Maulana Sheikh NazimCircle of Evil around every Good One

Every prophet and every saint has a circle of satans around them. You cannot find someone who is following the way of prophets without having enemies. They use so many kinds of enemies pretending to be one of us. Satan uses his agents against all people who are spreading the teachings of prophets. Allah the Almighty never sent His Deputies to good and perfect people. His prophets were sent when communities were declining, when its inhabitants were becoming slaves of their egos and servants of the devil. When people started making wrong instead of right steps, Allah would send His prophets to correct them, to clean their minds, bodies and hearts: to clean their actions and intentions.

This is the most difficult and dangerous job a person can have, because satan will come and object. Satan is very keen to preserve his kingdom on earth, so he defends it in a serious way. His way of doing that is to attack, because that is the way of winning. When people try to become good Satan will attack them. He wants to prevent any development of goodness, because it is a threat to his own sultanate. If you want to do something here, the satan in America will quickly send his agents to destroy it. Wherever a light appears, he will send someone to extinguish it. Now the whole world is in darkness. Even if just a candle is lit, he will rush to blow it out.

This is a place in which we are defending the steps of the Prophet*. It is the command my Grandsheik* for me to call people to the right path and to look after them until Mehdi* comes to clean everything. He will remove everything which has to do with kufr, shirk, or anything else against Islam, by its roots. It is a command for Naqshbandis to clean people internally, in their hearts. Whoever comes here must understand our mission. Some people come here and criticise me and the ones who are around me. But they are ill people. If anyone thinks that they can do the job better than I do, they are very welcome to come and take over. Let them teach all these people who come from all directions of the world. Teach them, train them and direct them! Come! They think it is easy. They think all they have to do is to have a mosque and let people pray behind you. They think that is all in Islam. Or to go out and shout. They are fully wrong. They are ill, but they do not want to admit it. They think they are above Heavens, but they are less than underground, because some of the animals there are at least clean. They are part of the sewage system. They accuse people and put themselves in an exceptional position.

This is a centre which Allah has put in a country where there are headquarters of satan. It is a secret kingdom, not the official United Kingdom. The centre here could not be in a more suitable location than in London, the headquarters of satan. We could mention America, but they are learning from here. Germans are learning from here and so are the French and the Russians. The Greeks, Turks, Arabs... all come here to learn. The Jews are the professors, they do not have to learn.

Allah has put his weakest servant here in London. The satans know very well who I am and they are trying to destroy these gatherings. They do everything to go against me. Even my own people come to criticise me. They say that I am not taking care of what is happening here. If anyone thinks that they can do the job, let them come! But they must write 'Mental House' at the door. Then no one here will be criticised anymore. Because this is a mental house. If anyone thinks that they are perfect in their mind and in their actions, they should not come here. Those who think that something could still be wrong with them are welcome. Welcome to our mental house! We don't need people who are unhappy here. There are enough satanic houses waiting in this huge city for them. You can join any group of thinkers there.

If you are happy, welcome! Don't criticise this place. It is a mental house and people from a mental house must be trained and be happy with their training and try to take away their egoistic characteristics. We do not promise people anything else than to take away satan from their ego, to be free from their ego. Whoever is not happy, because satan is blowing into them so much that they resemble a balloon, may go to him. My aim is to put your ego on the level of zero, to kill it. Then it will not be able to command you, or to control your soul. That is our job. Those who are happy with this, welcome! May Allah forgive and correct our steps through his aulias. I am ashamed to tell Allah what to do, I am asking Him humbly to send us His servants to clean us and to bring satan down.

This is not advice for common people. They are already very humble. But those who have degrees think that they are someone, just because of their education. Satan blows through them. We are not playing with people, but are showing their egos the way they are. These people think that they are important, VIPs. You cannot be a VIP if you still have an ego, you belong to the people of the sewage. Don't let your ego control you. If it does, it will call satan and both of them will control you.

Please use your spiritual power to give me support. People come like the waves of the ocean to attack me wherever I go. I hope that Holy People will support me. May the spiritual support give more and more power to take away evil and devils. I am declaring to be the one whose intention it is not to leave evil or any devils on earth. This is why devils are chasing me. This is a peaceful place, not official like the Central Mosque. It is a centre for Islam and Iman and Ihsan. People like the atmosphere because it is blessed. But don't think that everyone who comes here has good intentions. Beware of them. Don't be cheated. All prophets fought against satan and his agents. This will continue until the time when Mehdi* will come. When Jesus* comes it will be completed and everything belonging to satan will be ended. There will be absolute peace on earth.


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