Maulana Sheikh Nazim Association is like a market

(Last day of Sheikh Adnan’s visit)

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…No one clever one here to understand before I am speaking?… (So) I may be rest?…Tauba, Astaghfirullah… Subhana man khalaqa sawa, wa shakka, wa sawa, sayyan…Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…

It is an association. It is like a market. May be mini-market, may be supermarket, maybe mega market, may be hypermarket- our market (is a) mini-market, poor people’s market that they may reach to buy up to 5 Dollar or more, 1o Euro… (They are) coming, asking to buy something (for) may be 2o Euro, (and they are) saying: “Ten (Euro) write it down, 1o I am paying (now)”…”What we shall do- it is our customer, we must try to keep him”…

(This is a) mini-market, but it has a special position…This is a group of people, (a) handful (of) people, but it is a different group. Because you may find is some places to be there only one kind of people- from Turks or from Arabs or from French or from Greeks- this (market) is just different from other mini-markets, because here you can find perhaps (only) 4o people, but from 3o different countries, different nations, different languages, different cultures! Yes, it is small, but it is like Senate- from every kind of man may come here. That is the different position for our mini-market. And that is its speciality; it is not from me, but it belongs to heavenly sources that everyone may be interested in heavenly springs, to drink from it or to wash himself.

Here people are coming, (and) they are asking (to find) something. It is really difficult in our days to make a collection, to make people to come without asking them to come, and you can’t find people (who are ready) to pay a lot of money to come and visit this place, (that) through the bigness of this world it is going to be an unknown spot. Even (the whole) Cyprus Republic, (the) whole island, through the bigness of (the) huge map of this world, you may see it as a spot; very little place (is) given to it. And on it to find this place, it is so difficult; to look and to find (it) and to ask to come here is an extraordinary happening now on earth! It is impossible to make people to move from Moscow or from California, from Canada, from South Africa, from South America, from Europe, from England, from Japan, from China, from Malaysia, from Australia- to collect them, it is unseen or very rare; you may know, but you can’t see…This is an introduction. We are making a way to reality now.

What is the position that it is (an) extra(ordinary) position for this small place and to be here (a) handful of people? Why? Everyone has different cultures, and there are people coming also from Ceylon, from Singapore, from Uzbekistan- why? What is the reason? And I am giving (a kind of) food to them, (that) if someone from other groups of people is coming to look and enter our kitchen, (he is making a disgusted face…). I am saying: “Give soup to that gentleman.” He is saying: “I just had.” “Give soup!” “I can’t…” (he is saying,) because he is looking inside… But our people they are never escaping; they are very happy! If you are making a handful flies in it, making (food), (they are asking): “What is that!” I am saying: “Meat”… Eating… First Pakistan people saying: “Very good.” Drinking… “Where they are sleeping?” “Here.” Best place, more than prison. Prisons, Allah may make you away from such punishment places… You are free, you are sleeping here, eating (here), but you are free to go up and down.

Only I am angry with someones of our group that they are smoking. If I can catch that one, I am breaking his head, because (they are) smoking and throwing (that cigarette) on ways without thinking. May be a fire! Therefore I don’t like anyone smoking here! If I am catching him, second day I am saying (to him): “You must leave! Either you leave smoking or you leave our place.” This is a training center to make them to leave bad manners, to leave Kufr, to leave the ways of Shaitan, to kick out shaitanic teachings! This is the center’s personality!

We are trying not to leave Shaitan to come in this place, we are asking to run away (from him) and people are fed up from Shaitan and shaitanic traps and tricks, and they are asking to save themselves from satanic traps and tricks! They are going around- they are not coming firstly to me; they are asking something, their feeling through their souls is making them to ask some safe place and clean place to save themselves, because Western countries (they) are not clean countries, no! Everything there (is) against humanity, against our physical being, everything is against our spiritual being. All European countries, Western countries, including America, Russia, all countries! And our heedless Muslims, heedless Muslim countries are asking to be like them! I am sorry to say this, because our nation (also is) asking to follow them, to be member of that group of people who are making tricks and traps of Shaitan, making advertisement daily to make people to fall in it for their egoistic desires also.

Therefore this is a center against Shaitan, against everything that (is) harming humanity, hurting humanity, destroying humanity, destroying the rights of human nature! Shaitan is playing with people, cheating them, and they are asking to cheat people with which thing? With everything that may give a kind of pleasure to people. But really they are not tasting that pleasure, because a person may understand when his mind is working; (then he) may understand which thing is giving them pleasure or not. When they are drinking, they are loosing their minds, they are never understanding if they reached a pleasure what they are asking, because a drunk person- how he is understanding?

Someone was asking another one: “Sleeping- what is its taste?” And he was answering: “I never tasted the pleasure or taste of sleep, because when I am sleeping, I am knowing nothing. When I am awakening, sleep just left me- therefore I never know if sleeping is giving pleasure to me or not.” (A) drunk person, when he is drinking, his mind just stopped. Out of order minds of drunk people- how they are going to distinguish, if it is pleasure or not? No. Therefore- everything that they are making big advertisement (for) everywhere in Western countries, that is the biggest foolishness and biggest blame for mankind to run after these people. When they are drinking, they are tasting nothing, no, finished!

Therefore Shaitan and shaitanic methods (are) making biggest trouble for heedless mankind, and mankind lost their humanity that humanity it is honour for them, but they are leaving that humanity, (and) falling to the level of animals. That level, mankind level, when you are reaching up from the level of animals’ world, you should find humanity. Humanity is symbolising the perfection of mankind! If a person (is) going to be drunk and making every evil, every dirty thing- do you think that this is giving honour to mankind? Who (is) preventing himself to fall (on) the level of animals, that one is given honour and (it is) dressed on him (the) honour to be from human nature. But under the level of mankind people are (going to be) on the level of animals, either to be like flocks or to be like violent, wild animals.

We are fighting this. (It is a) small group, but our aim is to prevent mankind to be on animals level. We are trying to make them to be fixed and to reach to humanity, that it is honour among creation. No any animal, no any other creature reached that honour! That is our aim. We know that everything (that) belongs to Dunya and its treasures, is not for you, is not for me. No one reached or kept from Dunya something forever for himself. And people are not taking their lessons from Pharaohs- how they carried away the treasures of Dunya under that pyramids. What they reached? And they have been kept, protected as mummies- now, if you are looking to their faces, you can’t eat 4o days, you can’t sleep also, from such an ugly, and hating face…(you are) running away!

I don’t think that anyone- not under pyramids, but if you are bringing that mummy to an ordinary place- I don’t think, (even) if anyone was given 1 billion Dollars to him to sleep with him in that room up to morning, he is never accepting…Why? Their physical being is just coming in such an ugly form and its smell is so bad- they are saying: “We don’t like it!” Perhaps they may say: ”We are dying up to morning to be second to Pharaoh and we are going to leave 1 billon Dollars also…”

Oh people, you must think on it! Enough you are following satanic ways! Enough falling in tricks and traps of Satan! If you like! If you don’t like- (there is) coming a windy weather, Taifun, carrying everything, those people. Never remaining on earth such foolish people, who are insisting to follow the ways of Satan. No, time is over!

Therefore these people are coming from different countries, to be ambassadors from here to their people, to their friends, to their families, to their nations. If they are clever ones. If (they are) not- if they can (only) save themselves, it is (also) okay. May Allah forgive us. That is the reason that the pure structure of people is carrying them to such humble but powerful meetings, which are very rare to find in the world, through East and West! May Allah forgive us and send us a powerful shepherd with heavenly powers to carry people (with him), when he is going!

There is a tale about a flute-player- German people are knowing better than me. Once upon a time there were many, many rats in a town in Germany, Hameln. They were terrible creatures; each one, if a hungry person was taking it, frying and eating, it was enough (for him). So fat (rats)- running everywhere… When people were sitting at the table to eat, they were jumping on tables, jumping on the heads of people, on their shoulders… and (when) one person was taking (something) to eat, one rat was stealing (that food) from him and biting him… They were biting cats also- cats were fearing from these rats!

And then, one day there was coming and passing through that town a strange person with a flute. People were looking: “Who are you?” “I am s strange person, going around.” “How you are living?” “With my flute, I may play with my flute.“ “What is the benefit of your flute?” He was saying: “I have so many kinds of melodies; if I am playing (the flute), all animals may run after me.” “Oh, very good. Look, we are sitting now to eat and you look what is happening to us.” They were making him to sit and putting food to eat, and there were rushing on it so many rats; some of them were biting his ear, some were biting his hand…. he can’t be able to eat. He said: “It is for me to save you from these rats.” “Okay, if you are making this, we should pay you a lot of money to be happy.” “How much you are giving to me? I am asking”- no Euro at that time, perhaps Mark… (but) instead of Mark (also) there were golden coins for (the) Emperor, (the) Empire- “I am asking 1oo golden coins.” And they made a contract that they should give to him 1oo coins. “Okay.” And he was getting out, beginning to play his flute. All rats were running after that person. He was walking and they were running (after him), he was walking, and they were all running, and he entered to the river Rhein and all of them were coming (after him), falling in it and the water was taking them away…

Then he was coming back and asking: “Give me my money!” and the mayor of German people was so stingy, saying: “What we did? 1oo coins? What is that! Your flute is never going to be (worth) more than one coin.” “Look, I just made a contract. I like my payment here now. If not, I know what I am going to do for you!” Subhanallah- they were insisting not to give (that money) and he was saying: “Leave that one coin also for you.” And he was going and playing another melody and all the children were beginning to run after him. And all people were regretting, calling (after him): “Come (and) take your money!” “No! “ He was playing and all small ones were coming after him. Coming to a hill, going there and coming an opening and entering that strange person and all children were coming in it and disappeared…

This is a story that Allah Almighty is asking to collect His servants. He can do everything, but those who must be punished, they should be punished, (for the) others (He is) sending someone to follow him and (He is) saving them. We are looking (for) that one to make this- S.Mehdi a.s. and then Jesus Christ, S.Isa a.s.

For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 23.06.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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