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Mercy Oceans Divine Sources.

Konya, Turkei: Sebat Offset Pr., 1984. 79 p. Selected lectures from 1983 (Englang, Germany) and 1984 (Cyprus). Newly published in 2012 by ; Deutsche Ausgabe unter dem Titel BookQuellenDesMeeresDerBarmherzigkeit. BookFulltext is available (PDF, 12MB).
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BookQuellenDesMeeresDerBarmherzigkeit [BookQuellenDesMeeresDerBarmherzigkeit]
HealingOfTheHeart [HealingOfTheHeart]
MededAskingSupportFromGrandsheikh [MededAskingSupportFromGrandsheikh]
WhenTragedyComesIntoLive [WhenTragedyComesIntoLive]

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