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Muhammad-ul-Mehdi a.s. is a descendant of the Holy Prophet S.Muhammad sws through his daughter Fatima-tu-Zahra and her sons S.Hassan and S.Hussein r.a. in the 4oth generation. So he is Sayid- Hassani and Husseini. His parents live near Jeddah. He was born between 193o and 194o in the Wadi Fatima, a green valley on the way from Jeddah to Medina. When he was growing up, miraculous looks started to come out of him. He had such lights. The lookings of people started to come very much on him because his growth was miraculous. He has a spot of ashes on his right cheek, like a star, and his arms reach to his knees.

By the order of the Prophet sws he was taken away from people by the Awliya- Nuqaba, Nujaba, Budala, Autad and Ahyar, whose Imam is Shahabu’din- to a place behind the Mountain of Qaf. Then he was ordered to remain in the empty quarters, the Ruba Qali, a desert between Saudi Arabia and Yemen. No one can go there, because there is quick-sand, moving sands. He is not living with ordinary people now because he has such heavy power, that people can’t be able to look to him. He is living in that desert with His 99 Caliphs- highly spiritual, powerful people. There is a huge cave; its entrance is 4o meters wide. In that cave is the ‘Dome of Happiness’, which has been built by the Angels. No one can approach that cave because it is protected by Jinns, who send out electricity that may kill anyone and throw them away. Mehdi a.s. and his Caliphs are there, waiting for and expecting the holy command of Allah Almighty to appear. S.Mehdi a.s. is the most spiritual person on earth now, and all Awliya are under his command.

When he appears, he will say: "Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar..." , three times, in Damascus, and this will be heard from East to West. And the Archangel Gibrail a.s. will shout: "Caliphatu’llah! Allah Almighty’s Caliph has just appeared! Join his army, oh believers!" Everything will be clear. S.Mehdi will appear with such a power that all technology will stop...

Each man in his army will be worth an army. soldiers from five countries of the West (known only to the Awliya) will come. They are always in contact with Divine Powers, which is a sign of real faith. They are steadfast, never turning their face from the Face of Allah Almighty under any circumstances. Armies turn to ashes under their gaze. They are descendants of Sayidina Ali r.a.wa k.A.w. When S.Mehdi says: “Allahu akbar!” they will be ready at the South gate of Damascus, from Amman. S. Mehdi is coming as a Saviour before S.Isa a.s. to stop Armageddon, the 3rd World War, with Divine Power, because no one and nothing except Divine Power can stop it. No country will remain neutral in this war.

All the bombs are under the control of Jinns, and the Jinn are under the command of S.Mehdi a.s. So nothing will be by chance; it will be only as much as Allah is asking. Everything is just arranged. There is a group of Saints, the 5 Qutubs, that look after everything according to the Will of Allah. Nothing on this earth happens by chance or accident. And nothing happens without a reason... Armageddon is the War between East and West, and it is written that the West will win and the East will vanish. This biggest of all wars is between the believers, followers of Jesus Christ, people who have prepared themselves for the Saviour, and the followers of the Anti-Christ, unbelievers, who are running after this life’s pleasures, following materialistic thoughts, seeking pleasures which their egos are asking for, asking for every freedom. They are people who always come into contact with the devil, falling under his control, and supporting the kingdom of Shaitan. They will be with the Anti-Christ because they are evil in themselves. The devils will carry them to the source of evil and devils: The Anti-Christ.

Mankind is now following satanic teachings, supporting the kingdom of devils on earth, and that is why a storm of fire will come as a punishment, blowing from East to West, North to South. The supporters of the devils will die, but the supporters of the Saviours S.Mehdi and S.Isa a.s. will be saved. There is no shelter for cruel people who harm others, or disobedient people who do prohibited things. Therefore everybody must try to prevent his ego from doing bad things and from having bad intentions... There is no shelter for unbelievers; nothing and no one can protect them. There is always the danger that Divine Revenge will reach them, even underground or in the skies... Therefore to believe is the first shelter. Wrong beliefs are also dangerous. For these people it will be like they have a shield with holes around themselves, so that Divine Revenge arrows may reach them. Therefore another shelter is to believe in the right way.

For some people their good character will be a shelter; people with good intentions who are pityful, helpful, just and respectful towards others, loving them. And another shelter is to give charity and to pray and make Sajda. Allah Almighty is promising to shelter good servants. Everybody must ask how he can be a good one.

Now everything is mixed up; Truth with untruth, goodness with badness, purity with dirtiness. Until the last World War comes, the times will get worse and worse. When Jesus a.s. comes he will put everything in its place, and no one will be able to object... The 21st century will be the century of truth. In the last days so many men will be killed. There will be 40 times more women than men. This is because men are mostly cruel. So many of them will die, and most of the women will stay. And in that War from seven people six will die and one will remain... For those women who don’t have a husband anymore Allah will send people from behind the Mountain of Qaf, so that no one will be alone in that time. When S.Mehdi a.s. comes, he will bring with him so many people from unknown worlds around this earth- Nuqaba, Nujaba, Budala, Autad and Ahyar...

The world will be empty after that War...everywhere will be open for the believers. According to their Kismet, which is written on the ‘Lauh-ul-Mahfuth’, the Preserved Tablet, S. Mehdi a.s. will show everyone their place... After this big War people will be like a candle ready for the match. S.Mehdi a.s. will open the seed of faith in their hearts, opening the hearts of the believers who lived through that War. Common people will be dressed sainthood and will be granted miraculous powers and lights from Allah Almighty. Awliya will be love-springs... People will be perfect servants of Allah, living on prayer and Dhikr, and swimming in love-oceans... Everywhere you will find the Love of the Lord... creatures will take from you that Divine Love. We are created for that. The perfection of creation should appear in those days... No one will be interested in eating or drinking. And if they should ask to eat something, light quality natural food should come from the skies. Everyone will take his share and Dhikr should burn it, so there will be no need for toilets... May Allah make us reach those days...

Bi hurmati’l Habib, Fatiha


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