Maulana Sheikh NazimCARE OF THE SICK
Islam is merciful. In Islam it is good manners that we look after our patients, ill people, in our homes, not give them over to the government as is done nowadays in Western countries, and in eastern countries too - huge hospitals, endless hospitals, endless wards. What is that? In Islam everyone must look after patients in their homes. Doctors must come to look after them. There is no need for nurses and sisters and thousands and thousands of workers to be a burden on the government. And no pity from those hospitals workers either.
There is a news now, saying three nurses in Vienna killed seventy patients and the government minister says that those old people were bad ones and you must trust your nurses. That declaration coming from civilised western countries! We don't like this, because they are going to be like robots - no more pity, always they are getting fed up. Therefore, in Islam patients must be looked after by their families. In the atmosphere of their families patients will get treated more quickly. If humanity may practise Islam, this world will be a Paradise.

When a person is dying they are not allowing him to remain at home but he is taken quickly to hospital, even not allowing a person to die at his home. So many people are crying not to be in hospital, but pitiless family members are carrying them by force to hospital and the hospital gives them something quickly to make them go and then puts them in the morgue to be frozen.

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