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Mercy Oceans

(Mercy Oceans Book One) The Teachings of Maulana Abdullah al-Faizi ad-Daghestani by Shaykh Nazim Qubrisi. 1980. 190 S. This book is taken from talks given in English by Shaykh Nazim to his American murids in Damascus. The talks are from notes taken during his years with Shaykh Abdullah ad-Daghestani. (1984 als Faksimile-Druck neu auflegt von Haqqani Publications). BookFulltext is available (PDF, 15MB).
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BookMeerDerBarmherzigkeit [BookMeerDerBarmherzigkeit]
GoodCharacterPeopleAreHealthyInTheirSpiritualLives [GoodCharacterPeopleAreHealthyInTheirSpiritualLives]
IslamCameToTeachPeopleGoodCharacter [IslamCameToTeachPeopleGoodCharacter]
IslamIsPermanentKufrTemporary [IslamIsPermanentKufrTemporary]
WhyWeMustGoBackToTheStates [WhyWeMustGoBackToTheStates]

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