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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**Certificates are Granted to Evolutionists from Satan**

(partial Sohbat)

(cut off) ...saying "no, no, no, no," They never learned to say, "yes, yes, yes." Always saying "no,It is not true. no, it can't be. no, it never happened.
they learned, Shaytaan teaching them only to say "no, no, no." For every knowledge, for every thing that written through holy books, and coming from heavens, they learn only to say "no not true, no, no, no" because Shaytaan giving to them certificiate. Certificate.And tying on their tails "doctor". Written on their tails "doctor".
They have tail? Because they are saying they are coming from gorillas. Ay, gorilla it has a tail, (imitates someone speaking in high voice) "but its tail is small one, this one must be taller, because what saying, tekamun it is something else. Evolution. First they were gorilla, now coming on."
"Evolution coming and before their tail from here up to there, but now because going to be much more elegant, and their tales coming smaller, smaller and smaller and then they are saying, "O, o my brother. I am thinking that it is a wrong theory, that Darwin saying, because at the time of Darwin it has 2 metres tail. Now we finished (that time) and saying, "because Shaytaan's making circumcision making you from background.
Very elegant creature! Creature."
Ah! after a while, because you may be in need, because you are too much running, humm, and you may be in need more than two legs, four legs to run.That is much more elegant for you and Darwin should be so happy with you that your evolution going on. Perhaps after one century you should be kayak gibi, soyler, you need more than 2, up to 40 legs."
People's thinking is wrong because Shaytaan is giving its certificate to those idiot ones. Shaytaan, Satan, Devil, electing and selecting. Like Tamocracy, because people they are saying that everyone must, people running. "What happened" "There is election." "Yesterday there was election". "Yes. Today there is election."
You must bring much more animal-looking people. Not understanding my English?
Say thanks to Allah that they are not such a certificated people from Shaytaan. That is teaching.
I may say. If anyone may do a reject on it, may come and I shall bring another new jihaz, instrument, come here. You too much running and no understanding reality from Darwin's theory. haaah!
Therefore we must do a checkup on you. Really you are coming from your ancestors gorilla or not?
Ay, for this we are in need two witnesses. From where we are bringing two witnesses? We must bring from animals world. Eh. One must be gorilla; second must be chimpanzee; another one to be orangutan.
Yes? (from Indonesia?) From everywhere you can bring to make ape, to be witness that "that person he is from our level but he is running much more than ourselves, then he changed and never looking ourselves, but only their minds changed, their bodies, throw it away. Useless, their bodies."
May Allah correct our beliefs. O people! You have been created to be deputies of the Lord of heavens. That means you have an honor over every creature.
Even angels they were hoping to be deputies of the Lord, Almighty Allah. but He said, "no, I am creating." But those animal-looking ones they are not accepting this and they are saying "we are coming from jungles of Africa or coming from gigantic forest of Argentina or another where, your continent you have also."
(Indonesian has orangutans) Orangutan. A`udhu billah, a`udhu billah.
O people! correct your minds. you cannot correct your minds til you are finding a shey, oncu, measure to measure yourself and to make a temiz, differentiate, defrenchate, among Egyptian people, Kurdish people, yeah.
You must bring a measure, measuring. Not your physical being but we are in need a shey, meezan ni derler, balance, sometimes they are saying for cars you must do balance, you must look the balance is true or not.
Before cars they must look to people's minds, how they are. Yes! Use balance for mankind first. Hear what they are saying. Listen.
Now whole mankind without balance they are living and no-mind people, getting, coming, coming.
All troubles for mankind now because of this, because they haven't any balance.
But we are not going like cars to a making an instrument to look that balance, your balance whole mankind without balance. They are living and no-mind people getting, coming, coming. All troubles for mankind now for the cause of this, because they haven't any balance.
But they are not going like cars to a makinist, mechanic, to look balance. Your balance must be heavenly. The Lord of Heavens is sending some elected selected honored glorified servants, from heavens, to look and to see and to show people that your balance is wrong.
Therefore now people they never like to be balanced. They are saying, "Everything we know. We are not in need heavenly blanace. We can do our balance."
(If) You can do your balance then you are going to be like jungle people. Whole trouble on earth now is on that point.
Heavenly balance is in Old Testament, New Testament, Pslams. And now these aside 15 centuries and coming with the Holy Quran, the most glorified one, the most majestic one in the Divinely Presence. He is the chief for looking people's balances.
Use Shari`atAllah. Shari`atAllah, you know? The Holy orders of Lord of heavens to know about your balance, good or bad. Who are you? You may know that time. That is important.
O people! Come and follow holy Shari`at, Holy Rules, Holy Commands coming from heavens through heavenly ones to save yourselves here and hereafter. If not cursing should continue til no one remaining on this planet, all of them going to kill each other and finished.
That is the sign of the Last Day, Qiyamat, that people should lose their balance and they are not going to be happy with heavenly balance and they are saying, "We are not in need of heavenly orders! We can do as we like and we can arrange our lives according to our minds. We are not in need to follow prophets or to listen to them or to obey them, we are free ones." Therefore freedom in Tamokracy, pocracy pasawanklar. Hypocrisy.
(Everywhere there) is Tamocracy, (there is) fighting. O people! Fight against Shaytaan! Keep holy balance that just had been sent before 15 centuries, you should be happy and honorable and glorified ones in the Divinely Present or you are going to be dirtiest one, more worse than Satan and its followers. May Allah forgives us.
O people! We are in a holy month, holy Ramadan. That it gives us a balance according to our maqdirah, ability. Keep it. Keep it. Put your power on your being to be our beings not from this world but you must ask heavenly beings in Paradise. Paradise is waiting for you and death is running after you.
May Allah forgives us. O our Lord forgive us. O our Lord send us someone's that they may do good shepherd on Your servants, to change their bad ways to good ways, from bad doings to best doings.
You may understand, even my English is only little bit but you may understand what I am saying.
O people! Come and listen to heavenly messages and try to follow it to be happy here and hereafter.
Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah `Azeez Allah
Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah Kareem Allah
Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah SubhanaAllah
Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah Sultan Allah
You are Sultan! And Your deputy Sultan on earth through creation, O our Lord, Sayyidina Muhammad (s)
(stand and all recite)
Allahuma salli `ala Sayyidina Muhammadin an-nabi al-umiyy wa `ala aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam.
(some French people want to do a song for you.)
(Announcing: they are inspired by Quran from Alam nashrah laka sadrak, )

Lefke, 28.08.2009

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