Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim Before You Claim that You Know Allah, Ask if You Know Yourself

Dastoor ya rijalAllah...

And we are saying A`udhu billahi mina ’sh-shaytanir-rajeem, Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem
La hawla wa la quwatta illah billahi'l-`aliu'l-`adheem

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar la ilaha ill-Allah Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar wa lillahil-hamd

Allahumma salli wa salim wa baarik `ala habeebika wa nabiyyika Sayyidina Muhammad (s).

May Allah blessing you o people, o our listeners.

As-salaam `alaykum our listeners! We are weak people and we are asking first forgiveness from our Lord Allah Almighty because we are sinners. Everytime we are making sins and we are in need Allah Almighty’s forgiveness because blessings coming when He is forgiving His servants, many blessings coming. And o people! If Allah Almighty, your Creator, our Creator, Creator of whole beings, if He is supporting His servants, servants can stand up on their steps. If He is not forgiving no one can stand up. And the main point for ourselves to reach Divinely Support to say O our Lord, You created us and through Your blessings we are reaching every goal or target through our lives here and Hereafter. O our Lord! If You are not helping us, we can’t do anything. O our Lord! For the honour of Your most glorified and glorious servant Sayidinna Muhammad (s). For his honour we are asking forgiveness and Your Divinely Support.

Everything in exisistence without their Creator can’t be in existence. No, nothing. When He is ordering something to come in existence He is only saying “Be!” and coming in existence. And His orders without any hindrance going on. No any hindrance in front of our Lord's orders. You must know this O believer! You may be Muslims, you may be Jewish, you may be Christians you must know that with His Will, His Almighty's Will you can do, you can understand and you can be something in existence. That is most important knowledge that mankind must know.

He must know that he can’t do anything if his Creator not giving a way to that thing. He is only saying “Be!” and coming in existence a world, global world that we are on it. And He may say be a solar system and His Divinely order that He may say coming in existence a solar system and same time it should be ready as its Creator asking to be! If He is asking to be one sun, seven planets and they are followers through a endless space, just appearing! You must know that He is Creator and creation looking only His Holy Command that His will, Almighty's Will asking to do something in endless space and appearing.

Such a knowledge that we are saying now it is most important thing, most important knowledge that everyone must know it and must believe in it. That He may create such a galaxy, hundreds or thousands or millions or trillions or more and more galaxies. He may say only “Be!” one billion galaxies it is ready. He is the Lord of Heavens, He is Creator! He is not like a person that you are knowing, no, you can't ask how He is. How He is you can't ask! Before you are asking that question, Who are that One, you may ask to you who am I? Before you are asking Who is that One that you are speaking on Him and saying He is Creator and He is Lord of Heavens and he is Lord of everything in existence before that you must ask to yourself, who are you?

Don’t ask Who is that One that created these endless, endless space and countless galaxies, countless worlds, countless beings, countless systems! Before you are asking Who is that One, first ask to yourself, who are you? Ask who am I? My being coming from me? If my being coming from myself, I may keep my being forever. Why you are getting older? And after a while you are passing away and after a while going to be you going to be nothing. Who is that One making you to appear in existence then you are disappearing? Yes, you are appearing and after a while you are disappearing. Now you are seeing one day coming you can’t see. Now you are moving, after a while coming a day that you can't move by yourself. Now you can catch through your hands, but after a while you can find that your hands catching nothing! Can't be able.

Now you may see that you are walking, after a while you are looking that you can't move, you can’t walk, you can’t talk, you can’t see, you can’t hear, you can’t touch, you can’t live. How? Ask for yourself before asking Who created this and don't say to me some, what saying, fairy stories. They are saying mystics that this world was not in existence and then suddenly just appeared and they are thinking something and imagining and then they are saying in the beginning of this galaxy we found it. How you find it we may ask? And they are saying we found it and we are saying for that Big Bang. Yes, Big Bang. That is an imagination. That is a theory and too far away from reality. It is imagination. Theories they are imagination no reality but last point that they are reaching no more they may step forward. They are saying that is last point of our knowledge that this creation just began with Big Bang. What is Big Bang? What is Big Bang?

They are thinking that once upon a time there was one cell, one egg through an endless space. Then what happened? Just happened that coming an explosion and this just getting in so many beings coming from that explosion. How it is, don’t ask. They are reaching to that point and what is behind it we can’t know. Only you may say to people Big Bang theory. They can't say Big Bang reality but they are saying Big Bang theory. It's a theory nothing else because no one was witnessing behind or in front of that one atom. No one was there out of it and looking that big atom just becoming a big explosion and coming after beings and down beings. That means it is imagination, no value for theory. But those people they are graduated from Shaytan's high school, ha ha ha. They have big certificate from Shaytanhood. They have a title from Shaytan and they are just claiming we have been graduated through our big ustaaz, big teacher. He granting us this certificate that we are graduated from that one's university and now we are becoming PhD. Where is that university? You can’t see. Its universities and high schools you can find them everywhere and they are producing so many things. From where? From nothing.

Therefore knowledge and theories that 21st century’s PhD doctors they are very proud. They knowing nothing. Their knowledge on nothing. You can write a writing on water and you should say no but one may say yes I may write on water some writings. How you are writing? I am writing on an ice, frozen water. I may write on it, therefore my knowledge writings on water but not water like we are knowing, just their water frozen water. And frozen water going to be like a rock and when it is going to be like a rock I can write.

Yes you can write but after a while no frozen material there and no water or no any writing on it, finished! But now whole people whom they are saying they are doctors, PhD and graduated from this from that universities their knowledge like a writing on ice. Day by day it is going to melt and then changing into water but they are so proud ones to believe, to believe in Creator! But they are insisting on baatil, wrong idea. Insisting on it and not coming to say reality is there is One Who His order brings everything in existence! As worlds, as systems, as galaxies, as endless spaces. May do that One because there is Someone, we are looking. We can’t say that it becoming by itself, no! Just we spoke on it to come in existence by themselves, finally going to be water. If, I am asking, if coming and being that frozen water, coming to be a running water, where it is running? What do you think O Shaykh? You are not understanding anything? When frozen water going to be melted coming like rain outside, finished! No any mentality for themselves, they can’t think on it. They are fearing from the haybat, they are fearing from the Greatness or Mighty power of that One they are fearing to say something and they are going running away and such a world finishing.

O people! Come before discussing on this universe and to say it was like this or like that, leave that and think on yourself! Who are you?! How your creation coming and joining to each other?! How your eyes coming? How your ears coming? How your nose coming, how your mouth coming? How your hands coming together? How your legs coming together by themselves? How they are joining and coming a being, man, or being woman, or being cat or being dogs? How it is?! Ask this and say to me! Why you are denying Unseen One that it is impossible to see Him and to know about Him? You are not knowing about yourself nothing! How are you are asking?

People must know what real message coming from Heavens to earth to teach people about realities!

And real reality now you can find it only through Islamic foundation, Islamic teachings. Islam is most magnificent, most majestic message from Heavens. Coming from Heavens to people living on this planet to teach them from real realities.

May Allah forgives us! May Allah gives us from His endless Lightening Oceans to be opened our, not only this eyes, but we are understanding with some, another power that just put on ourself. Because car, you can do car. Coming car from car factory, Shaykh Ali, but that car never running. You must bring something that it is never same the material of car. You must bring that one and putting in it then moving. If not it is only piece of material! Never understanding, never moving, never coming under your command if not coming that spirituality that making a car to move. People they are now running after making a car. It is okay, you may do but then how will this, with which thing you can drive that car? How that car going to be under your command? Or as well as a plane. May be plane but sometimes what it is in it from oil finishing and coming down saying I can’t move. I can’t move. What is that one? The secret of planes through that black water coming under earth and putting in it and making that black oil to move and to fly from continent to continent.

O people! Think on it. You are nothing! When your oil finishing your physical being cut falling down, finish. Doctor saying just finished. O doctor, how finishing? His body is okay everything. If you are making a objecting on your body that it becoming old therefore can’t move. So many people they are sink in ocean, in sea and can’t move and everything is new with them. Think on it O mankind now! If you are not going to think on it, you should be regret. You may be regret finally because you are not saying that through one litre oil, a dirty oil also, how making a car to move? How making a gigantic plane to fly? What is the secret power through that black water? Say to me O scientists, O technology professors! Say, tell to me! No they are knowing nothing.

Only they are insisting because Shaytan saying to them you must insist on that point that this as you are looking don’t ask more than this.

May Allah forgive us. O our Lord.

Dum dum dum dum

(Mawlana singing)

O scientists come and listen, come and listen and ask what it is real being, dum dum dum. Who is that One putting in an egg something in it then it is going to become a small bird. Come and listen and believe in that One that He may do everything but you can’t do nothing.

Dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum

All Glory and Majesty for You, O our Lord we are that one who knowing nothing can’t be able to know Who are You because they are never going to know about themselves whom they are in existence.

Dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum

O our Lord forgive us. We are asking forgiveness only Your endless Power Oceans to support our understanding. You are the Lord from pre-eternal up to Eternal. You are so big. You are so beautiful. O our Lord forgive us for the honour the most honoured one in existence. Ameen.


Okay? Good? People happy? (Someone says, people always happy ya Sayyiddee) Must be. If not happy we must send them to animals farm, he he. No mind people no mentality they can’t be with people their levels, levels of four legs people.


Lefke, 25.07.2009

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