It is very important for Muslims to follow Tariqats so that they can be shown the way to practise Islam. It is not enough to learn many things from books, but it is essential to know how to practise what you know. A person may learn everything concerning surgery from books, but does it mean that he can make an operation? He will probably be more of a butcher than a surgeon if he doesn't practise with an authorised surgeon! To learn from books is nothing without practice. People keep big books in their librares. They have 100 or 1000 books, and there is nothing in it! Islam needs practice!

What are we going to practise? We will practise servanthood, because Islam has brought the perfect method of servanthood to mankind. That is why Allah Almighty has sent the Holy Quran and His Praised Servant to teach us how to practise the Holy Quran. There are so many ignorant and foolish people who deny Muslims their right of having teachers. There must be two kinds of teachers: learned-ones and Sheiks. The learned-ones can teach the knowledge and the Sheiks how to use it.

New Muslims nowadays get an allergy when you speak to them about Sheiks. They start to tremble. Their egos cannot accept it, because they have already made their own ego into their idol. They are so foolish and ignorant. They do not look at the life of the Prophet and his companions. If it was enough with a book alone, Allah Almighty could have sent papers down on people telling them how to administer their life. But that is not what Allah Almighty did. He sent His Book to His Prophet and His Prophet taught them of how to practise. All this means that it is not enough to read the Holy Quran. You cannot understand it.

But new Muslims are denying all this. They are so ignorant and foolish. Allah Almighty sent the Archangel Gabriel to His Praised one, to Sayidina Muhammad, may peace be upon him. And the Angel said to him, "Oh, Muhammad, look at me, I am making wudu." He then stood infront of Muhammad and prayed 2 rakaats and the Prophet followed his example. If the Prophet hadn't showed us, how would we have known how to pray? Had the explanations in the Holy Quran or in the Hadith been enough? Can anyone claim such a thing? If the companions had to follow someone, how can it be possible that we in our time should leave the Muslims without a trainer to teach them?

These new-fashioned people are trying to take away the mazabs, the imams of the tariqat. They say, "Look at the Quran and find your way!" Oh, foolish person, it is as if you have a motorway and you will tell me not to go, but to open another way through the mountains. At the same time these people think that they are so intellectual and very important, because they are doctors, doctors of ignorance.

That is why I am giving everyone who denies these things a broom to clean the mosque and the places for wudu, because they will never keep anything in their head. This is a training-centre, for women and men and for all Muslims and all mankind. It is to teach them the way of servanthood of Allah Almighty. We must try to become better from day to day. Our actions should be better, better than yesterday. If you feel that you are getting better, the question is of course, how you know this? One way is to see that the importance of this world gets smaller in your heart and the love for Allah grows. The sign that this love is growing, is that you will feel refreshment, enjoyment and satisfaction. Sadness will leave you, because that is only connected to this world. This world makes you sad, but whoever believes in the world hereafter, will be happy and sadness will leave you. It will make you pleased because you are believing in eternal life. It means that you are believing in Allah Almighty and in his neverending existence. Whoever believes in eternal life must be pleased, but who denies it, who can be? This life is coming to an end, more and more from day to day. How can it make you happy?

So if you ask yourself from day to day if you are improving, then ask yourself if you are feeling pleasure in your heart. That is a good sign that you are improving and getting better. If sadness comes, then you must cry for yourself because sadness is a bad sign. If pleasure grows through your heart, then that is a good sign of your goodness. We are trying to give that to people from day to day. It is the beginning of good servanthood to be happy with Allah, to be pleased with Allah. Those are good signs. It means that your soul is covering your personality and not leaving you in darkness. The ego always carries people into darkness. Whoever follows his ego will finally have such bad feelings. Your soul carries you to lights and your ego carries you to darkness. You may follow your ego or your soul. If you feel a sadness, then look quickly why you are sad. If you believe in Allah Almighty and in eternal life, then how can you be sad? If you believe in paradise and that goodness will be rewarded, then why will you be sad? It means that your ego is carrying you to darkness to be sad. Stop it quickly and change your direction to the direction of your soul. In every moment blessings are coming to your soul and if you follow your soul you will reach blessings all the time from Allah Almighty and those blessings will give you refreshments and deep pleasures in your heart.

Imagine two people in the evening. One is fasting, the other one isn't. They are sitting at the same table. One had followed the way of his soul and had fasted. The second followed his ego, and didn't. The person who has fasted feels a refreshment throughout his heart which the other person cannot imagine. One of them will be in pleasure, the other one in sadness. Whoever follows his soul follows the Prophet and the way to heavens and the way to Divine Presence. That is why he will be in pleasure. But the ego follows satan and satan takes him to darkness.

Oh people, try to become better from day to day. As long as you are with Allah, you will always be pleased because blessings are coming on you. When you are with your ego you will always be sad. If a person goes to the mosque, his heart will be full of pleasure, but if he goes to the pub, there will be no pleasure. He will have a stomach-ache and head-ache. He will ache everywhere. Even more than that someone might even beat him up when he comes out. All of this because people are members of satanic centres. Every pub belongs to that category. Oh people, try to be good-ones! It is suitable to be a member of humanity. Whoever claims to be that, must try to be good. That is suitable. If not you will belong to the four-legged or six-legged people of the jungle.

May Allah forgive us. He is great, so great, endless great. And we are endlessly small. But nevertheless He lets us find out about Him. He makes it possible for us to believe in Him, to worship Him, to love Him, to love his endless beauty oceans. What a greatness! We thank Him and He hears us, He has perfect hearing. We are so small, and yet He hears us, He is listening, He is with us!

Italy - 01.03.1994

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