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{{image class=left alt=Book Cover url="images/big/123.jpg" }} {{image class=left alt=Book Cover url="images/big/123_2nd.jpg" }} ---1st ed. / 2nd ed.
**Divine Power Oceans.**
Words of Truth Inviting to Reality: Spiritual Discourses of a Living Master 1424-25/2003-04. Sheikh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani. Hellenthal: Warda Publikationen 2004. 118 Pages. Transcripts of Maulanas Talks, held in English at the Dergah in Lefke, Northern Cyprus during the years 1424/1425 (2003/2004). Transcribed by Abdal Hafidh Wentzel. (2. Ed. 1000 copies, paperback, Damascus, Ramadan 1425/Oct. 2004)----{{category col=1}}---- BookList
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