Maulana Sheikh NazimThe place of Charity in Islam
In Islam rich ones must look after poor ones, powerful ones must look after weak ones. That is important. In Islam there are no big mouths eating the provisions of the poor. Islam is against big business like supermarkets. Supermarkets kill or destroy small business people. Islam is against that. Big companies take the provisions of all the people for themselves. Those companies must allow ordinary people to make small business for everyone, not make people slaves to a handful of people. Therefore, the Islamic economy is the best one and looks after all poor and weak people. Poor people must be protected and weak people also must be looked after, must be taken care of.
Muslim community must respect each other, must extend help to each other, must try to establish in their neighbourhood charity purposes, WAKF, charitable foundations or trusts for the benefit of the community. Everyone must try. In earlier times we had that good traditional custom - even peasants were giving one olive tree or one carob tree or a piece of land for the benefit of the community (to revere?). They were trying to make charity. That is most important for everyone to do. The beauty of Islam is charming, the perfection of Islam is so magnificent, but ignorant people do not understand. The Islamic world is full of charitable foundations, thousands or ten thousands or hundred thousand of foudations or million foundations for charity, living now. That is also our relationship with each other and towards the government. You must be obedient and you must try to do something - leaving charities for every.

Overtime work should be for the purposes of charity, for the sake of Allah, to support his religion, to support Muslims and to support humanity, not himself. After eight hours work, overtime should be in Islam for the Ummah or for humanity, for the sake of Allah - it is not for yourself. But this has stopped now - everyone is working only for himself. Overtime, undertime - it is for themselves. Islam is bringing perfect rules for the life of mankind. Therefore, I say overtime should be for the Ummah, for the nation, for humanity. Islam is the most perfect humanitarian - you can't find a more humanitarian system than Islam. If we can practise that, this world will be changed into Paradise. Because, everyone can think about it, if one million people are giving one hour, that comes to one million hours, at least one million hours daily you could give for the charity of mankind, for the nation - how would this world be? Who can bring more than this, more perfect than Islam?

Whatever a person does after his eight hours - it is for Allah. We are saying - eight for you, eight hours for Allah. During that you may give one hour, two hours, three hours, for worship in these hours, you may dig your garden in these hours (because it is going to be charity for the nation), you may read books for the sake of Allah - to learn, to teach or to practise - it is for Allah, you may sit with people, making association, you are looking after guests for the sake of Allah, it is for Allah, looking after your children, teaching them for the sake of Allah, it is for Allah.

(Der Morgenstern 1997(7))

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