Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim Beauty and Handsomeness Comes from Heaven

...but according to our Creator we are reaching such an honor that no any scale may scale [weigh] that honor. Are you understanding? Not yet sleeping?

What we shall do O people!? Only coming to be sleeping people, they are thinking that I am  doing dumm, dumm, dumm, duum, dumm, dumm, sleeping, sleep, never awake. Wake up O people! Listen what heavenly broadcasting saying to you, dumm, dumm. They like that I may sing. Once  upon a time I was singing, ...

chifti dayu, chifti dayu...
dumm, dumm

How is it? [Shaykh Hisham: very nice]

Opera, must be.

People saying that when a person getting elder, elder, elder, finally they are going to be curious one, aja'ib.  I was not thinking and I am sometimes looking mirror, and saying "anything curious for me?" and I am saying “no, it is ok.” Yessir. Now I am looking people saying "O shaykh he is so old one that what he is saying us is true but his actions looks like curious."

[beautiful actions]

Beautiful. (Mawlana Sings)

alif ba bee boo...

[Allahu akbar]

I am with myself saying, "O first class actor!” Yessir! Hahaha hheeehe. My teacher from heavenly teachers. Doesn't matter. We are saying, bismillahir-Rahman ir-raheem. They are making our Lord's Name first and we are asking His heavenly support. I am not saying Divinely support. Divinely support , Ya Shaykh, Divinely support, Oooooh. Oooooh, Oooooh, [waves hands], Huuuuu, Huuuuu, Huuuuuu. Huuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Never understanding, but we may speak on heavenly things, and heavenly things also they are countless and endless oceans and the Creator made of an atom an ocean. He can do... that, can do? Don't say "How it can be?"

That is your mentality but you cannot know Allah Almighty's Power Oceans, endless Power Pceans. Each atom signing from endless Power Oceans, an ocean. Each atom is an ocean through His endless oceans. Aja`ib, o man! You have been created to believe. Believe and you may go up. You may reach higher stations. Higher stations. Today is a holy day, through a holy month. Holiness never granted to dirty people. And dirtiness coming from our egoes, egoistic actions or egoistic demands making people dirty. Whole prophets coming to clean people from the dirtiness of their egos.

Dirtiness coming to people through their egoes. And prophets coming to clean people. And no one can enter Paradise and he is dirty, no. He must be cleaned. Because Paradise is only for clean people. And whom they are dirty they should be in some positions for to be clean ones, clean ones. From that coming to make people clean. But mankind they are insisting not to be clean. Because of their dirty egoes. Now... madad ya Sultan al-Awliya. Now it is important for all mankind to know that they are just getting dirty and dirtier and dirtiest ones on earth according to their mentalities and according to their bad desires. Bad desires...  Bad desires carrying people to dirtiness and they are not accepting to be clean ones. Whole prophets coming and their missions their missions is only to clean people.

Because they have been invited to the Divinely daawet, azeemet [invitation], invitation and whole prophets coming to make people clean for the Day of Resurrection that we are going to be on ways: one way for clean ones and one another for dirty ones. Clean ones they are going to Divinely Feast, Divinely present; Divinely invitations. And second ones they should say, O just going to appear for them their dirtiness and they should ask to run away, to run away from themselves. As a person never seeing himself because he hasn't any mirror, he was thinking that he is most beautiful one or most handsome one and when putting that mirror and looking, “who is that dirty one?" If you are saying "You are that one " they should fight to you.

And people now not looking. In middle of truth, haqiqat, our real beings going to appear on Day of Resurrection. Some people going to be so beautiful and some people going to be so ugly and so dirty. If you are looking in mirrors and saying, as Darwin saying, “People coming from monkeys.” ...but you are believing that you are coming from monkeys, apes.

Real situation of our real beings going to appear on Day of Resurrection. O people! What you are using to be seen beautiful or handsome that is nonsense, nonsense. To be beauty and to be handsome that is a grant for heavens. Not to put like this, like this, like this, no or to look new fashion clothes dressing and you are thinking that you are getting to be beautiful. Your dressing is beautiful but yourself, never. Never giving that clothes to you a beauty. You may use a fashionable dressing and you are saying "oooh" no, [hahah].

“Who is that ugly one?” “You are that ugly one.” “Yahu I am dressing fashionable clothes.” Yes, fashionable clothes they are beautiful, but yourself, some people now going to, they said to me I was looking and seeing some people coming for what say this? Uhhh. Going and coming, yeremaz, [raseef] [fashion show?] Fashion show. Sitting while one old person ninety years and his wife coming like this sitting. Then they look for ?? also, and that old lady saying,"O my darling. How I am going to be dressing that beautiful clothes?” “Which one o my darling?” “Just that one."

“Which one? Which one? I am not seeing.”  “Just coming now, O look, O my darling!”
“O my darling, you should be so fashionable, but I am not making a differnce between one of them and the second one, because that clothes, I am mixing them.”
“O my darling it doesnt matter if you are mixing them, you may buy one clothes and I am dressing this and I should be so beautiful and clean for you.”

With clothes going to be, take such a way. yukseklik... People running heh, to dress beautiful fashionable dressings and it is giving them a beauty? Never! Never! Beauty is something and handsome, to be handsome, something heavenly grants to people.

No, for everyone if your Lord happy with you, you may be 90 years old, 100 years old, yet your are handsome, as Shaykh Hisham is 95 and so handsome person; I am 40 years and I am not so handsome like Shaykh Hisham. [You are beautiful] Beautiful, not handsome [you are beautiful, very beautiful, heavenly beautiful!]

“Omy darling you should be so beautiful if dressing that one.”
Which one, ten of them coming and going in front of him - he forgets, “which one.”

O people! try to be beautiful in Divine Presence. That is for you that the Lord of heavens asking you to be handsome and beautiful on Day of Resurrection. Everyone should be dressed a dressing. Allah, Allah, Allah,  Allah. O our Lord, al-`azhamatu lillah al-`izzatu lillah Ya Shaykh. [Absolute greatness is for Allah, O Shaykh] Now we are speaking here something to wake up [so] our egoes not claim something that it is not for them. Greatness for Allah, for Creator. And we are servants. Whole holy books trying to teach people that “you are servants." To whom? To your Creator. Why they are not asking  “who created us?" Why they are not asking "who created Man as a man, ape as a ape, elephant as a elephant, snake as a snake?" Why they are not asking and [instead] they are saying, “man came from apes.” And apes from where coming; from who coming? What is that?

Al-`azhamatu lillah - the Absolute Greatness for Lord of heavens, O people!

Listen and obey! Try to be dressed heavenly handsomehood and beauty, you should be happy here and hereafter. If not, you can't find a way that makes you rest and happy. People running to be happy now everywhere and they are thinking that happiness coming through nightclubs or happiness coming through bars, pubs, or people thinking that beauty coming from theatres or people thinking that their beauty coming from TVs. No, no. Yes, you must be happy with your creation, and you must say O my Lord, give me from heavenly handsomehood! O My Lord! Please grant to me from heavenly beauty" and Allah gives you, your Creator grants to you.

Don't try to change your baroush, your, your, [appearance] appearance, no, don’t change. I heard that someone was unhappy from his outlooking and trying to change his looking to be more beautiful or handsome, man or woman that, who passed away? Man or woman? [man] He tried to change his appearance and every time that he is trying to make a changing getting more ugly more ugly, more ugly, then if someone looking to him, running away from him and finally he passed away. O people! Really beauty, handsomehood, heavenly grants of our Lord, and He is saying "who is coming to My Divinely Presence nighttime, I am dressing them from My Beauty Oceans, men and women.” Therefore they are going to be daytime handsome ones and beautiful ones, peoples’ hearts running to them.

We are thanking our Lord Almighty Allah that created us and everyone must thank to their Lord that created them as a man, member of the great human family. For white people there is a kind of beauty. Black-colored people they have another kind of beauty. Yellow people there is another appearance of beauty. Red ones there is another appearance of beauty. O people! I am not, I never heard that there is green people. You ever heard green people? No. Every kind that Allah Almighty giving to you is a grant for you. Be happy! Because beauty is not a material. That is from a heavenly grant. Even may pass a person and appearing on his face or on her face a beauty. Beauty. If you are asking to be beautiful here and hereafter try to make your Lord pleased with you.

If your Lord is going to be pleased with you He grants to you much more that you cannot be able to think on it, such beauty. Because absolute Beauty Oceans for the Lord of heavens. You may enter in it and gettting out and you may swim finally in the Lord's heavenly Beauty Oceans and heavenly Handsomehood Oceans. You should be happy. The main, main, eh, goal for you, you are asking to be handsome or beautiful to be happy what Allah Almighty granted to you. Say, "My Lord just granted to me much more than others. O My Lord I am so happy with You and with Your grant." These are the ways of paradise and the Lord of heavens was asking that His creatures, His servants, to be in good condition. To be in rest, to be in peace, here and hereafter.

O people! you can't find this through universities or high schools or academies, no. You can't find it through clinics of doctors to change your outlooking, no. You can't find that handsomehood or beauty through your clothes if Allah not dressing you. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar wa lillahi 'l-hamd. Today we are speaking something not too much high level knowledge. That is we are coming to the first level living people and their demands. They are translating their demands with simple words with my short English language I am trying to say to you about such high realities. And for speaking on such a subjects you can't find an end. ...Don’t tell me yes, because what Allah Almighty granting not taking. Take and don’t give back. Be happy what he granted to you and don’t cover up cleanliness. One day you are going to be in Divinely Presence.

Try to be in that Presence in a good position, not to be in a dirty position. For you, let angels dressing you Paradise dressings; whole Paradise dressings. O Paradise dressings! O Paradise dressing! Daily you may change it, hundred times, thousand times and more. Not less. Try to dress heavenly dressings of beauty, you should be happy here and hereafter. May Allah forgives us. This is a little bit simple ocean for giving an understanding to people, not to make them hopeless. Yes for everyone should be dressed everyone a dress on Day of Resurrection. If loooking to himself and not happy that should be your faults. “You chose this, therefore we are dressing you that one.”

That one dresses much more brilliant much more beautify. Yes, he tried to reach that position. If you are not running to be like himself, you are a dunya, an imitated life, through dunya always occupying you. You were saying “O my business!” “O my business!” “O my credits!” “O my merchants!” “O my farms!”  “O my ranks!” You have been occupied with nonsense things. Those people that just dressed heavenly dressings, their hearts was with Me, therefore I am giving My heavenly and Divinely Beauty Oceans to them to swim in it. To swim in it, O our Lord! You are our Lord. Please be pleased with us. We can't do, You pleased with us, til You are making us handsome or beautiful, to be accepted in Divinely Presence. May Allah forgives us.

O people! Give much more time for your Lord and His heavenly services, you should be happy. Or [otherwise] you are going and nothing through your hands. empty hands. Try to be like angels. Don't harm anyone. Holy books say "don't kill." Divinely Order is "dont' kill” but “make people to live.”  “I am giving life, how you are taking which ones that I am giving to them life and you are asking to take their lives?” That is the biggest sin to kill innocent people.

Biggest crime. crime? [crime] But people running after shaytan now and asking to kill everyone so that no one remaining on earth except beasts to eat carcass of people. They are killing and throwing bodies of people and throwing them through deserts and wild birds and falcons coming and eating. That is not civilization. Civilization is to try to be beautiful ones and handsome ones and to be useful people to each other. Try to bring peace to you and to everyone living on this earth. May Allah forgives us. It is enough. Some people asking to leave. Allahu akbar, Allahu abkar wa lillahil-hamd. ...Sayyidina Muhammad. O Allah forgive us and send someone who may correct our steps to Allah - not to Shaytan.

[masha-Allah big ocean, bahrun `ameeq.]  You are happy with our? ...

[dumm, dumm] dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm.

I was singing when I was seven eight years, seventy years ago. Our music teacher coming and bringing and putting up that oud, making [himself as a] very serious person, never smiling becuase he knows if he is smiling, students coming on his head. Therefore he was was beginning  dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, [strums cane like a guitar], dumm, dumm, dumm.

...sings in Turkish.

Sometimes some efrit, crazy ones, trouble makers making wrong and ...sings lower voice.

chifchi dayu... talshu,... dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm,...

Dumm in Arabic is  “continue” therefore I am continuing always saying “continue” and our listeners they are happy when I am saying dumm, dumm, dumm...

Even you are pope,
Can't say this singing,
Singing what I am singing now.
eeeh, eehh, dumm, dumm, dumm,

Sometimes making heart and broken this and saying, "O for yourself just broken this." Doesn’t matter say with me all of you:

cifti dayu cifit...dayu....dagl cifshi dayu, with no son chifti dayu,....


I am first class?? O my people, Listen my notes. Good? Welcome to you as salaam `alaykum.  shalom. we say shalom also. as-salaam `alaykum. And I heard that Dr. Who says something for people and Shaykh Hisham he was saying to me “we never heard of Dr. Who.” I am saying that I am seeing and reading magazines that there is Dr. Who. Ajaib very curious and he is ten years elder than me and I am younger than him 20 years and he is saying “never I heard there is such a thing as Dr. Who.” And I am saying that if Allah gives permission I may show that magazines that is written on it Dr. Who.

Dr. Who, Dr. Who. Huw-Allah huwaa. anta-Allah... anta-Allah huw Allah,  huwa Allah, huw Allah. Allahu Allahu Allahu haq.

Nasil Hisham Effendi? [mukammal - complete] Understanding what I am saying? I am not understanding myself, how you are understanding? if Allah not making me to understand I will never understand, otherwise I never understand. Al-`azhamatu lillah - he was saying about greatness of sun [but] absolute greatness [is] for Allah Almighty. Therefore it is not if we are saying daily coming a new sun, it is normal. But for your understanding it is abnormal. Abnormal, but [that is] the glory of Allah Almighty.

What do you think? How many globes like our globe through space? Countless! And countless daily one sun coming raising and setting down, setting down. He is using for us we may say it is one sun but for the Lord of heavens, daily, according to His Glory, daily a new sun coming, then making sajda and getting up. O, O the holy knowledge that reaching to people! From heavens million years, Shaykh sha`eer never going to be hunta {barley never going to be wheat}, quloob, that Allah Almighty giving , granting if they are knowing aqal, minimum of minimum we may say, we may see, we may say His Greatness therefore daily new sun coming setting and going.

Wa ’sh-shamsu tajree li mustaqarrin laha.

Ash-shams, alif, lam [(al) lit-t`areef - for specification] signing countless suns and signing that sun we are looking daily, Every sun bringing new life with a new glory from the Lord of heavens to people and going away. Coming back to,... He is not using His Glory to make that sun. Countless suns daily rising and setting down and going, where going, mustaqarrin laha - its shelter, [niche] niche [mihrabuha] niche appearing from Bahr al-qudrah. Appearing from Allah Almighty's absolute Power Oceans and finishing and coming and making finishing, coming making sajda and getting in that ocean that it is also just  appointed for that sun to be in in and going away, not same ocean also. Allahu Akbar, Fatiha.

[masha-Allah sayyidee, aghraqtamoona - our master you drowned us!]

Thank you for you listeners, whom they are listening, [adhan sounds, Mawlana stands up]

Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, al-`azhamatu lillah.

Lefke, 16.07.2009

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