Maulana Sheikh NazimConnect to the Lord of Lighted Dominions

(Mawlana stands)
Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, la ilaaha illa-Llah, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, wa lillahi 'l-hamd! Whole praising and glory for the Lord of Heavens, and He is the only One Who is granting to servants honor and glory. May our Lord’s blessings be on our humble meeting here and for the honor of His most honored one Sayyidina Muhammad (peace be upon him) grant us to hear and understand and to obey. Alfu salaat, alfu salaam, countless salutations of glory and honor on the most honored one in Allah's Divine Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad (s)! We are asking for your intercession. You are the only one who can speak in the Divinely Presence, no one else. Alfu salaat wa alfu salaam. (Mawlana sits)

(Mawlana sings)
Dome dome dome dome 4x

Whole singings are for the Seal of Prophets, Sayyidina Muhammad (s). (Mawlana stands) Salutes to him. Allah never needs anything from His creatures, no! Everything He is granting to His most glorified servant, Sayyidina Muhammad (s), and giving to him. (Mawlana sits).

If anyone is asking for glory and honor, he must give salutes, praising, and glory to Allah Almighty’s representative through Creation, from pre-Eternal up to Eternal. Give honor and take honor. You can’t give honor to a donkey. What honor you are giving to a donkey? If you are giving honor to a donkey, it is not honor for a donkey. A donkey is happy for its creation and to be in existence even a few years, it is going to be happy and honored through its levels.

O my master, master of this world, captain for this Creation! I am asking humbly from your heavenly position and honor and support because I know nothing. Please, O my master, pole of this planet, a little bit as you like, grant for me, because you are putting me to address the Children of Adam. Also I am asking some bullets, but not only empty bullets giving only empty sound of boom-boom-boom, no. So many people through east and west, they are claiming they are something or someone, or they are important ones, saying, “We are VIP ones among people.” It is only an empty claim because if they have been granted a full bullet, it is giving a sound and reaching to its aim, touching that bullet from man to man and killing. But heavenly bullets are making dead people to stand up!

Therefore I am asking, O my master, grant to me, by your order I am sitting here, and I am nothing. I am asking some bullets to touch (hearts of people). We are saying millions of centers or billions of centers are hearing something from this humble association. Yes, maybe, and I like to touch to them, and to make something on their situation to touch their physical beings, and changing also their mentalities and their minds. That is real bullet! Others, we are not taking any care. No, no, no, no. (Mawlana singing)

Therefore, I am asking this from one, to second one, to third one, up to level of the master, reaching from my master to my heart, to speak and warning you for your future. Our future is going to be either in an enlightened world or through darkness dominions (where one) can’t see, can’t look, can’t know, can’t touch, can’t taste, and can’t enjoy. They are real dead people, because they killed their real being through this life, never taking care to reach and save themselves from darkness worlds through enlightened and brightened worlds.

O people! As-salaamu `alaykum our listeners! You must observe from where may come such a declaration. You are thinking on it, you may find a light to reach an enlightened world. If you are not recognizing, looking at this and that same, you can’t reach and you can’t take anything. O our listeners, as-salaamu `alaykum! It may be these heavenly salutes on you gives you honor. Therefore, come and listen! If you are not giving, you go as you like. If you are preferring to be blind ones or ignorant ones, you must go and continue on your way. If you like to reach something from heavenly aspects, come and listen, and ask the ways for reaching divinely dominions oceans, where even our imagination can’t reach!

O People! Give some time for your Creator, and we are on the last or first step. You are standing on it and day-by-day asking to step a second step, third step, fourth step, fifth step to heavens through our arithmetic or mathematics knowledge, a knowledge that can’t say. Therefore, try to be with your Lord daily, even for some minutes (because) you are going to be honored ones. As much as you are trying to be with your Lord, you are taking much more honor. When you are staying with your Lord, you are reaching for impossible targets, impossible to reach, an end for those steps.

O People! Come and take a satisfaction through this humble meeting here, very humble. I am asking from my spiritual guide to make me to taste something very fine, a tasting from this association, to be stronger through our physical beings, and to be enlightened through our mindly being or our spiritual being, that no one knows what is the reality of spirits or souls. If anyone is asking, it is a free association! I am not asking you, “Pay me this, give me that,” no. We are not running after that; we are running after realities of dominions of the Lord of Heavens. Therefore, we have been granted very short life to make a link from our physical beings to a heavenly being. That is real wisdom, of coming in existence in this world to make a link from our material being to our spiritual being, because our material being is going to finish and vanish.

We are on a ship and it is going to sink down, and coming from up a hook for linking. Who is reaching there is being saving and going up, not sinking down. Therefore, our material being one day must also sink down. Toba (good tidings)! Never-ending good tidings are for those who are asking and reaching through that links, and that links smoothly, smoothly taking him up, leaving physical being to sink but sending our souls up.

O people! We must try to learn something, that is our way. I think any religious leader can object on such realities. Maybe the holiest one in every country, the Pope and chief rabbi, I don’t think can object on such realities, saying, “That servant's declaration is wrong.” I am not claiming that I am a shaykh, nor that I am something, but I am trying to be nothing! We must take care. Perhaps we may find it through our holy books. (Mawlana sings) Huuuuuu.

It is true what we are saying, and addressing to our brothers and sisters from human nature. O People, through east and west, billions of people! It is enough that you drank Satan’s whiskey or champagne or vodkas. There are some using it and becoming drunk; that (affect) is for a short time. What Shaytan is giving people is (making) them not to awaken, and they will be taken by force to darkness worlds because they are not asking to link themselves for heavenly hooks.

O People! Listen and obey. Listen to what the Lord of Heavens is saying! We are coming from these endless life oceans, and you are going to come back to His life oceans. O People! Huuuuuu. Don’t waste your very precious lives for nothing; come and hear! They are making me to speak to the servants of the Lord. I am a weak servant, perhaps the weakest servant. I am not asking anything from our listeners, because if each of our listeners gives to me one treasure, there is no value because my ship is as everyone’s ship, it is going to sink down. And when it is going down, there will be no meaning to have treasures of this world. Therefore, come and be content with what Allah granted to you. Stand up with your physical being and try to work for your Lord! Then the Lord of Heavens will send to you when last moment coming, a link or a hook that will take you up to the Lord of Lighted Dominions!

O people, O people, may Allah blessing you! May Allah grant us an understanding through His elected or selected servants, and as it is mentioned through all holy books that when the Last Days approaching, going to be from east to west, from north to south, everyone running after no-value treasures that are not for them. And at that time the Lord of Heavens is going to send a heavenly being for His servants, to wake them up and to save themselves before their life-ship sinks down.

And we are coming in front of heavenly-selected ones (who are) making people to take care, to think, “What is that one speaking?” We think (what he is saying) is not from him, that it must be a spirituality through that one who may belong to heavenly powers, that they are going around as a patrol on this world. Perhaps he has a link with that and we must hear (what he is saying).

Give daily for your Lord a most honored servanthood. Try to be servants to the Lord of Heavens! You must try to reach to that servanthood. That is important. It is not important to collect the treasures of this world, or to reach highest degrees for this life’s honor. When your ship sinks down honor of this world will finish. It will only be written on a stone, “That was majestic king, a majestic queen, His Highness, that was His Excellence, President (so-and-so), that was most high pope, most high chief rabbi”. Only that stone and nothing else will be with you.

O people! Hear and listen, and try to understand what the sound of heavens coming to ourselves, to our ears. Whoever is hearing and obeying, just he reached and saved himself. His real being just saved and reaching endless enlightened dominions of the Lord of Heavens.

O people, as-salaamu `alaykum. May Allah forgive us and bless us for the honor of the most honored one in the Divine Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad (s). (Mawlana stands for Prophet [s] and sits.)

Fatihah. (38 minutes)

(Mawlana sings)

Dome dome dome dome 8x

Everyone they are mushtaaq,
yearning to hear
heavenly singings of angels,
That giving us a real pleasure
through every part of our bodies
getting to be enjoyment
by hearing heavenly sounds of angels,
what we are only saying...

Dome dome dome dome 8x

Don’t cry, don’t shout
“ayyyyyy, oooooooo!”
My “dome dome”
is better than your “ayyyyyy”!
O People! Try to hear
heavenly music, heavenly singing.
I’m a very weak one
and I know only to say...

Dome dome dome dome 8x

Whole praisings
and whole glory
only for You,
O our Lord!
You are our Lord,
You are our Lord,
only You!

Dome dome dome dome 4x

(42 minutes Sayyidee)

Okay, may Allah forgives us. Fatihah.

Lefke, 26.10.2009

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