, when Allah Almighty (is) asking: »...Bi ayi
thanbin kutilat? O murderer! How you killed that small one? How, what was its mistake that
you killed her, killed him, (that) small one?« Allah (is) going to ask! How they are saying: »We
are (the) most civilized people«?

They are liars, more than Shaitan! Shaitan, it has more honour than those people living now,
21st century people! Jehannamiyun! Shaitan should be (on the) first level of fire, (but) those
people should be (on the) 7th, (on the) lowest level of Jehannam, (of) fire, (of) Hells!

That is (the) panorama that I am not thinking to speak to you on it, but when my heart (is) just
(getting) in connection with heavenly Power, they are making me to say (this). But it is real
truth what we are saying!

We are not accepting those people! Killers should be punished through (the) lowest level of
fire! It is too suitable for them!

O people, beware from Shaitan! Beware, (not) to follow your egos! Allah created you and (He
is) giving through your creation from His heavenly Love, putting. You are not using that Love,
(you are) kicking it down and taking from Shaitan hatred and enmity and killing people,
innocent people, burning them, shooting them- what is that!

I am calling to whole nations! We are here only (a) handful people- (it) doesn't matter! Allah
Almighty (is) making something to reach to East and West!

I am nothing! I am nothing, but they are making my language (tongue?) to speak truth! No one
can say: »You are wrong!« I may kick him!

May Allah forgive us! O people, beware from your ego! Beware from Shaitan, because (he is)
carrying you to fire- (the) fire of Dunya, (the) fire of eternal life. Try to reach Eternity with
your Lords Pleasure! Beware, not to be through (the) worst conditions: misery through fire!

O Lord, forgive us!...

It is enough… We are not reaching to say: Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir
Rahmanir Rahim, but (it is) coming such a powerful oceans, warnings, to whole mankind!
They must come (to accept) what our Lord (is) sending and they must try to keep whole ones

Animals rights! Ehhh, animals rights! »What are you doing?« »I am keeping dogs. We like so
much dogs, therefore we are defenders of the rights of animals.«

Tu on you! Astaghfirullah! You are not thinking (about) the rights of mankind, you are running
to make dogs…

»Sheikh Effendi!« »What is?«

»There is berber shops…« »Hah? For what berber? To shave my head?«

»No, there is... because now we are so improved people that we are trying to keep (the) rights
of animals…« »Eh? For what?«

»And we are keeping some dogs... some of them (named) 'Churchill' also…« »Who is that?
From where bringing this 'Churchill'?« Tauba, Astaghfirullah. ..

»I mean to say, Sheikh Efendi, we are very very very late people... You must not be in our
days, because you don't know (about the) rights of animals...« »How old are you! In my place
there is 40 cats!«

»Eh, you are taking your cats to berber shop?« »Hah?«

»They are making like this, like this, like this… they are making themselves so (nice)…« »No

»No, we are keeping our dogs and bringing (them) to (the) berber shop and we are coming...
some of them must be, when (we are) bringing that dog« - ajallahuhumullah- »our staff (must
be) 7 staffs!« »For what?«

»To keep (the) dog, our dog, because we are bringing (him) to (the) berber shop, to give (him)
a good view, therefore… but sometimes (he is) coming (and biting)… therefore two persons
must keep their head, some of them from (the) tail we must keep, and (we need) two people
for (the) legs and hands so that… sometimes (he is) shouting also… therefore we are bringing,
sometimes one of them (is) putting a bone to their mouth to be occupied, when they are
making (the shaving) … We are keeping (the) rights of animals!«

»What about mankind?«

»I don't care! I don't care, my dogs is much more important for me and our cats (are) much
more. Others doesn't matter. We like to be written our names (as a) 'first class animals rights
keeper' and we hope that maybe (the) government gives us a medal. And when we are passing
away, they may put on (our) coffin that: 'This person, he was such a animals rights keeper'.« »
What about mankind?«

»Eh, what is that mankind! Everyone must have from mankind even (a) cat to give their rights!«

Now the meaning of their highest civilization level for them (is) to be on the just level of
animals. And (the) worst thing (is): Some municipality (is) ordering: »Who is carrying their
dogs, also must carry a bag and also a shovel!« If anything (the dog is) doing on (the) way,
that person must take (it) and carry (it away)… What is (this)? This is (the) honour of
mankind? They are proud in such a way? I am sorry, so sorry, whom (is) making mankind to
fall (on) the lowest level of creation…

May Allah forgive us!

For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha…

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Aziz Allah,

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Karim Allah,

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Subhan Allah,

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Sultan Allah… Sultan Sensin, ya Allah!…

Allahumma salli wa sallim 'ala Nabiyina Muhammad, alayhi salam,

salatan tadumu wa tughda ilay, mamarra layali wa tula dawam…

Fatiha… ziyadatan li sharfin Nabi sws… Fatiha

Lefke, 16.3.2008 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel
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