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Maulana Sheikh NazimBosnia: At the Time of the Ottomans there was Peace in this region!
This area used to be under Ottoman rule. It took more than military know-how to be able to conquer such a place, it took spiritual power. On the eve of the conquest in 1463 Sultan Mehmed Fatih was very worried, because he was not sure that Islam would be able to stay there forever. The next morning, however, he was full of certainty. When asked why, he told his people that Prophet Muhammad* had appeared in front of him and reassured him of success. Wherever you go here you see Muslim cemeteries, which is a proof of this being a Muslim area. The Ottomans ruled here for 500 years, and this was only possible because they were just. We have to be aware of this even though neither the Europeans, nor the Turks want it to be Muslim. The Bosnians themselves lean on their Ottoman tradition and show the Ottoman flag everywhere! If they did that in Turkey, they would be arrested. The Muslim countries which are being ruled by the Wahabis also do not want Islam here, nor does Iran. Libya doesn't know what it wants. During the time of Ottoman rule, this area was peaceful.
In the course of centuries the Jewish people were longing for their own state. Within this plan the Sultan, as was monarchy, was in their way, because Palestine was a part of the Ottoman Empire. So democracy was invented: "Why should only one rule? That is not just! Power is for everyone!" Parties were formed: the party of the jackals, the party of the wolves, the party of the foxes, the party of the scorpions... a party of the rats was also formed, which was especially dangerous because it attacked from underneath. The different groups of people were incited against each other: "You are someone better because you are a Serb. You are Croatian. You are Pomak..." Where people had been living peacefully they were now starting to say, "This is my mountain, here is the border..."

Until then nationalism had not existed in the Ottoman Empire. The different groups were self administrated and had different tasks within the running of the Empire. The majority of the Wezirs, the ministers, came from Bosnia. But the more nationalism increased and the Ottoman Empire started to collapse, the more the hate between the different people increased. The wolves, rats, scorpions and foxes all started to demand claims on different areas and to use military force to achieve their goals. This resulted in civilian wars and struggles in which much blood was spilt and whole peoples were extinguished, for example the Pomaks. Until then there had been peace in the Balkans.

The jackals, wolves and other beasts wanted to have power for themselves, and the lion, who had ruled as their king until then, was in their way. They advised him to change his outer appearance completely and to modernise. He agreed. First they removed his beard. Then they wanted to give him new teeth, to make his face more beautiful. "Maybe you will not be able to chew for some time," he was told, "but don't worry, we will bring you soup!". The result of the operation was that the inside of his mouth resembled an empty cave. He was served the promised soup of snails which were filled with heroin and opium. He fell into a deep sleep during which his claws were cut. When he woke up a mirror was held up and he was told, "See how good you look. You are now a modern lion!" The poor lion was put out on show in the market square. Soon afterwards he died of shame and grief. Instead of burying him, he was just left to lie there. When the vultures were finished with him, only the bones remained and these can now be seen for a fee in a museum.

The Jews are now also divided. The discord they spread they now have in their own land. The Conservatives are against the progressives. Some American Jews do not even want to recognise the State of Israel.

It is impossible to drive Islam out of Bosnia. Muslims are not only here in Bosnia, but in Sancak, Makedonia, Kosova, Bulgaria and Greece. They will unite and be stronger than before. They will call the Sultan and go with him to Istanbul. He will win and there will not be many losses on the side of the Bosnians. By the end of this century the Sultanate will have strong roots. Monarchy is on its way, oligarchy is finished. What is sown will bear fruits. No-one can change that. Monarchy brings people together, democracy makes people ill and envious. The devil wants to divide us. Parties divide people and create chaos. A Sultan unites the community.

- 01.01.1997
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