Maulana Sheikh NazimMy advice for all: Be patient and grateful!

Alhamdulillah ‘ala dinu-l Islam wa ‘ala taufiqi-l Iman wa ‘ala hidayati Rahman.
Alhamdulillahi Rabbi’l ‘Alamien wa salat wa salamu ‘ala Rasulillah Sayyidina Muhammad,
Sayydi-l Awwalina wa-l Akhirin wa ‘ala alihi wa sahbihi ajmain...
Ya Allah, Anta-llah... ya Allah, Anta-llah... ya Allah, Anta-llah...
Hu Allah... Hu Allah... Hu Allah...
Subhan Allah, Sultan Allah!
Allahumma salli ‘ala Muhammadin wa ‘ala ali S.Muhammadin wa sallim... wa barik! Ya Allah...

As-salamu alaikum! Ahlan wa sahlan, welcome to you! We are all His servants. We are saying,
as the sign of servanthood we are saying: Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir
Rahmanir Rahim.

Don’t trust on yourself, no, you may trust Allah! But it is difficult for you to reach a trust
from Allah Almighty. You may trust (the) most beloved and most respectful and most glorified
servant of Allah Almighty, who he is (the) representative of Allah Almighty. (There) must be a
representative; if (there is) no representative, how we are reaching to Allah Almighty?
Therefore He was putting and making His representative S.Muhammad sws wa sharam wa
karam wa jamadu wa azam wa jallama wa jammal (?)...

He is Allah Almighty’s representative. If you are not knowing His representative, how you are
going to know Allah? It is impossible, impossible! Therefore, secondly we must give our most
respect to Allah Almighty’s representative and His deputy that (he is) mentioned through: La
ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammadur Rasulullah sws.

You can’t find anyone’s name to be written in front of His holy Name: La ilaha ill-Allah and
another name, but it is written: La ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammadun Rasulullah. Therefore you must
try to reach His representative, (the) most beloved and most glorified one that his name (is)
Muhammad- peace be upon him- that Allah Almighty (is) respecting him. What about you?

Why you are not giving your respect to that one, who was respected by his Lord, the Lord of
Heavens, the Lord of (the) holy Throne, the Lord of Heavens and (the) whole creation? What
is the reason? What is the reason that you are not giving your most high respect to (the) most
glorified servant of Allah Almighty?

He never said that: “I am your Lord”; S.Muhammad sws, he never claimed that: “I am your
Lord”, (he was) only saying: “I am His servant and I am under His Command; what He is
saying, I am trying to fulfil it”- Allah- jalla jalaluh.

You must try, o people, living on earth and eating every kind of pleasures, Allah Almighty’s
Favours, endless Favours to you. Why you are not giving that respect (to the one) who (is)
just respected from pre-eternal up to eternal- S.Muhammad sws?

Now people just forget spirituality. People they (are) never interesting (in) their spirituality. All
man just their interest (is) for their physical being, no more after that- finished. They are
saying: “When our physical being (is) disappeared, we disappeared.” Nothing else. That is
shaitanic teaching for man!

And the creation (is) going on, (it is) continuous, never stopping; (it is) from pre-eternal up to
eternal. And you must be happy and you must be much more interested (to learn) about
yourself: how you are in existence, how mankind (was) just found on earth. Their existence
(is) from outside or from earth, what do you think?

You are not thinking and people are asking not to think! Therefore they are drinking, drinking,
drinking... till they are going to be drunk ones. When they are getting to be drunk ones- drunk
ones (are) never knowing their right hand from (their) left hand. Perhaps people (are) carrying
that drunk person to his home and he may say: “(To) where I am coming? This is my home?
No! I was in Buckingham Palace, (to) where you are bringing (me)?” (He was) dreaming,
dreaming! When drinking, then dreaming... You are coming from Patagonia (?)... “I am in
Buckingham Palace, bring me to my Palace!” No mind, finished!

And people now they never asking, from where they are coming. If you are asking, he is
saying: “I am coming from Buckingham Palace and my Grandfather was King George the 5th
and my grandmother was (?) living here...(to) where you are bringing me?” “This is your
palace!” “Where it is? Written on it WC? Bringing me to WC?” “That is your palace. When you
are coming, morning (?), you may find your palace...” Astaghfirullah al ‘Azim wa atoubu ilayh!

People (are) drunk, drunk, Shaitan (is) making them not to accept anything, except their
physical pleasures, about their physical bodies. Beyond that they are never accepting, because
they are fully drunk. Fully drunk! People they are good ones, if they are not drunk. When they
are getting drunk, (they are) no more good ones, finished. Because wine (is) making to stop
their minds.

And they are running to drink through Pubs, for what? To forget (the) heavy burden of their
material beings. That (is) making them to drink, so that they may forget. But when they are
coming to themselves, they are saying: “Oh, why I am here? I am that one that last night I was
in Buckingham Palace, tonight you are bringing me to WC center?” “Yes, come, we are going
to write on yourself that ‘WC center of Victorian Park in London’; you may sit on a chair and
you may collect from people, when they are coming, taking (from) big ones 1 Pound... you
should be up tonight as you like, tonight you may go to your Buckingham Palace. Now work
here, nighttime we shall take you...”

That is mans targets: To be in palaces and to fulfil their physical enjoyment, nothing else. What
is this! Animals world they are much more honourable than mankind now that they are living in
sewages. Rats that they are living in sewages, yes! But they are not saying: “This is sewage
and it is (a) dirty place”, no, they are saying: “Oh, (this is) so good” and (they are) fighting
each other like rats through sewages, dirty channels. They are very happy and (they are)
fighting: “Why you are coming here? This (is) my territory! If (you are) not going back, I am
biting you, till you are dying!” That rat (is) very angry (with the) second rat, escaping...

People they are mostly now, you may say whole mankind (is) fighting for sewages, dirty
channels of this life, no more. And the Lord of Heavens (is) saying: “O mankind, I am not
creating you to be and to live through sewages, dirty channels! I created you to be in honoured
places; to be there, to be always honoured and you are running away to sewages, dirty

We must try to understand something or people should go to find their graveyards so dirty
smelling, dirty place, that if a living one (was) just put in it for one minute, he may die! But it
should be for him up to (the) Last Day.

O people, you are not created for Dunya, for sewages of dirty channels, no, you have been
honoured by your creation that your Lord created you and honoured you to be (the) most
honoured creature on earth (and) on Heavens! Try to reach that level! Try to reach (it) or you
should find your graveyard in such a dirty channel that even (for) one second no one can be
able to live in it!

You are welcome; you are servants of my Lord coming here and I am welcoming you,
because I have been ordered to welcome His servants. I am trying, but mostly it is going to be
difficult to make everyone (happy) and to speak to them separately. And it is so difficult to
fulfil their wishes!

Yes, I am trying to meet one after one of my guests, but when I am calling: “Come!” “O
Sheikh, we are leaving today. We like to meet you!” “Yes!” Coming and sitting and some of
them (are) saying to me: “O Sheikh, give me an advice!” “Ya Hu, how many days you are
here? No any advice, you are asking now advice from me? You were sleeping, when I was
with people, trying to say something?” “Doesn’t matter, ya Sheikh, we are Pakistani people,
why you are... We are democratical people, therefore we are trying to bring democracy to
your mental house...” Ya Hu, mental house (is) never accepting democracy... S., here can be
democracy in our place? In mental house you saw there is democracy? “Must be!” And
coming, others coming, particularly ladies, sitting and most speakers- after some nations that
they have medal also for speaking- if they are beginning, from morning up to evening, from
evening up to morning- (are) Pakistani people... Never ending and saying this and that, this and
that... : “My family, my daughter, my son, my husband escaping...making me...” and I am
saying: “Quickly finish this and get out! I am fed up from this! And you are bringing also
whole garbage to here! I can’t sleep nighttime, because you are making so many things and
(that is) injuring my heart and I can’t sleep...” In such a way! They are thinking that only they
must speak. It can’t be.

When we are saying something here, you must keep it! It is enough for whole nations! Don’t
come and to say to me for Dunya this or that, no, it is no good! Therefore 24 hours, it is not
enough for me for answering people! Sometimes I am swearing, I am getting angry. When I
am getting angry, they are very happy: “Making Sheikh to be angry...”

O people, speak and give (a) short report (of) that you are in need. If you are not finding (an
answer) through our meetings, then you may ask. But our meeting it is enough, (here is) no
need to ask. They are saying: “You must be patient or you must be thankful. Everyone living
on earth- some of them must be thankful, some of them must be patient. (There is) no middle.
If anything (is) disturbing you, try to be patient, till Allah Almighty (is) changing (it). And ask
(for the) reason and (the) reason (is) what we are speaking on it now. Keep it! They are
saying: ‘O people, try to be with Allah! You should be happy! Don’t be with Shaitan or with
Dunya- you should be sad always!’ “

That is (the) summary. But people (are) asking this, asking that... I am saying: “Be with Allah!”
“How I can be?” “Find those servants, whom they are always with their Lords divinely
Presence. Look (to) them and take, what you are in need, then you may be with Allah. Don’t
say (a) long conversation, no! You must be thankful or you must be patient!” May Allah
forgive us!

We are trying to teach or train ourselves, how we can be able to safe ourselves from the hands
of Shaitan and its deputy, our egos. Try and ask from Allah Almighty a support in front of
Shaitan and your ego, you should be happy here and Hereafter! O Allah, forgive us!

And you just think on it that you are in need (of) forgiveness (in) every moment! O our Lord,
forgive us and grant us from endless Blessings to make You, o our Lord, pleased with us!

Try to make your Lord pleased with you! That is! Whole Prophets (were) calling people on
that point: “O people, come and try to make your Lord pleased with you!” Nothing else! If
your Lord (is) not going to be pleased with you, what is the benefit to have whole treasures of
this world? Nothing!

May Allah forgive us and bless you. For the honour of the most honoured servant, (the)
glorified servant of Allah Almighty, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 19.7.2008, Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel
PublisherKhairiyahSiegel, CategorySohbat, CategoryAlcohol
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