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Q: Sheik Nazim, you are devoting a lot of time dealing with the Ottoman Empire, could you please explain the significance of this?

The Ottoman Empire was the longest continuous Islamic empire. It lasted for about 7 centuries and was carrying the flag of Islam. Every Muslim should know that the Ottoman Empire was the most important state established after the Sahabas. They were living according to the Sharia of Islam, according to the Holy Rules, and they were serving the most holy places: Mecca and Medina. Until today the Caliphate is in their hands until Mehdi comes. He will then be the Caliph, the Deputy of Allah on earth. Whoever embraces Islam should know theses things and ask Allah to give them their right of having a caliph officially back to rule this world in His Name, following His Orders.

Q: How would that effect the governments?

It will have the greatest effect, the flag of Islam will be above any other flag. The Caliph will rule over all the other sultans.

Q: There are other sects in Islam, how can you say that the Naqshibandis represent the highest mystical level?

There really only should be one sect on the true path, the others are practising some different ways according to their opinions. A Muslim should follow that which Sayyidina Muhammad* brought us from Allah, which is what we are trying to do.

Q: Your way of teaching Islam seems to please many Westerners because you teach them in degrees, step by step.

In the beginning I only expect those who come to Islam to accept the unity of Allah and His Last Messenger Sayyidina Muhammad*. When they have understood this and their hearts are content with it, they themselves want to know more about our forms of worship and how to serve our Lord. When they ask for that, we give them one practice after the next, from the very simplest to more complex forms. This will lead them to contentment and to the sincere service of their Lord. Just like a teacher starts off by teaching children in the kindergarten where they are free. They are there in the beginning to get accustomed to being far away from their homes and to get familiar with the school. They will then be taught step by step until higher education. Allah did not send Islam within one day or night. No! He sent the Sharia, the Holy Rules, within a period of 23 years. That is why we will not tell someone who has just come into Islam to do everything at once. They would not be able to carry it. It is enough that they just start off by accepting that there is only one God and that Muhammad* is His servant.

Q: You have several centres in England and you have been coming here for the last 22 years. What is the significance of this? Does it have anything to do with the fact that the Royal Family are direct descendants of the Prophet Muhammad*?

When I came to London for the first time 22 years ago, I lived in a basement alone. I was giving my life for the pleasure of Allah. The Lord of Heavens made me firm and then took me from that basement. He has now given me this magnificent old convent. My Lord was happy with me. That is why He gave me this centre in London, in this glorious city which has belonged to Kings and Emperors of Great Britain whose ancestral lineage reach all the way to Sayyidina Muhammad*.

Q: The media in the US are very occupied with the British Royal Family. What is your opinion on who will be King in England in future?

His Royal Highness Prince Charles will be King of Great Britain and of America in the 21st century. He will be a king with full authority, not like his mother, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

Q: Is there any message you would like to give to the American people, considering all the evil and sin which is in America at the time?

Look after yourself by having a strong base. If you want to live happily and peacefully in America, be a good servant of the Lord, clean in yourself and around yourself. Like that you will enlightened where-ever you are. It is not necessary for you to all come to one place. Enlightened people are like stars in a dark night. Do you think that if we collect all stars in one place the sky would still be beautiful? It would be an ugly vision. We want enlightened, just, respected, respectful, learned and compassionate people to be everywhere, so that the US will be the most brilliant state from the east to the west.

Q: There are many Muslim groups in the US that separate the races... Should Muslims unite?

That comes from ignorance, to make separations of people according to the way they look, to deal with people according to their race and form. No! The Lord of Heavens created so many kinds. He created one man and one woman. Then came all the nations and races; red-ones, green-ones, yellow-ones... He can make all kinds. We must be happy with ourselves. To reject any colour is to be against the Will of Allah. He could have created everyone in one colour, but He did this according to Divine Wisdom. So what can we say? We welcome anyone of mankind. It is so foolish and so full of ignorance to create a reason of separation because of colour and to take any kind of superiority from it. The only way to distinguish people is through their behaviour. I do not accept anyone to say what they are, until they come to the Divine Presence. There we will have scales. The angels will make a check-up with everyone to see if they are good or bad. Don't ever claim that you are this or that! You will not be able to tell until you reach the Divine Presence. Then it will be clear who is a good servant. If you are a bad servant, you will be taken away. No-one will ask about your colour. The only thing that will matter are your deeds, your character, in which way you have been worshipping and how much respect you have been showing. Only that will be valuable. Your colour, weight, family or anything else that belongs to this life, will not be important, only your sincerity, the way you have been serving the Lord and your dealings with other creatures.

Q: How important are women in Islam? How important is marriage? How should men respect women?

I use the word lady, not woman, which is why I was happy that they used to write 'Ladies' and 'Gentlemen' on the toilets here in England. Then when the labour government came, the toilets got the signs 'men' and 'women'. The respect was gone. In Islam we use the word 'lady', because our mothers are ladies as well as our wives, aunts and daughters. We want them to be called 'ladies' and they should call their husbands 'gentlemen'. But in this 20th century this usually does not happen, people have no more respect. Without respect there can be no peace within the family. Our wives are ladies, queens in our homes. That is the order of Islam. The ladies must respect their husband as their king, in the same way a queen respects her king when he comes. That is real Islam. But now we are living in a time when all these good manners have been lost and people are doing their worst to each others. You must be respectful towards your wife and never do anything before you have consulted with her. It then belongs to the good manner of the wife to say, "As you like!" May Allah forgive us and grant us from His Mercy Oceans by sending us his sincere servant to collect people on this true way.

I also have a message for the African-American people: our Prophet* used to love the dark coloured people, especially Bilal, who was a commander of his army. So we love them very much too. In our countries there are so many African people who have settled there after coming back from Hijas. Since my childhood I have been living with them, therefore I like them very much. They are sincere people and they have been given some characteristics which other races haven't. The are the sons of Ham, may Allah put them under the flag of Islam forever. They will increase in America and my advice to them is not to get angry quickly and not to give in. They are humble and simple in their hearts. They cannot be proud, that is why satan always runs after them to make them angry with people. Don't think bad thoughts about others and be happy with your colour, your faith, your Lord and your prophets*.


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