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{{image class=left alt=Book Cover url="images/big/38.jpg" }}---**---Mystical Secrets of the last Days.**--- Los Altos, CA : Haqqani Islamic Trust for New Muslims, distrib. by Kazi Publications, 1995. 144 S.; Republication of BookTheSecretsBehindTheSecretsBehindTheSecrets.

In these lectures to residents of a Hindu community in Switzerland, the Shaykh unveils the mystical secrets of the last days. Speaking from heart knowledge, the reader learns about Armageddon, Anti-Christ, the expected coming of the Mahdi and the second coming of Jesus. Those who wish to prepare for these events, which many expect may happen soon, must treat their evil side of the ego, for it is this side of the ego that stands in the way of human perfection.----{{category col=1}}---- BookList
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