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...(the Russians) For that reason they want to put their foot in the Mediterranean sea. They are also of Orthodox doctrine. For this reason they want to have control. They always out of the area. The Ottomans never let them fulfill this wish. He, Allah (swt) knows best. But.... the price to fulfill this is not cheap. To rule over Masjid Al-Aqsa...

The mistake the Arabs made since they got divided and they got rid of the Ottomans from the area. This curse came because of what they did then. All the fitna is caused because of this. To rule in the Arab lands they said "we shouldn't leave the Ottomans to rule here in our countries, never!" The Ottomans were respecting the Arabs. They were respecting the Arabs the most. They were glorifying the blessed Mecca & Madina, & Al-Aqsa Mosque, with the highest respect. The Arabs did not consider this and they stood up against the Ottomans And they threw away the governors of the Holy Land. They sent them to Halab/Aleppo and from Aleppo they kicked them out. This is the origin, the reason is hidden in the origin of the story.

This Nationalism pulled them into corruption that you cannot tell its beginning from its end. The Arabs didn't accept the Ottomans to be there ruling, No. They threw them out & made agreements with the British And.... Who denies Allah's (swt) grants, curses from Heavens come on them. May Allah keep us protected, O our Lord. May Allah forgive us, Ya Rabbi Ya Allah! Ya Rabbi Ya Allah!

And nowadays, Egypt has 80 million citizens. They cannot stop this fitna in the land of Sham? Iraq, Saudiarabia, they are not able to stop this fitna, corruption. The people.... a hand ful of people in Razkiya. But behind this handfull there are the people of the cross, the Christians. And the Christian world's intention is to take their revenge on the Sultan Salah ad-Din al-Ayubi. He, the Sultan, brought the crusaders down!! In other words, he dishonored them. Brought them down! The Turks, if they stood up, in one week they would finish this corruption, but but they are upset from the Arabs, they are upset.

The Turks committed a mistake against the Kurds. The Kurds were loyal followers of the high Ottoman Empire but the new Turkish government did not keep respect for the Muslim Kurds. They dishonored them and kicked them out and they did to them what can never be accepted by Allah (jj) & His Prophet (saws). For this something came on the Turks. May Allah (swt) protect us.

O our Lord, "Appoint for us a king so we can fight in Your Way."(2:246) Therefore a Sultan must arrive, the Sultan that represents the Ottoman Empire, must appear & claim "I am the inheritor for all these states & I claim that I am Sultan over all these states." Yemen, thousands, thousands of soldiers they are going, and not one of them is returning. Allah (swt) now curses them, they are killing one another. Egypt the same. The Syrians, same. Iraq, also. May Allah (swt) never curse us with similar hardship. Ya Rabbi Ya Allah!

Allah (jwa) says, give to everyone their due rights. Finished! You must give the rights to whom they are due, otherwise you will not attain any results. Allah (swt) is not with you, shaytan is with you. In all the Arab states the kings & presidents shaytan is their consultant. As he orders they do, and they reached this level of corruption. And all these events will not end until the appearance of Sahib Al Zaman (as). May Allah (swt) protect us. Tawba Ya Rabbi astaghfirullah, Fatiha.

S.N.:At the beginning of the sohbat, you said, the main target for the Russians is to have a foot in the Mediterranean sea?
M: The Russians always wanted to have an outlet on the Mediterranean. Their target is to have their (orthodox) sect rule Masjid Al-Aqsa. The orthodox, they are not accepting the others, that is why. They were blocked by the high state of the Ottomans from entering the Masjid Al-Aqsa. The Arabs were supposed to be our Muslim brothers & be thankful to the high Ottoman Empire, because they blocked the Russians from attacking them. Aman Ya Rabbi, tawba. This... is the main point of this matter.

They think this old man is sleeping here; he doesn't know anything. But we can teach people, we can teach... "O Lord Appoint for us a King, so we may fight in Your Way" (2:246) A king will come, the inheritor of the Muslim Khilafa will come and he will pull the sword of Sayidina Omar (as) I think. The Sultan, instead of a crown, he had a sword. I think the sword of Sayyidina Omar (as) will be his sword. The swords of Allah (swt) are on the face of the earth, Ottoman swords. May Allah (swt) have mercy on them & increase their stations & insha'Allah one from among their descendents will come & arrange all matters. Fatiha.

They supported the French, the Arabs. The British and the French and they kicked out the Muslim Ottomans. This is their punishment. Tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba astaghfirullah... Salam Allahu Allah alaikum. Alayna wa alaykum.

The soldiers, the Ottoman soldiers were going to Aden. By one push, they would've stopped. They had no fear, they only fear Allah (swt). "Allah will bring a people whom He will love and they will love Him" (5:54) "Fasawfa Ya'ti Allahu Biqawmin Yuhibbuhum Wa Yuhibbunahu" (5:54) And that nation is the Ottoman. The Holy Verse, I forgot it... May Allah (swt) keep us firm on Haqq, Allah Bismillah.

The blood of the innocent is on the neck of those nations who allied with the French & left the Ottomans who were servants of Islam & the Haramain Al Sharifain. Yallah, tam am.

Lefke, 10.08.2012

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