Maulana Sheikh NazimCollecting Hearts for the Oceans of Unity

We are asking Allah the Almighty to send us His powerful servants to collect our hearts, not our bodies. Our bodies can be collected by anyone. Someone just has to come with a drum and hundreds and thousands will run after him. That is not a good thing. We are asking for collectors of hearts who will lead you to Allah. When we come to Allah with one heart we will be protected here and in the hereafter. Don't leave the unity! Don't be alone! Be with a group which is in unity for Allah and for His Prophet, may peace be upon him.

We meet in the same ocean, in the ocean of unity of Allah. We ask to enter it, to swim in it forever. We are like drops coming from the clouds, falling into the ocean and becoming the ocean. That is fana-ul-b'ilLah, fana-ul-fi-Rasul, fana-ul-fil-Sheikh. Melt your existence and give it. Finish it and Allah the Almighty will dress you in Wujud-ul-Haqqani, the appearance of Truth. When you have given this temporary being to Allah, He will grant you from His Divine Existence and will dress you in a body which is real and will be with you forever. You will enter the ocean of unity. There is the ocean of ahadiya, of oneness. That is impossible, it is unknown: 'Hu, Hu, Hu, Hu...' finishing... Then: 'Allah, Allah, Allah...' from Hu that is ghaib-ul-mutlaq, the absolute secret existence of Allah the Almighty. When He wants His servant to know something He will throw His Holy Name Allah. Prophet Sayyidina Muhammad* represents this Holy Name. We are trying to bring the hearts of people on that way. Our supporter is Allah, His Prophet* and all his Holy People.


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