Maulana Sheikh Nazim Association to give refreshment to our souls

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, ya Rijalallah, aiduna bi madadikum…Oh Saints, beloved ones, we are asking support from you! Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…By the Name of Allah Almighty, all Merciful, most Beneficent and most Magnificent…Allah Allah…

It is an association to give refreshment to our souls and when our souls (are) getting to be refreshed, then our bodies coming to open and a refreshment (is) coming to our physical being. Because (the) physical being depends on our spiritual being, When Allah Almighty created and formed (the) first man, Adam, (that form) was lying as a piece from mud. Its form was perfect, but can’t move, can’t stand up, can't see, can’t hear, can’t touch, can’t walk … it was like a piece of rock, you may say, or a statue, nothing else. Then Allah Almighty (was) blowing in that one, sending His divinely Order, blowing means: sending His divinely Order that his souls comes and enters, occupies every part of that form, the form of that new creature, beginning from (his) heads, entering, running in it, when running, getting changing. The secret of life (was) running into that mud form, running, coming to his eyes and opening his eyes, beginning to look and to see, running down through his nose and he started to sneeze: “Haptschu!” Quickly running to his mouth, the secret was running through his tongue and it was getting live and his tongue was saying: “Alhamdulillah!” And then coming down, and then standing up. That means: Our physical being never going to be something or a living something, if that heavenly Support is not reaching to ourselves. When it is reaching, then we are standing up, our physical being is standing up. If not, if it is taken from it, falling down, falling down and coming back to his original elements, coming back to be dust. Therefore spirituality (is) making all people to stand up and to live. When spiritual power (is) reaching from the spiritual world, (it is) making you to be a living one on earth.

I was looking and seeing on some roads there are signs ‘Roadworks’. And I was looking there are some lights flashing. That lamps it is impossible to be stopped daytime and to beginning nighttime. They are flashing till what it is its capacity to flash. How many hours, how many days it must flash. No renewment that, must continue till finishing. And they are different sizes, different time just given for that lamps and can’t be stopped. When finishing, no renewment, you can’t put in it, you can’t use it second time, you must throw it.

You, oh mankind, everyone we have been granted that power and it is written on it that this should be worked, should be flashed three days, three months, three years, thirty years, fifty years, eighty years, ninety years…written on it. No one can stop it, no one renews it, no. Now our flash power, spiritual power according to divinely Wisdom or Will it is just given, granted to this to that, it continues, but you must know that every breathing is making it less, making your time that we are saying ‘Ajal’, the time of your living on earth, every breathing is making it less, less, less, less…perhaps one billons times flashing for someone, coming down, coming down, finishing, finishing, coming to the point of zero.

Our headquarters (are) warning people, warning every proud one that they are thinking they can do everything with their powers as they like and, instead to do their best to people, they are trying to do their worst to people, because their ego likes it. And (the) ego belongs to Shaitan and Shaitan has a revenge, it has a desire to make mankind to be down, to be suffered, to be finished, every moment not to be happy, (but) to be always in troubles, to live through endless problems. That is Shaitans main target. Why he asked from Allah Almighty to leave him up to the Day of Resurrection? Why he asked? To give trouble to give sufferings and miseries to mankind. His first aim, that up today never changed, is to make mankind to be ground under two mills stones, not to live freely and happily and peacefully. That is Shaitans first and last will. And Allah Almighty (was) saying: “Go. If you can do that, do everything. If mankind, if (the) children of Adam (are) not hearing My Orders and (they are) following you, just that is going to be (the) punishment for them. Because they are leaving My heavenly Orders and (they are) asking to follow you, I am saying (that) I am going to punish them here and Hereafter. Go!” Who was representative of Shaitan through a person? Ego! Your ego (is) representing Shaitan through yourself. If you can be able to use that ego, (the) ego is going to help you to reach higher positions, to make you to reach high levels in divinely Presence. But if you are not using it and leaving your ego to follow shaitanic commands, shaitanic tricks and putting for mankind shaitanic traps, they should be punished.

Don’t say. “Why Allah Almighty is giving us that ego!” The Prophet was saying: “Nafsu kama matiyatuka”: Oh people, (for) who is asking such a foolish question, there is an answer from the Seal of Prophets: “Oh people, you must know that it is your ride to ride on it and to reach to your targets here and Hereafter. For example if I am giving a ride to a person who hasn’t a ride and (who is) carrying his load on his shoulders, he is going to ask me: “Why giving this to me? Why you are giving? I don’t need.” Must be foolish, fully foolish one. “How! It is a grant from me to you, I am granting to you a ride, ride on it and put your load and go on your way. You are getting angry with me? What is that foolishness?” Mostly people (are) saying: “For what ego, nafs? Why giving to us? He knows that nafs, “inna nafsa amaratan bi su”, nafs is from Shaitan, Shaitans representative. Why giving to us? To make ourselves to fall into fire?” Oh, if it is given to you to take your heavy load and to make you to be rest, because you are using rides on earth, but your ego just going to be used for your heavenly Journey. As (the) Prophet was granted a Journey to Heavens and really he is not in need a Buraq to ride on it, but Allah Almighty (is) teaching everyone why; showing people how they should be able to reach heavenly Stations in His divinely Presence. That Buraq just had been sent to Rasulullah sws: “Ride on it and show (the) way to your nation that they can’t come to Me without riding on their horses, on their egos.” When egos (are) going to be rides for ourselves and making us to reach His divinely Presence, the (Presence of the) King of Kings, the Sultan of Sultans, Allah Almighty, (and) you are asking to come into His divinely Presence, just had been said by guardians (to him) who (is) reaching to that limit and he is only to come into divinely Presence- an announcement is coming: “Let My servant come to Me; leave his ride and come to Me.” You ever see a person coming to Kings Palace, to Sultans Palace riding and asking to come into His royal Presence on his ride? What is that! “Leave your ride and come!” That means: that is our ride. We must use it until we are reaching to our appointed level for ourselves in divinely Presence. Then that leaves you and you are free with your Lord Almighty Allah.

But (the) ego, nafs, who (is) representing Shaitan, it is not a true one; there is just a different structure for it. Mans ride, mans ego, it is just 1oo % different from every creature and its characteristic so bad! What is its aim? What was Shaitans aim? When Allah Almighty was ordering to make Sajdah and bow to Adam, everyone from Angels quickly was bowing, (but) he was saying: “I am not (bowing).” What was his purpose? To sit on the royal or glorious Throne and to be instead of his Lord; he was asking to be Lord on all creation. That was his thinking or intention, because that honour just going to be only for one that you are saying ‘Maqamu Mahmoud’(for it). “Maqamu Mahmoud”, Allah Almighty is saying: “(is the) most glorified Throne that anyone from creatures can reach.” But it is only for one, and it is for the Seal of Prophets, (the) most honoured one, S.Muhammad sws. It was so easy for Shaitan to bow, but he was asking to be that most glorified Maqamu Mahmoud and praised station through creation for him, to be there instead of Allah, Astaghfirullah! That was his struggling and arguing with Allah Almighty, not for Sajdah.

He was putting this (as a reason, saying:) “You created that one from earth I am created from the flame of fire”, (but it was) not that; it was so simple, no, (there was something) behind, behind, behind- Awliyas they are knowing. Without opening his mouth it was well known.” ‘Ala ya’lamu ma khalaq?” Allah Almighty (is) not knowing what He created, what that one is asking? No, He knows! Therefore his arguing in front of Angels (was) to save himself, to bring a proof, (when he was saying) that: “I am from the flames of fire, this (one is) from earth.” It is so simple this mentality, no need for arguing. Who (was) asking to him that he is created from flame of fire? Allah was not knowing? He knows! And (that) Adam (was) created from earth. He created him and not knowing? But (his) secret (intention was) that: to be on behalf of Allah Almighty- all Glory be for Him- over all creation! Therefore he was kicked out.

And Shaitan and ego they are on the same line. They are asking, (the) ego (is) asking to be (the) representative of Shaitan. And when Shaitan lost that (honour), because it was not of him, it was for Adam, a.s., he was arguing and beginning to make trouble. When he was beginning to make trouble, (the) divinely Order (was coming): “Kick him down! Kick him down, he can’t speak in My divinely Presence in such a way. Kick him down!” and He was saying: “Demon, devil! Take from him (his beautiful) outlooking that I (was) dressing on him (an) honoured dressing! Take (it) from him and let him to be the ugliest one through My creatures. “ And he was coming down…therefore he was asking to be given to be with mankind up to end, (up to) the Day of Resurrection. For what? To take his revenge from mankind through their egos, using egos of mankind and he is doing every time troubles. (The) first trouble maker up to end is Shaitan, and his representatives.

Now fully whole earth people on this planet, all of them (are) trouble makers! “I am not making trouble.” I am asking: “Are you praying?” “No.” “You are first one trouble maker. Your line Shaitans line because he had been ordered to bow and not moving- you also, five times Allah Almighty is ordering to you to bow in His divinely Presence and you are not doing- you are one of that trouble makers under the command of Shaitan and you (are) never going to be happy here or Hereafter! Now everyone, through 21st century’s people everyone (is a) trouble maker- how you are asking to be peace on earth with such foolish inhabitants? How! And everyone on their size (they are) trouble makers- from king size ones up to ant size ones, everyone (is) making trouble, to harm people, to give to people sorrow. Sorrow makers and trouble makers and they are wild people, horrible people, they are happy to hurt people, to kill people, to destroy people and their buildings, to destroy their cultures, to destroy their homes, to destroy their villages, to destroy their buildings- all of them (are) Shaitans representatives. Everyone now (they are) trouble makers!

Therefore everyone must be taken away! That divinely Order is just on act now; from the beginning of 1425 (it is) going on now. Impossible (to be) peace, until coming Mehdi a.s., (until) one of (the) biggest representatives of Shaitan, Antichrist, (is) coming and Jesus Christ (is) coming and killing that biggest trouble maker after Shaitan, and then peace is established on earth, if not finished this earth.

Keep yourself away from those Shaitans representatives, let them to eat each other! As long as they are not hearing from Allah Almighty let them to kill each other, to destroy each other! Never ending troubles and sufferings for them it is true for them!

May Allah forgive us and may He send us what you are hoping, (the) hoped one Mehdi a.s., to come quickly and to save even one handful believers. And it is enough even to stay on earth a handful believers and good ones. As just rode on (the) Arch of Noah 8o people and others all drowned, finished. Allah (was) giving (a) new generation from 8o people. Now it is going to be much more remaining people, but (the) majority should be drowned, should be burned, should be destroyed. No any system, no any state or states can stop it! It is a divinely Punishment of cause that earth people now they are making their leaders Shaitan and following him. As long as they are not changing their way, all of them (are) going to fall in Hells here and Hereafter:

May Allah forgive us and grant you from His endless Mercy Oceans, for the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 29.06.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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