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Ask to Be in Heavenly Levels

(Mawlana Shaykh stands.) La ilaaha illa-Llah, la ilaaha illa-Llah, la ilaaha illa-Llah, Muhammadun Rasoolullah `alayhi 's-salaatullah was salaam. (Mawlana Shaykh sits.) Madad, yaa Sayyidee. Dastoor yaa Sayyidee, madad.

As-salaamu `alaykum, O attenders who are asking to be happy here and Hereafter, to be in pleasure here and Hereafter, to be accepted through heavenly levels forever. O People! Take care a little bit. Don't think that we are for dunya, no. We have been created for our Lord's servanthood. He created Man, and jinn also, to be honored through worshiping Him. We are saying, a`oodhu billahi min ash-Shaytaani 'r-rajeem. Bismillahi 'r-Rahmaani 'r-Raheem. Take a heavenly sword for defending yourself from negative poles because here, through this life, there are so many enemies under the command of Shaytan that are always rushing on Mankind to make them lose their honor.

That honor was never granted to any other creatures. It is the top pole for Creation, the top point for the honor of Mankind, so leave being heedless and try to wake up! Whole prophets are just coming to wake people up. They are coming as warners and shaking people, saying, "O People! Wake up, as you are not created for this life!" This life is so quickly passing away, and the Lord of Heavens (swt) granted to you the taste of life, giving you such an original specialty that you are not like other creatures living on this planet that are dying, passing away, and going to be dust.

Yes. He Almighty is granting to you from a heavenly grant, a most valuable grant, making you taste the sweetness of life, to be in pleasure and to be pleased. Never-ending pleasure is for you. But you are tasting something through this life, and don't think that it is continuously through this life or don't think that what you are tasting through this life just finishing for awhile, no. If Allah Almighty is granting something, particularly to Mankind, if He is making to taste, then tasting, that life ( ... ) it was forever.

There will be such endless pleasure for us! They who are tasting the sweetness of life, all of them are asking to reach Endless Life. But this planet is not for that purpose; here life is only making you to taste. When you are tasting and you are understanding from where it is coming, that grant will take you to an Eternal Life, sa`adatu 'd-daarayn, "Happinees in the two: this life and the Next Life." This is a temporary life just mixed with so many things that are making people not able to have a pure tasting for life.

That is the biggest grant from Allah Almighty, to bring you from nothing to be an atom, then to bring you to be something! And countless creatures are not tasting the pleasure of life, but Man is tasting the pleasure of life and they are asking if this life may continue forever! Yes, it may continue. Allah Almighty is granting to you, but this world is not enough for His grants, because that which He has granted to us has such an honor, it has never been granted to any other creatures. He is asking to grant to His deputies a never-ending life, but not a life that you are living on this planet, no. (The never-ending life has) pure pleasure, pure pleasement, pure sweetness, pure endless pleasures. Everything is going to be pure.

Here our lives are just mixed with so many things making our lives so bitter, bitter, bitter. Everything touching people is giving some huzn, sorrow. You are finishing on this side and on another side is coming another arrow of sorrow. Therefore, one arrow is missing you and another arrow is hitting you. Saying why, why, why (did this happen)? This life is going to be the worst life-model for Creation, but through all these things the Lord of Heavens, if He was granting to Man through this life everything with sweetness, they are not going to be able to taqdeer, appreciate the hillou, sweetness of the Next Life. But arrows are coming everywhere in this life; some are simple arrows, some are poisoned arrows. You may take some arrows and close this down, giving to you some huzn, sadness; it is only for a temporary time. But some of them are touching people in a way that it becomes impossible for that one to forget its bitterness, ajeer. Until he leaves that poisonous arrow, his life up to the end is poisoned.

Our Lord (swt) is asking to teach people something here, so many wisdoms! If Allah Almighty is not sending people to this life, they are not going to know the sweetness and pleasure of Eternal Life. Therefore, they are making on this planet so many things, so many arrows are coming and touching you, and you are saying, "why (did this happen)?" (It happens because) they are never leaving you to taste a pure sweetness through this life; it is impossible. This is a big lesson that Allah Almighty is teaching His servants, saying, "I am coming and taking you to New Territories through My endless oceans that I am going to grant to you, and you may understand the real sweetness of life through this."

This is important! Every evil coming on people is teaching them something, and when finally you draw your last breathe and you are leaving this life for Eternal Life, that is coming so heavy. There is such a heavy sadness for a person when they are leaving this world. Reaching a top point and, if they were believers, the end of their lives through this dunya would be coming and opening. Ohhhh! Then, we are coming to our last moment wider, we are marching, coming, coming, coming to be more narrow, narrow, narrow, narrow, and their last moment for their physical being is going to be the worst experience. The last breathing, sakaraatu 'l-mawt. Those last moments that are shaking a person, angels are coming and shaking them to take out their souls. That is going to be the most difficult moment of their lives! They're reaching the last moment and their souls are coming out and they are finding themselves in another territory that is always opening.

The life that we are in now, they are coming narrow, narrow, narrow and reaching to the last moment, which is the worst for our souls. But suddenly, when we are passing from this point, an opening is coming, not like this (meshes fingers together). When they are welcomed up to that point, for some people there is a new opening. The life of dunya is closing down and after the last moment there is going to be the beginning of a new opening, and that opening is endlessly going, endlessly going. That is Eternity. You can't understand Eternity here, but you can understand the last moment when your soul leaves your physical being and is finding a new majaal, field, that is opening, opening, opening. For believers, that opening is filled with pleasures and pleasements, with openings that have a good taste, full with enlightenment, full with pleasure, full with pleasements. Under it is another majaal, field. Those who are asking for Eternity, their field is opening into Enlightened Oceans through the heavens. Those who have prepared themselves for an Eternal Life will find endless pleasure, endless pleasements, and endless enlightenment.

But there is another opening, for those who have not prepared themselves for eternal fulfillment and eternal pleasure and pleasements, because they are denying that level, so there is another level of darkness territories they are running in. And that level is opening to them in darkness, more and more and more and more, because they were asking in their lives for those darkness territories. That is Eternal Life for them through the dark territories of the Lord's Power Oceans; they will be there. They are opening also, but to dark territories. O our Lord! O our Lord! Allahumma ahfadhna, protect us! That is a very sorrowful, very fearful end for people.

Therefore, prophets were coming and saying, "Come and believe, come and follow, come with us and accept our real guidance, taking you to Enlightened Territories from the Lord of Heavens. That is going, going, going. It is never going to be less!" But those who are not asking, who are always drunk in this life's pleasures or in this life's aims or targets, they just sit in dark territories. If you are following the way of prophets, you will reach to Enlightened Worlds forever! Eternity! Eternity! Eternity! Eternity! Eternal Life!

O People! Ask, and go to the Enlightened Territories of your Lord, mashaAllah. That is granted to Mankind, and don't think that the territories are only one planet. There are countless territories, countless planets, countless worlds that are full with creations, and not any other planet's creatures are going to be the same as our world, as our planet. Each of them are going to be 100% different , because Allah Almighty is not making photocopies, no.

Yawm ad-Deen (Day of Judgment), what does it mean, Salafi `ulamas? Maaliki Yawmi 'd-Deen? Yawm ad-Deen? What is your opinion? Is it only a dressing for Allah (swt), only a name, or He is going to be Maaliki Yawmi 'd-Deen? What are you saying? Our Lord is Maaliki Yawm ad-Deen. Is He that One, gathering His servants for judgment, as Judgment Day that never happened before? And is it going to be a judgment, is it going to be Maliki Yawmi 'd-Deen, or is it coming from Eternity to be Maaliki Yawm 'd-Deen? Or is it going to be in such a day that it never happened?

O Salafi `ulamas! Think on that point. When is Maaliki Yawm 'd-Deen? Say! On Judgment Day, was He the Judge of that Judgment Day, when it was not happening? Or when He was in His Divinely Existence? How many Yawmi 'd-Deen, Judgment Days have just passed away? Are we waiting for it to be Judgment Day only once? You must use your mind a little bit, you must give as much as your mind is understanding to reach that point. You must give your endless respect, endless glorifying to your Lord, mashaa-Allah. Billions just happened, trillions just happened, quadrillions just happened. Are people thinking there is just one planet, and He is waiting to blow the trumpet, and then coming to make Judgment? Or never happened before?

That is like an ocean, and we can't find a coast, a beach for that ocean, nor a depth for that ocean. It is Endless Oceans, fulk al-mashhoon, and each one is filled with those creatures, and each one is glorifying for His Endless Majestic Being. Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar!

O People, try to understand something for your life. Try to understand what is reality for our beings, for what is the real positions for ourselves. When we came into existence and when we are going out of existence. I think that point, Salafi `ulamas are never saying anything about. They are saying that there is only one Day of Resurrection. They are thinking that there is only one Judgment Day? Allah's (swt) name is Al-Ghanee, "The Wealthiest." Al-Ghanee is not poor and His territories are endless, and no one can reach them; you can only reach what a small ant is reaching, such a small area. Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar!

We have always been ordered to call people by reciting, Allahu Akbar, "Allah (swt) is the Greatest!" No one is asking how His Being is akbar, the biggest one, the greatest one? No one is asking, and I have been ordered to address to you something that is making your understanding an opening.

Laysa kamithlihi shayan, "Nothing compares to Him (swt)!" No one is going to be like Him (swt), it is impossible!

Now they are touching new meanings from a deep Knowledge Ocean, to give much more understanding to people about their Lord's existence, and for our Lord's Divinely Attributes and Divinely Names Oceans. Ohhhhh! That is Azaliyun, "The Eternal," Abadiyun, "Eternity," and Sarmadiyoon, "The Everlasting." Try to understand such a speech that our masters are sending to a weak servant to address to whole nations, because all of them belong to Adam's children. Try to understand a bit more, seek more understanding. And every new thing gives a pleasure to people and opens for them a new territory that they were never thinking about. Allahu akbar!

O People! Come and listen and prepare yourselves for heavenly levels. Don't insist to remain on the lowest level of Mankind, no. The lowest level for Mankind is equal to animals' level. Animals are knowing about eating, drinking and bringing generations. If we are not thinking about anything about real Greatness Oceans, you are coming to the level of animals and there is no honor for animals. Try to take yourself to move up, and to move up, follow holy ones; they may take you and carry you to the levels of heavens. Levels of heavens are also countless! How many heavens are mentioned? Saba` samawaat, "Seven levels of heavens," but there are endless levels of heavens! That is also in the Holy Qur'an. It is mentioned seven levels of heavens, but there are how many heavens? Only seven heavens, or more and more and more, endlessly?

Everything that belongs to the Lord of Creation, He has endlessly from such a creation. Besides His Creation, there are countless Creations. But beside His Presence, there is going to be nothing, nothing, nothing. Everything is just yusheer, a sign for Mankind according to their understanding. And tafham, understand, getting more and more and more, getting up to be more. According to our understanding, there are going to be endless levels. But next to His Divinely Presence, it is going to be smaller, smaller, smaller; you can't reach up to Eternal, it is never going to finish. There are coming new ones, coming new ones, renewing, but that renewing is never going to be the same in existence.

Try to use your mind's production for understanding. Try to follow holy ones, reaching for some levels or even for one, your mind can't reach to make a circle around that area. Allahu akbar!

O our Lord! Forgive us for the honor of the most beloved one in Your Divinely Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad (s)! (Mawlana Shaykh stands and sits.)
Oh, we are so weak, so weak!

Allah, Allah. `Ajeeb. Rabbana 'ghfar lanaa. May Allah (swt) forgive us.

(53 minutes) Mashaa-Allah, subhaanAllah, sultaanAllah. We are weak ones, weak ones, weak ones.

(Mawlana Shaykh sings in Turkish)

Yaa Muhammad, canım arzular seni.
Dost Muhammad, canım pek sever seni.
Padışah konmaz saraya hane mamur olmadan.
kenz açılmaz şol gönülden ta ki pür nur olmyınca.

Yaa Muhammad, my soul is yearning for you.
Yaa Muhammad, you are my true love.
A king is not put in a palace before it is adorned.
A heart's treasure is unlocked only when that heart is purified.

Dome dome, dome dome, dome dome, dome dome, 4x

Allah, Allah!


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