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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**Better Servanthood**

The important thing is servanthood. It is the most important target for everyone’s life. Everyone must try to be a good servant. If he thinks that he is a good servant, he must try to be the best servant or one of the best servants. And the mission of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and all the prophets, was to train people to be good servants. What is the way to good servanthood? You can never say “I have reached good servanthood.” When you reach a point that is in the area of good servanthood you must not think that this is the final point of good servanthood. You must look beyond that point to another point. This is a good one – but there is a better one. Always you must think that there is a better servanthood than my servanthood. Or you may say, “ There may be much better servants that me.” That is an important good behaviour. (adab) Just like you can never find the last number - - you can always add more, - in the same way you can’t reach a station of servanthood and say “This is the last station of servanthood.” There may be one more than you. Therefore you must try to be a better servant and so you must always ask for much more, much better servanthood.

Because Allah Almighty’s Glory is endless, and the meaning of servanthood, it is to glorify the Lord. However much you glorify Allah Almighty, it is only going to be a very small spot within His Endless oceans. Our galaxy may be gigantic our solar system is a spot within it. And even the gigantic one, beside all the greatness of space, you would see it as a small spot. It is going to be nothing – so small. Therefore all your worshipping as much as you can do it, is never going to be unlimited. Our glorifying is always going to be in limits. Everything is limited beside the Unlimited glory oceans of Allah Almighty.

There is no glorifying if you are going to do sins. If leaving sins – going to be glorifying Allah Almighty. Everything we are keeping from the shari’ah or from the way of the Prophet Muhammad,(peace be apon him) even the most simple thing is making you to be closer to Allah Almighty – and all sins are keeping you away. To reach a high station you must leave haram – if not stopping and saying “No!” sins are making you fall down. So repent – and then he corrects his steps, and from those correct steps he may reach the Divine Presence.

Association with Sheikhs leads people to the best servanthood – but when they are showing you good servanthood and you do it you must say “God forgive me – it was not my doing – Allah Almighty is making me do it, so thanks to Allah.” So everyday at the end of the day you must say “Am I with the good ones or with the bad ones?” In our time there are too many bad ones, and our egos are asking to reach the bad ones. Try not to join the caravan of bad ones. Try to be with good ones.

May Allah Bless you and Forgive you.

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