Pictures of Maulana Sheikh NazimCome to Allah in These Last Days of Holy Ramadan!

Rabbana taqabbal minna wa `afuw `anna w 'aghfir lana wa tub `alayna w'arzuqna w'aslih shaanana wa shaan al-muslimeen. w'ansur Sultanana, Sultan al-Muslimeen. As-salamu `alaykum ayyuha 'l-mu'minoon ayyuha 'l-muslimoon.
Ya Rabbana laka aslamna, Ijaab anna wa `alayka tawakkalna, wa ilayka annabna. Tubna wa raj'ana ilayk f`afu `anna w'aghfir lana w'arhamna wa tub `alayna w'ahdina w'asqina w'aslih shaanana wa shaan al-muslimeen w'ansurna `ala 'l-qawmi 'l-kaafireen
Ya Rabbana lakal hamd hamdan daiman ma` khuludik milla as-samaawaati wa milla al-ardi
Ya Rabbana ya rabbighfir w'arham wa anta khayru 'r-raahimeen w'ansurna `ala 'l-qawmi 'l-kafireen w'ansur Sultanana, Sultan al-Muslimeen Sayyidina al-Mahdi Alayhissalam
Bi jaahi man anzalta `alayhi Suratu 'l-Fatiha.

Destur Ya Sultan al Ambiyah Ya Sayiddina al Awwalin w 'al Akhireen Ya Sayiddina Ya RasulAllah (s)
O people! As-salaamu `alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

Just we reaching third part of Holy Ramadan, most Holy days through year 10 days and we are saying A`udhu billahi min ash-Shaytani'r-rajeem Bismillahi'r-Rahmani'r-Raheem. By the name of Allah Almighty All Merciful, most Beneficent, most Munificent. We are asking forgiveness from Allah Almighty. It was most precious days, SubhanAllah, 10 days and RasulAllah (s) he was keeping that 10 days with such a, taking much more care for this 10 days and he was always with Allah Almighty but he was asking to teach his Ummah and to teach to whole Ummati Muhammad, his nation to be with Allah.

Who is going to be with Allah, he should be happy here and Hereafter. Who leaving Allah, he is falling in such a terrible position. No one can carry that one from darkness and from troubles and from miseries and from sufferings. Beware, O believers, not to fall into that darkness territories. Perhaps that dark worlds or heavy darkness may be black holes. Black holes. If entering, finishing. Should be forever through that darkness. May Allah protect us not to fall into black holes. But people now they are looking and saying oooh black holes, black holes through skies, black holes through sphere, black holes through space…space, perhaps they are looking and seeing one of them but everything that belongs to Allah, countless.

That black holes they are imagining, mostly they are imagining for black holes but black holes is not a imagination, it is a reality to show mankind about their Lord's Power Oceans. That black oceans just misbah, swimming, swimming through unknown territories that those unknown territories under the Dominion of the Lord of Heavens. Heavens under His Dominion, Dominion of Divinely Presence. Showing as an example to people that O people! Look, take care!

Warning always coming through prophets to mankind, but they never taking care for it. Till now, perhaps 20 years, or 25 years it is an appearance coming through space and they are looking with such a... instruments or such a telescopes, gigantic telescopes and looking and seeing something that it is not same stage or same level with other beings through space. They are astonishing. They are finishing. They can't say anything about that ones. No one ever knowing. They are so gigantic ones that billions or billions of galaxies may swallow, disappearing in it.
That is a spot, spot, very small spot for showing mankind, particularly no mind people, asking to show from His Majesty through His Dominions. Man they can't be able to think the Heavenly Kingdom first, beyond Heavenly visions, Heavenly beings...some appearance like a spot, a very small spot, and the Lord of Heavens He is showing those stubborn, atheist, no mind people, asking to show them some signs, maybe that sign smaller than an atom but the Lord of creation may do, able to make that small spot as a gigantic galaxy! And then putting in front of that gigantic galaxy a hole and saying “Beware not to go in it! You are going to be disappeared through that huge, huge black hole!”

Really it is that black hole or holes, they are not so, something to be mentioned in front of Allah Almighty, that it is nothing! But for mankind it is so big. That black hole may swallow whole space! Space and everything in it in a time that less than second, fourth, fifth down you may go and may swallow it. Even they are gigantic beings in front of man but it is so small - lamyuskar (trivial). He is asking to show people that huge, huge black holes in front of your sight it is gigantic but in Power Oceans of Heavenly levels belongs to the Lord of Heavens it is nothing, nothing, nothing and His Dominions, no one can expect, our minds can't carry.

That is very simple, very, very simple ta’zeem, very simple glorifying for Allah Almighty. Allah Jalla Jalaaluhu, whole glory and whole praise for Him only! We are nothing! Whole creation as something through an atom and that atoms, countless atoms, countless Sultanate, Kingdom of the Lord's Dominion. O people! To reach the secret power through that atom, that His Dominions through everything, particularly smallest part of maaddah, of material, smallest material that can be seen or can be understand. Hu Allah! We are nothing!

Keep your good manners with your Lord. His command only between two words, “BE and BEING!” If He is saying for something to be He says, “Be!” And it is in existence. O people! We are heedless ones and so drunk ones also, never taking care for our universe. Leave universe, but look this globe that you have been landed on it, ask yourself how I landed on it? From where? Someone saying, “O Shaykh, perhaps we have been landed on it.” How you are landed on it? “By parachute.” From where?? O you are such a learned one, Masha’Allah. How we are being on this planet? And his answer, “O Shaykh through parachute, a jet plane was passing through.”

(Sultan speaking to someone in the audience:) I don't know I am saying must be jet not this volontor (propellers). He knows better than you. SubhanAllah!

People thinking in such a way they landed on it – parachute . I am asking from where coming that jet plane? “You don't know Shaykh?” From Heathrow. Heathrow from Mars, coming and landing here and living here. Donkey's logic. Taubah, Astaghfirullah! Allah, don't say. Allah, the Creator, people but say nature, nature, nature, so foolish ones! What is nature? Say what you are seeing and try to know something. If nature giving to man an honour, also giving to donkey honour, also donkey going to be honoured one on our planet.

And we are saying these are the most Holiest days, the third Holy Ramadan's 10 days. Prophet (peace be upon him) was always getting to his Holy place and trying to be much more, much more for Allah. Not to be in contact with people. He would like to be even 10 days, even he was with his Lord always, but he was asking to teach his Ummah to try to be with their Creator only. Even for 10 days through whole year. And blessings coming now up to bayram (feast) Eid, say Eid. Everyone knows, what is tea? What is that tea? (Laughter) say ‘Eid al Fitr coming this 10 days to be with our Lord's Divinely Presence. Give as much as possible from yourself to your Lord Almighty that He likes His servant to be with Him! That is all a teaching, Heavenly teaching but servants they are not even one minute trying to be with their Creator.

O people! Make 10 days more precious days for your lives that Allah Almighty, you coming closer to Allah Almighty not He is coming closer to you but you may be more close to your Lord, Almighty Allah. Leave, O Muslim world, leave from your hands weapons, try to give your best to your Lord Allah Almighty and try to give your best the servants of your Lord! O Muslim world! Leave, leave, leave fighting; fighting is from Shaytan but Allah Almighty calling you to be in peace! Peace is the best ...where is Muslims? We are going (to be) happy for killing and destroying and burning. Shaytan baynahum. They are so far from Islam as earth far from skies. I am saying to them stop firing, stop killing, take away the clothes of killing clothes, and dress clothes of obediency, clothes of `ubodiya, dress servanthood dressings.

Through these 10 days then your Lord bringing to you everything that you are asking, taking away from you troubles and miseries. Don't listen to Shaytan, leave weapons, come and embrace each other O believers! Don't follow Shaytan and Shaytanic principles. Come to Allah and be all of you servants of your Lord, even 10 days through this Holy month. Whom those they are not hearing, I am thinking that, not thinking but my yaqeen, certainty for whom this reaching this declaration from a weak servant to them, no one going to live up to next year. Who making zhulm, who making oppression, they should be taken away. Heavenly revenge approaching. I am nothing but I am warning whole Muslims! Leave weapons, come to mosques, come to our Lord's obediency, you should be happy here and Hereafter.

May Allah forgives us, forgive them. O our Lord! Send us such a powerful Sultan to give rights for everyone and to take revenge of poor people from zhaalim, oppressors and I don't think that oppressors going to reach next Ramadan. May Allah forgive us.

Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah `Azeez Allah
Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah SubhanAllah
Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Sultan Allah

He is asking to show who is Sultan! Tarbiyyah. He is going to train people to teach them how should be a servant, coming now. I am fearing that millions and millions of people taken away, swallowing millions, a black hole that it is just on earth.

A-salamu `alaykum!
O Allah, forgive us!

Lefke, 11.09.2009

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