Maulana Sheikh NazimCleaning Up

Our aim is to clean people in their minds, thoughts, knowledge, intentions, intelligence, hearts, bodies, works, beliefs and in their lives. We want to remove hatred, harm and hurt, and make them give their best to everyone. The majority of people are used to being heedless. Their lives are like the lives of those living in hell.

We want to clean the villages, towns, cities, countries and oceans. People are concerned about cleaning the oceans, but they do not do the same for mankind. They give the greatest importance to rid the seas of dirt, without considering that the cause of that dirt is a result of a dirty mankind. They only want to clean the ocean. It is impossible! If mankind continues to make the oceans dirty, what use is it? Satan and his companions benefit from the dirt of mankind and never want mankind to be clean. Their priority is to make mankind dirty all the time. The headquarters of satan is based in western countries, just like the American fleet is based in Malta, Ibiza... They are very welcome in these countries. No-one asks them for a passport, no visas... "Welcome to you! We are under your command!" They are treated 70 times better than any other VIPs. "This is your country! You do not need any work permit. You can work wherever you want!" I am against them, and I hope to remove them. One day our dream will become reality.


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