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{{image class=left alt=Book Cover url="images/big/2.jpg" }}---**---Mercy Oceans Book Two.**--- Winter Lectures 1400 H. (1980 A.D.) The Teachings of Mevlana Sheikh Abdullah Ed-Daghistani En-Naqshbandi As expounded upon by our Master Mevlana Sheikh Nazim Adil El-Qubrusi En-Naqshbandi. Konya, Turkei: Sebat Offset Pr., 1980. 242 S. S.225-242 doppelt gedruckt. (2008 neu aufgelegt von PublisherSpohr als Faksimile-Druck unter der ISBN 978-9963-40-001-0) BookFulltext is available at ----{{category col=1}}---- BookList
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