Maulana Sheikh NazimBelievers listen to Allah and obey Him

O believers, listen to Allah and obey Him, it means safety and peace for
you. If not, Allah will leave you alone. There is an Ayat in the Quran that
says: 'If Allah opens the doors to His mercy, there is no one who could
close them, and if He closes the doors to His mercy, there is no one who
could open them.' Now it is snowing so much (in Turkey) that they can't open
the doors of their own houses to get out. He is Allah, the Owner of His
creation, Who does, what He wants. And all money of the world cannot open the doors.

People here have become strange. Long time there was no rain; now it rains so
much that they fear to be swept away into the sea. We say the rain is a
mercy. If you say this, it will be mercy for you. If you say it is lanet, or
bela, or dhulm, it will be curse, bela and dhulm for you. I am saying:
Alhamdulillah, it is raining mercy on us. Man is looking to everything in a
wrong way. They are not realizing, that everything goes according to Allah's
Will. How they are seeing Allah? As a blind and deaf statue, whose hands and
feet are tied? Or like someone who is only governing the Heavens and you are
governing the earth?

Allah leaves man for a certain time. It was like this with Nimrod, who
claimed to be God on earth. Allah said to Ibrahim: 'Invite and call him to
be My servant, not to say that he is God. My anger is tremendous. He must
make Sajdah, or I will deal with him, as I want.' Nimrod wanted to burn
Ibrahim, because of his belief in Allah. One match is enough to burn a
person, but he made all the people collect wood, telling them that with
their contribution to the fire they will gain honour, because they are
defending their Gods against Ibrahim. And the fire was so big, that it was
seen from Basra up to Damascus, and that is a distance of 4o days. But by
whose order is fire burning, water flooding, a knife cutting, a bird flying?
They will see! They threw Ibrahim into the fire and Gibrail a.s. came to him
and asked: 'I am ready, do you need anything from me?' Ibrahim said: 'No, I
don't need anything from you. My Lord is seeing me.' 'So ask from Him.'
'No', said Ibrahim, 'He knows about me.' Then Allah ordered the fire: 'O
fire, be cool for Ibrahim and turn into a rose-garden!'

That is Allah! You must believe in Him! There is nothing more beautiful than
to believe. But disbelief burns yourself and those around you. With every
day of their life passing, unbelievers get more and more sad, but believers
are looking forward to their meeting with Allah day by day.

Without Allah's order the fire could not burn Ibrahim, the flood could not
drown Noah, and the knife of Ibrahim couldn't cut the throat of his son
Ismail. The knife said: 'I am cutting but the order of my Lord.' And it was
so sharp that it cut a rock. Allah is Khaliq, the Creator, He is giving the
orders. He does, what He wants. No power can oppose Him; no one can prevent
His Mercy or force Him to send it.

This year Allah opened a lot of doors to His Mercy. Who is sending that
snow? Who is making it to move in the clouds above- millions of tons of ice
water? Such a weight- if it was to fall down, it would make everything
flat.Believe in His Power, respect Him!

He is giving chance to people, but He will take His revenge from the
dhalims. You will see.

O believers, look after yourself and turn to Him, respect Him, and be with
His friends. Ya Allah, hidayat, guidance, is from You. Let us say Taubah and
Istighfar, that He may send His servants to guide us.

Lefke - 04.01.2002

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