Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim Childish Theories of 21st Century Drunken Scientists

Dastoor ya Sayyidee madad. O people, as-salaam `alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

We are standing in the Divinely Presence saying (standing up) Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar...wa lillahil-hamd. He is Creator, we are His weak servants. I Allah said "I created man weak" You may imagine how weakness just put on you. Dressed on you. O people we are so weak ones, weak ones, if Allah Almighty saying "I created man and dressed them power then you may be a little bit to say we are something." But the Lord of heavens who created man, saying, “wa khuliqal-insaanu da`eefa - Just mankind created weak. “ Keep your edeb, o mankind! Keep your good manner with Your Creator. Don't try to be a proud one, no! Absolute Pride for Your Lord, for Our Lord.

And then we are saying as-salaatu was-salaamu `alayk Ya Sayyid al-awaleen wal-akhireen. Whole honor and glory just granted for creature granted to Seal of Prophets (s), just granted to that one whom (Allah) created whole creation for his honor. Allah Almighty saying, "O My Beloved one, I am dressing to you from My Mercy Oceans and for your honor what I created from pre-eternal up to Eternal. Salla Allahu `alayk Ya sayyid al-awaleen wal-akhireen, sall Allahu `alayk Ya Sayyidina Muhammad... Allahuma zidhu nurun wa sharafan wa karam wa majaadan wa `adhama. We are asking forgiveness from Our Lord. I am ashaming, but through Holy Ones' Order I am sitting here as a weak servant and I say, "O My Masters! I am knowing nothing. Please grant to me O My Master, grant to me, something.

Our Masters, Masters of Creation, whole prophets, first of all the Seal of Prophet Sayyidina Muhammad (s) (stands up) that all creation for his honor coming from invisible worlds to visible side. Yes. Holy Ones They have powers. they are powerful ones. But their power not power like power that you are understanding. What technology using power that is another kind power. And the Lord of Heavens He has endless Power Oceans. And His Power Oceans, one just different from second one. Allahu Akbar! We are trying to say something or to show something to understanding people.

Yes, an ant, it has a kind of understanding. Every creature they have an understanding. And the Majestic Glory of Almighty Allah giving everything a kind of understanding. Not only here we are sitting 10 people, (there) maybe hundred people, (there) maybe 1000 people, (there) maybe million people, (there) maybe billion people, (there) maybe trillion people, (there) maybe pentillion people, (there) maybe more and more people. Endless, look His Glory and Majestic Mighty Being that He is giving everything in existence a kind of understanding, that you have been granted some kind of understanding. Abdus Salam just granted another understanding, but whole understandings may join to each other and all of them going to be through the Lord's Majestic Power Oceans as a atom or less.

Now we are living in 21st century and people they are hayraan, [amazed] amay? [confused] confusing. Now people confusing. About this appearance that we are living on it, (and that is) only our global sayyarah, planet. And our planet is is nothing, as well as the solar system, according to our galaxy it is going to be a little spot, and our galaxy going to be in front or [qiyasan] comparing with gigantic galaxies, our galaxy also is going to disappear, to remain a little spot, and that gigantic galaxies, you can't find their numbers. And as saying now people, whom they are looking and patrolling space, they are saying that galaxies are running like a river with different galaxies. And they can't say that we reached the beginning of that running [flow] of galaxies, from where beginning and running. And what is their beginning and to where they are appointed [destination] destination? Where their destination? And when that running of galaxies from one direction to another direction is it like running everywhere? No [...] There is a iltizaam, there is a rule and order. Rule; through a rule they are running. And for every rule there must be one ruler.

Who is that Ruler? I am asking now, whole scientists. Who is that Ruler that ordering galaxies to run on same direction? No one coming in the opposite direction. For one's direction running to another direction and no one coming from that direction against his direction. That means as a river, running from one direction to another, but when a river running I dont know if any other nahir, river, running in opposite side.

And I am sorry to say that those people who are claiming that they reached to a theory, theory? Big Bang. That is like small children playing. If a five-years old child you may say to that child that there was a big egg and then this egg exploded and coming this universe in existence. That is, I am sorry to say that they must be ashamed to say (this) to people - that is a clearly cheating people. Why are you saying this? Why making people not to think on truth. And they are saying such a foolish ideas to make the beginning of this `alam, universe? I am sorry, really.

They are knowing that those galaxies, all of them are coming in our sights, they are looking and they are saying that running that galaxies on a direction that it is impossible for ourselves to know the begining of that [flow, stream, river] river, how coming and how running. They must say, "O our Lord!" But they are so proud ones and they are insisting on nonsense; insisting for cheating people. Even ants (are) laughing to them; even ants saying "you are foolish ones. How you are saying this and you can teftish etme, investigate? [points up] You are looking and searching beginning of galaxies and their running. Even that also is something just mixed with imaginations. Because that distances no time and no zemeen, [foundation] no foundation. They know it.. They know it. They can't say there was a big bang and that explosion and becoming to become rivers of galaxies, no.

It is so important to say to people, instead to say that one atom [i.e. Big Bang “egg”] it was in existence. And I am saying "where was that existence that one atom, big atom, where it was standing? He wasn't need to be sit down around that mukhayyal, imaginated atom, where it was sitting. Sitting or standing? And it was so restful. (Then) who bringing that match? It needs a big match for making Boom! Heh. No answer. No reply, because they are speaking on imagination and mostly they are people whole lives passing through imagining. And finally that river of galaxies from where coming and to where running? Who is that One Who is that One that sending them, making them to run from one direction to another direction?

Therefore we may say they are coming from pre-eternal and running to eternity. Eternity. Say to me, O scientists, that you are so proud to tell theory stories to people, to make the whole creation in a one egg, in a one atom and making it such and such. That is foolishness. I think all of them were drunk when they were signing that declaration and also tez, thesis. That is a famous thesis. I don't think any one of them was not drunk. Every one was drunk to sign and to say to people that the beginning of this ka'inaat, beings, in such a way. They must be drunk and fully drunk.

Once upon a time there was a kellar, cellar for a person. And that person was keeping through that cellar old drinks, old whiskies, old vodkas, old champagnes, old cognac, he was keeping. One day that person hearing some sounds. It was a sound but abnormal sound. And he is saying, "Must be something, some happening or something wrong. I must go and to look after my cellar." And he was running and looking that one barrel, one barrel, from wood, (they like it wood barrels, they never like other cases). He was looking and looking where coming this loudly shouting. He was looking and seeing one wooden barrel its ghata, kapit, cover. No cover on it. And he was looking and hearing that sound coming from there. He was looking that a small mouse just falling in it, in that barrel and drinking so much, so much, whiskey or vodka or champagne and his head turning like this, like this and saying, "where is that one against me, keeping against ourselves a cat? where is that cat?" His eyes like this (makes his eyes wide) becuase he was full of cognac. Thinking itself, "I am lion here. Where is that man who putting barrels in front of me without cover? Must come." Or "where is that cat that is against ourselves and we are like gigantic beings here. Where is that?" Shouting like that.

Ma`dhoor, they are excused. Exception. And its owner he was so happy to see that small mouse shouting in such a way, and thinking that it is a lion (singing):

"I am lion here, rrrrr.
Where is that cat
that is running after our people?"
We are...
dumm, dumm, dummm, dummm,

We are all mice or wice,
mice or mouse,
against that Satan harming of cats.
Where is that cat? We are here, a mouse,
it may come to me now,
to show that cat
where is its post.

Now our scientists, so much drinking and then saying "Whole universe just happened from one atom and coming in such a way." Same way ayniyor, same method of that mouse, our scientists and proud learned people, saying that (singing):

Where that One who threatening ourselves
with someonethat created this creation.
We are looking for that one,
dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm,

O priests,
O where is that cardinals?
That they are threatening with
Someone that He is gathering ourselves.
dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm,

and putting ourselves in Hells.
We never beliveing in them.
the reality is that we are saying,
it was only one atom,
then explodes and coming everything.

but cardinal
or bishops
or archbishops,
or popes
or patriarchs,
never understanding what we are saying,
because they are no-mind people
and we are we are so big ones,
as that mouse, that falling into a barrel.

(Adhan sounds)

That mouse, I am ordering to Shaykh Sha`eer to find and bring to me. I am ordering to Shaykh Sha`eer to catch that mouse and bring him to me and I am hanging that one on roof and they should be very happy. My listeneeers, you like it? That is tamtheel [representing, acting] acting ones. Every day I am playing with those scientists and every day I am getting another thing and getting a proof that they are like that mouse, falling into a barrel of spirits, cognac, because daily they are falling in another barrel of wines. They are laughing to people, they are trying to cheat people, they are trying to say "No God." They are trying to make people to believe "no God, no Creator," that are such a Shaytan people. I shall show them where it is their opinions, to make them like that mouse that just fall into a wine barrel.

Yes, whole religions, they are source of whole religions is One. From heavens. Their source from heavens and prophets they are not drunk people. But drunk ones are those people who say, "We are scientists and we know everything, and we say this world just created from Big Bang explosion.'" They are just laughing to people and if you are saying why "you are not bringing holy books to teach people reality?" Because you are not understanding real realities. We must know the need to establish a strong buildings, esas, foundation.

I hope and I am weakest one living on earth, but I have been granted some mummayyizaat, some exceptions, to make their wrong ideas and wrong knowledge - that they can't say wrong knowledge - because knowledge can't be wrong, but their imagining just it is wrong. Wrong. I hope to make them to say, la ilaha ill-Allah Sayyidina Muhammadun Rasulullah or they should pass away quickly, quickly the Angel of Death Azraeel running after them to take their souls one after one. No need to use, for Archangel Azraeel to use amot bombs or weapons, no. If (he is) looking (at them) like this falling down, those people.

Yes, O people! Whole books declaring that when Last Days approaching coming Renewer. Mujaddid. Reviver. Reviver must come. I hope that we are to be belonging to that Reviver to be on his service and to be against atheism and we are ready to fight against every wrong idea that Shaytan putting in the minds of people and our fighting should be the biggest from the beginning of this world up to its end to take away everything that Satan giving wrong ideas to people to make and to show, tasheer, to make a show.

Everything wrong from them, Satanic ideas and practices to be under our feet and to show that haqq, reality of this universes, makhlookaat, creation, just built on reality, not built on imagination.

May Allah forgives me and helps His sameemi, [friendly, sincere, honest] no, Allah Almighty's sincere servants to give ourselves, to teach ourselves and to come in existence and to take away every wrong way and every wrong idea and every wrong theory, to brush (sweep), and to throw away and to come and to appear - reality. May Allah forgives me, forgives you, forgives whole wrong ones to be right ones. Therefore the Lord of Heavens, ordering ourselves, "O My believers, O My servants, try to be always with True ones,"

And we are saying,
dumm, dumm, dumm.
for those who are happy
to be with True Ones
Here and Hereafter
they should be happy, happy, happy
and enlightened
through Paradises
through eternity
with eternal lives
should be their Lord happy with them
and they should be happy with their Lord Almighty.
ok, tamam, enough.

(To Ladies:) Should pray quickly and then going to do dhikr quickly.

Lefke, 27.07.2009

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