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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**A blessed land is Paradise**

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim. As-salamu alaikum, all of you welcome! We hope that you are bringing blessings and to be in a blessed land of Paradise, because a blessed land is Paradise. Cursed land is Hell. There are two kinds of places: blessed places and cursed places. Blessed are going to be in a blessed place, and cursed people in a cursed place. From the first man and prophet S.Adam, Allah bless him, on, and all prophets, especially our Seal of Prophets sws and a.s.- what is the way that reached to the blessed land? And what is the cursed way that leads people to the cursed land, to Hells? Everyone must know and must give his choice for one of these two lands.

First of all, who is asking blessed land, he must believe that there is a blessed land, and he must also believe that there is a cursed land. When he is believing in a holy and blessed land and a cursed land, that person must ask: ’Who prepared these two lands? They are going to be in existence by themselves, or someone is putting them in their own situation, their own prepared place in existence?’ Blessings and curse never come from a blessed or a cursed land, no. No reason for these two lands to have such an authority or such a choice for themselves, no. They are two lands- just put in one of them blessings, and in the other one curse.

Maybe for example a dessert and a green valley. That greenness is just put in the valley and that difficult position is just put in the dessert. A person may live in a green valley, but through a dark and huge dessert he can’t live. Through the green valley has been put the reason of life: water, springs, rain, but through the dessert the reason of life has not been granted. Therefore people may live in a green valley, but not in a dessert. Both places are on earth, but they are under different Tajallis, appearances. On the green valley the appearance is from Allah Almighty’s favour oceans, life oceans, but the second one is from Allah’s very heavy appearance of Qahar, the one who takes everything away from life. Two appearances appeared and through two different places on earth. It is not from the nature of earth, but belongs to Heavens. If not in such a way, if it was only the nature of earth, it would be impossible to find oasis through huge desserts. That means someone’s will may do this through this huge dessert a protected land that may be there life! People live there and it is not from the nature of earth, but that will belongs to someone who puts that oasis through a huge dessert.

Therefore who believes in a holy blessed land, must believe that it is not from the nature of the land, but that one who put His blessings on it makes the land a holy land and blessed land. And also for Hells: That is the land of Allah Almighty’s divine Anger, the centre of divine Anger, which destroys, kills, takes away, takes His revenge. Therefore everyone who believes in a holy land, a blessed land, and a cursed land, must believe that someone is putting His blessings or curse in both of these two lands, and he must say that that one must be in existence and that He must be someone whose will covers everyone’s will, so that no will may be over His will. And that He is that one who can do everything and no one can prevent Him to do anything as He likes. He is sending clouds to the green valley, and not to the dessert. As He likes. He is sending from His favour oceans, rain, through Paradises, and preventing it from cursed lands.

And first of all that is the way of Iman, faith, that just announced and declared to all mankind fro the first day that S.Adam landed on earth. He was in Paradise and his knowledge about Paradise is not as his children’s knowledge, because he knew Paradise and lived in it. His knowledge was Ilm ul Yaqin, Ain ul Yaqin, Haqq ul Yaqin. He was in it, he saw it, he lived in it, and he knew its existence with full knowledge on these three degrees. Adam’s knowledge was just Ilm, Ain and Haqq ul Yaqin, that no one can change his mind, because he was in Paradise, he lived in it and looked to it. No one can say to Adam: No Paradise. They can’t cheat him. But he who never had been in Paradise can be cheated. Therefore the Lord of Heavens, the Creator of all creatures, said: ’You must believe.’ That is first opening for people for an understanding of the holy land, the sacred, clean and blessed land, Paradise. And on another side also coming another opening that whom not reaching blessings, going to reach to curse.

Therefore when a person is going to believe in Allah Almighty as the Lord of the whole creation, as Creator, he will ask which thing carries and leads him to the land of Paradise, the land of blessings. Because man is doing so many things, so many works through his life from goodness and badness, and then he is asking which work is the work of blessed people, and which work is satanic work?

When you are asking about the works of blessed people you are touching prophets. Your belief reaches to the prophets, and when you are asking what was their works, then you can understand what they did for their works and how they were calling people to do their best for reaching the holy land of Paradise. That is the safe way. I was in England and I was surprised the first time when I saw a big supermarket, its name: Safeway. I was thinking: ’Perhaps it is an advertisement for people to come through Churches and religious people make this.’ I thought it is an advertisement from religious centres, calling people to the safe way. Then I understood that it is for a market, it is a supermarket’s name. Calling people, Safeway, and people go there, because very good name. I am sorry to say that people in the 21st century don’t ask safe way. How they can ask? They are drunk people. Is it possible for a drunken person to ask safe way and by himself he fell in an unsafe way? How he can ask safe way?

People live on earth and everything, every means of blessings Allah Almighty granted to us, but we are drunk people mostly. The whole population on earth is drunk, not asking the means of a safe way, to reach to the safe way, because they are drunk and falling in an unsafe valley of cursed land. La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llah. Their lives beginning here also to be the life of cursed land people. All unbelievers, all people who don’t ask cursed or blessed land, are in fire now, and their fire is not like ordinary fire. Flames through their hearts burning them.

You think the President of Amerika feels himself in a blessed land? You think in Germany Chancelor Schroeder thinks that he is in a blessed land? Or that Turkey’s President claims to be in a blessed land? The King of Saudi country, you think he is feeling that he is living in a blessed land through his palaces? Palestine, Russia, China or Japan? Which country’s top people who claim that everything is under their control and about who people think that they are on the top point of happiness ad pleasure- ask them if they are in a blessed land, if where they live is a piece of blessed land? Never. Italia, Switzerland, East and West? No. Common people think that everything is for these people, that they must be so happy. But ask them, no one is going to say: ’We are on a holy land.’ They never say. Therefore now the people of the whole world are on an unsafe way, leading them to the cursed land. They know that they are now on a cursed land and their ways to Hells.

Allah Almighty is saying and informing in the Holy Quran about those people who never think about the holy and the cursed land, and who say that everything is here and that there is no other life. Allah Almighty is saying that blessed people on earth from now on are on holy land, because they reached peace through their hearts. They sleep peacefully and live peacefully, because they have been sheltered. Allah Almighty is saying: ’They are in Naim?????through every kind of pleasures, it is for them.’ Thinking for common future and their hearts are going to fill with happiness and blessings and they say: ’When am I going to reach the blessed land, o my Lord?’ They are so happy.

But who is not asking about the cursed land, never interesting in it, they are from now on falling in depthless sufferings and fear, unrest and discomfort, and no hope for them. They say: ’Tomorrow is going to be worse and after tomorrow worst’, and they are going to melt physically and spiritually, finishing and vanishing. And that is their choice. They chose it and they have been given. Who choses the holy land and blessings follows the steps of blessed people and should reach. And he may smell and feel the blessings of Paradise, and day by day is going to come an opening and coming also a new breathing from the holy land of Paradises. Not coming any dark day, but going to come to them good tidings.

O people, this is important. You make your decision. You have been created and granted something through your heart to know that and to use your mentality and to choose one of two lands. These few words are enough for all mankind. It is a short association, just taken from the essence of the holy Books, that is granted to a weakest servant to speak on it. If people accept, their lives are going to be blessed and their end is a blessed end eternally. If not taking care on it, asking to continue on their unblessed and cursed way, they should reach to Hells and fire is burning on earth, day by day getting more and more and the situation worse and worse. Everyone is going to die, everyone must pass from this life. But don’t think everyone is going to the same place, no. Everyone you see taken by undertakers to the cemeteries, but don’t think their graves are same. When they close the tomb, an opening is coming for blessed people to the holy land, and for cursed people opening the entrance and the way to the cursed land. But we are burying all and think it is okay, that when they are buried they are all same. No, they are not going to be same.

May Allah forgive me and bless you. I was tired, but Alhamdulillah just came something to speak. They granted to you something and it is not only for you, but I am addressing all mankind. If people ask their happiness, pleasure and pleasement, they should take care through this advice. Or everyone is going to carry his responsibility for himself. We are here. Even we are living together, but everyone is alone. Don’t be cheated that you live with people. Even it is crowded, but you are alone, and everyone should be taken alone, lonely. Everyone is going to be buried in his grave alone, he should be alone. Everyone in his own is alone. Try that may be sent to you from heavenly beings, not to leave you lonely, when you leave this life. And that is for blessed land people; coming blessed beings from Heavens to be with him or with her. If a person is dying, everyone is asking to escape from him. Then he feels his loneliness, and Allah Almighty sends to that blessed servant from His blessed land beings to be with that one, not to leave him alone, but to be with him or her forever.

May Allah send us some miraculous servants to save us from unsafe ways to the safe way towards the blessed land for the honour of His most honoured servant S.Muhammad sws.---Lefke - 17.02.2002----CategoryParadise, CategoryBlessing
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