Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim Believe in the power of Islam! OR: We are following selected ones

As-salamu alaikum! Welcome to you, ahlan wa sahlan. Destur, ya Sultanu-l Awliya,
Meded, aiduna, ya Rijalallah Sahibu-l Imdad. Maal fukara wa duafa, asbana diara
fi sahratin la naliku sharkan aw gharban, shimalan aw dunuban, dullana khaira
dalil, ya Rijalallah (?).

A’udhu bi-llahi mina sh-shaitani rajim, Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Ya
Rabbana, ya Rabbi-ghfir wa-rham wa Anta khairu Rahimin. Ya Latifan, lam tazzal,
ultuf bina fima nazal. Innaka Latifan lam tazal. Bi lutfika awadtana, ya Rabbi,
amin khaufana, ya Rabbi, amin khaufana, fa-fuanna, ya Karim.
And we are saying: A’udhu bi-llahi mina sh-shaitani rajim, Bismillahi r-Rahmani

To speak is so easy; everyone is speaking. I am looking (that) everyone is
speaking, but to listen (to) what he is hearing, that is important! That is
important. Therefore I am asking humbly as a weak servant of my Lord Allah
Almighty to make me and you “mina-l ladhina yastabiuna kaulan fa tabiuna ahsana
“ (?)... wa yakul: Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim, la haula wa la quwwata illa
bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyi-l ‘Adhim.

It is a short speech, sohbet, association, because the Imam Shahu Naqshiband,
(the) Imam of (the) most high Naqshbandi Order, he was always saying: “Tariqtuna
as-sohba wa khairu fi jamiat.” Therefore, we are following those selected ones.
Selected ones, not elected ones! Selection is better than election, but people
(are) running after elections and (they are) bringing one (person) dirty more
than others. Selection; that selection (is) coming from Heavens, election (is)
coming from people. And people now they are following the way of election that
that is the way of Shaitan. (It is) shaitanic teachings, election; no power, no
honour for them, but selected ones, they have power and honour and heavenly
Support. If you are following them, you may reach heavenly Support also.
Therefore (the) Prophet was saying pbuh: “Ma ghaliban min ummati min alf
min kullatin (?).” Kalamun adhim; it is a big word that the Seal of Prophets
S.Muhammad sws (is) teaching mankind. (He is) teaching mankind and saying: “Oh
people, 12.000 from my Ummah, from my nation, anywhere they are asking to fight
for Non-Muslims or unbelievers, they (are) never going to be not victorious.
Always (they will be) victorious.” Don’t say that 12.000 of Mu’mins (are) going
to be winned, no! Because 12.000 people, (even) if (there are) coming on them 12
billion people, (it) doesn’t matter. 12.000 (are) going to destroy them, to make
them away, because 12.000 they are holding and making up the Alemu-l Islam,
(the) heavenly Flag, (the) holy Flag of Heavens. Allah Almighty (is) never
leaving His holy Flag to fall down! But Muslims, where they are? (The) Muslim
world, they are asking to eat each other, to kill each other, to destroy each
other, because they are following elections. They are not asking selected ones.
What you are electing? (People) like you. We are not in need (of) people like
ourselves, no. (There) must be someones selected from Heavens and supported from
Heavens, (someones that) heavenly Powers (are) coming to them and destroying
everything. Don’t worry from their missiles, nuclear-muclear! But we are getting
weaker, weaker. Technology (is) frightening Muslims and (the) Muslim World; they
are saying: “Oh, Non-Muslims, they have such-and-such a powers.” Therefore they
are trembling. Why? Allah (is) giving to you such a power, (that), if one of
(the) weak ones from (the) Ashabu Nawba - those people whom they are looking for
(after the) Ummah, not to touch them any ‘asa’, harm, they are looking - (even)
if (there are) coming 7o missiles on a place, they may do like this... finished!
Or, before they are making it fire, (they are) taking its heads, nuclear heads;
taking and (it is) making bummm... “Oh, (it is) nothing doing, this (bomb)! What
is (happening)?” “Someone stole it.” One Jinn (is) enough to take away (the)
whole heads of their nuclear bombs. One Jinn! One Order! No need Awliya. Awliya
may change this world from East to West, from North to South! They are not using
such a power, but one Jinn may take (the nuclear heads) by an order from their
commander in chief from Awliyas, and take all of them from everywhere and let
them to fight. When they are making like this, like that... “What happened?”
Believe! Believe in Islam! Believe in His beloved and most honoured glorious
Rasul, (the) Prophet for the Lord of Heavens! (Of the) known Heavens and (of
the) unknown Heavens, (of the) counted Heavens (and the) countless Heavens!
(There is) no any limit for His territory, (the) divinely Territory. No limits,
no one (is) knowing (any limit)! Believe in Islam, you should be up. (If you
are) not believing, (you) should be under (unbelievers’) feet.

And we are coming to a limit that Allah Almighty left unbelievers to move, to
move (and) to do something. To do something, and they were thinking that they
are (the) most powerful ones. Most powerful ones? Eh. Ghalatu-l namla, an ant
(was) speaking and warning. One ant. What about one Wali, one Saint, one holy
one, one beloved one in (the) divinely Presence or (the) holy Presence of
Rasulullah sws? What he can do? He can to everything! But Allah Almighty (is)
leaving them (the unbelievers) to do everything and to know, to think on
something that they may reach that result what we are saying.

Allah Almighty (has) endless Power Ocean, endless Power Oceans. That He Almighty
(is) saying:”I am ordering an ant to inform and warn (the ants in) one valley.
One valley, (in) that valley of ants, to take their care, not to reach them any
harm from the horses of S.Suleiman - pbuh and upon of our most beloved, most
honoured Prophet in (the) divinely Presence.

O people, look what heavenly Orders (are) sending you through His Prophets.
Follow Prophets, don’t fear. Don’t fear. He may, (the) Almighty may protect you
or He may shelter you anywhere, (so that) nothing (is) touching you here or

Try to be Muslims, try to understand Islam, try to understand the power of
Islam. You must try to learn (about) the power of the Seal of Prophets. The Seal
of Prophets, every creature that created... Allah Almighty (is) saying to His
beloved one: “O My beloved one, o My most glorified servant, o Muhammad. For
your honour I am created and creating. Say to your Ummah ‘Don’t fear’, but say
to them to follow you. If anyone (is) following you, they should be under
shelter. Shelter. Don’t run after Dunya, no, but try to fulfil (the) holy Orders
of Heavens to you.”

What about if Allah Almighty (is) warning? (He was) warning ants through a huge
valley with one weak ant - what about for his believers? Do you think that He is
not able to warn and to make them to take their cares to keep themselves against
those unbelievers? They are saying ‘toys’- that (the nuclear weapons) is toys.
(Allah) may send, not sending one ant (even), but (He) may send a (creature
that) those unbelievers (are) saying for some small creatures ‘virus’. Virus.
(Allah is) ordering one regiment of virus: “Reach and make their missiles not to
work.” And they may say: “What happened?” Someone (is) saying: “(A) virus (was)
just entering in it, therefore we can’t do anything!” I am saying: You must
catch that virus and to put poison on their mouth and kill them (and) you should
be in safety.

Allah Almighty never needs to use big powers, no, (a) virus (is) enough. One
virus may kill from East to West billions of people through three days, through
two days, through one day, through one hour, through one minute, through one
second. He may kill everything with a very, very, very, very weak virus. May
kill and their weapons (are) sleeping there...

O people, believe (in) the power of the Seal of Prophets, what he had been
granted by his Lord Almighty Allah and trust him. Believe and trust, give your
100 % trust for your beloved Rasul, you should be in safety here and Hereafter,
through your graveyard, through the Day of Resurrection and through (the Day of
Judgment,) when Allah Almighty (is) calling people for their court cases, to
look after what they did or (what they are) not doing.

O people, come and listen! Come and obey, (so) that Allah makes you in safety
here, through this life, (and) through your graveyard, through the Yaumu-l
Mahshar, that He is making His divinely Judgment for His servants. Beware (of)
Shaitan; Shaitan (is) asking to carry you, as he should be carried, to Hells.
O people, follow Prophets and their ways to Jannatu-l Firdaus. Don’t follow
Shaitan, its way is ways toward Hells.

May Allah forgive us, may Allah bless you. For the honour of the most honoured
one in His divine Presence. Bi jahihi, ya Rabbi, irhamna, bi jahi man arsalta
alayhi Suratu-l Fatiha. As-salamu alaikum!

Lefke, Sohbet after Cuma, Friday, 24.4.2009

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