Maulana Sheikh NazimThe Circle of the World

The chance which has been given to devils will end before the beginning of the next century. It must be destroyed by then. After the year 2000 there will be no more tyrants, devils, Mafia or any bad people. Those who are cheating mankind will not have the chance to be alive.

The circle of the world brings different people to the top in different times; some come down, others go up. Until recently tyrants and all their bad followers have been climbing up. When they reached the top point they were so happy, thinking they would stay there forever. They are unaware of the Divine Wisdom of change: that they will come down again. We have reached the lowest point and are now on our way up to bring the moon back to the top, while they are declining. Even though they insist on staying there, they will have to come down. We don't even have to do anything to make it happen, the Divine Will is bringing them down. Until the end of this century they will come to the lowest point.

Even if you do not belong to the chosen true ones, you must try to be with them. Allah knows that we are usually weak, which is why He orders us to be with them. It is difficult to be one of them, but we must try to be with them. They are the ones who have kept their promise to be with Him since the Day of Promises. They never follow their ego, they never follow satan and they are never slaves of their ego. Because He knows how hard this is, He is not expecting everyone to be able to do it, but He wants us to be with those who do. Don't be on the side of those who are denying religion and denying Islam, or on the side of those who are not making sadjda, or who are drinking. But instead of listening to His Advice, we usually do the opposite.

The next century will only be for True Ones. It will start with the coming of Jesus*. No one can change that. He will follow the Sharia of Muhammad* and for 40 years this world will be like Paradise: with justice, respect, worshipping, love, mercy, blessings, lights... All nations begged to reach that period and so do we. I don't know. Since I was young I have been asking Allah the Almighty to give me a chance to be with those True Ones.


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