Maulana Sheikh NazimThe Creator is with you - be with your Creator! Or: You are asking for a drop or for the ocean?

(For the occasion of the visit of a doctor from Germany accompanied by a
film-team, with the project to make a film about Arabic Medicine, the Sufi way
of healing)

As-salamu alaikum! Destur, ya Rijalallah! Fatiha... ziyadatan li sharfin Nabiyi
sws... And we are saying: Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir
Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Adhim.
Allahumma alhimna rushdana wa aisna min sharri anfusuna... Meded, ya Rijalallah,
Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya.

Welcome to you! Welcome to you! Welcome, our guests are coming from far
distances. Sometimes I know for what they are coming, sometimes I am not
interesting and not looking, not understanding. Now here (there are) four
respectful visitors, coming with strange instruments- I am fearing!... So many
times people (are) coming here with such an instruments; sometimes I am swearing
(at) them and sending them away. If I am happy, I am sitting, speaking. When I
am looking that those people (are) not so too much understanding- (that) their
understanding level (is) like my understanding level- for what we are going to
speak? No, nothing...

Welcome to you, our guests! They are hungry?... Angry?... Thirsty?... For what
they are interesting and coming here? Anything they are interesting? They are
thinking that this is a warehouse? Because (the) New Year (is) coming, (the) old
fashion (is) going to be (left) in warehouses...Perhaps they are coming to look
our factory?... Now this is not (a) factory, but it is (a) mental-house... we
are welcoming so many people (here)... I am looking their minds and mentalities,
looking and saying: “Ma sha Allah, all of them they are much better than me...
silent people, sitting, not speaking...” Good ones that means...

O our Lord, our Creator, You know, for what they are coming! O our Lord, our
Creator, the Lord of Heavens, Sultan on His Throne, You know. We are all... we
are creatures. If they are coming and asking from Truth, keep them, o our Lord,
on their line, to be perfect. If they are not coming to understand something
that may be good for them, You know them... Let us to speak and to listen such a

I am an ordinary servant, no more; I am not using (titles)... because no one
(is) giving to me any title and I know that titles that (are) given from people,
(are) nothing, (they have) no meaning, (they are) all imitated titles. Real
titles (are those) which (are) coming from Heavens!

Once I was in Switzerland, passing through Switzerland to go Germany, Freiburg.
On that way there is Santa Klaus?... Nikolaus... That was a real worker or real
servant to his Creator! When he was living on earth with his physical being,
people they are not giving enough respect to him.- And originally such a people
they are not asking anything from people, because they are knowing that people
can’t give anything. They may give some titles through themselves; but real
servants in divinely Presence, they are asking to be servants of (the) real
heavenly Service for their Lord. When they are looking and seeing that people
they are not respecting the way of the Lord of Heavens...- (when he was seeing
that), he escaped from them and (he was) coming in such a forest place, unknown
place, and he was making seclusion. Seclusion means to leave people and to be
with his Creator. That heavenly Lights may come to a person through seclusion.
If no seclusion, no one can reach any high level or any heavenly Level- always
(he will be) here (on earth)...

People (are) trying to reach more up, up, and they are building huge
buildings... perhaps it is some of them hundred floors or more... what they are
saying?... (Sky-scrapers)... but they are looking: “Ohhh! That...” and they are
saying: “We may use helicopters!” I am saying: “Helicopters? Hm...” Then they
are saying: “We may use that...” (these) original flights...that turning
motors...(Someone is saying: Propeller machines)... You (were) never using such
a flights! I was going from here (Cyprus) to Beirut, from Beirut to Hijaz, so
many times with that propeller (planes)... You (have) never been there... Then
coming this, another kind... jet engine... and several times (I was using
that)... Only I am not using comet?...(Rocket). Rockets I never like... If I am
going in it, I may open (the) doors and (I am) getting out... and my speed (is)
much more (than) that rocket...

Yes. People (are) asking to reach up, more high stations, to look, to come
closer that they are thinking (that) the Lord of Heavens, the Creator of
everything, He is up. (Once) one Angel (was) coming and (was) looking another Angel... Such
a knowledge through our holy Books it is mentioned... One Angel (was) saying: “Oh my
friend, from where you are coming?” ”I am coming from (the) last point of
under earth and I am coming from my Lords divinely Presence. And you, from where
(you are) coming?” “I am coming from up, from (the) holy Throne and up.” “And
with whom (you are) there?” ”I am (there) with my Lord...”

The Lord of Creation, the Lord of Creatures, He is, He must be everywhere,
because nothing can be in existence without being with its Creator! Therefore
must be with you your Creator, as your Creator (is) going to be with an atom.
(An) atom by itself can’t be in existence. Then, smaller than atoms, may be
another some pieces- you are saying ‘electrons’ or ‘neutrons’ and ‘protons’ and
such a names- each one must be with their Creator, because without (a) Creator
they can’t be in creation!

I am passing there, and his spiritual power always (was) happy with my
spirituality and (he was) saying: “O Sheikh Nazim, come! I like that you may be
here; even one step stand on my tomb, I am happy with you!”... I am going,
meeting them, people... our German people... perhaps you were there?... (I am)
coming and going and visiting. He was so happy always...

The point that I like to say: I am coming out and on the stairs (there was)
coming a person with his different clothes that I understand he must be priest
(of) that monastery. He was welcoming me and I am welcoming him also. I am
happy, I am asking: “You are here priest? Because...” “Yes.” And I am asking:
“Your holiness, how many years you are dealing with people?” “O Sheikh, don’t
say to me ‘holy’, ‘holiness’, because I am not a holy one!” He was speaking
truth. “I am not a holy one!” “Why not?” “Yes, I am an ordinary person, only
dressed to be priest.” “What do you think about (the) Pope? He is also is not a
holy one?” “Even (the) Pope is not a holy one! Holy one (is he) that (is) lying
there. That is (a) holy one, but... because his title (is) from Heavens (and)
the title of Popes (is) from people...”

Therefore, whom they are understanding reality, they are not running after
imitated titles given to people, no! No value. That is imitation, imitated. And
I am trying really not to be said that: “This is a Sheikh.” People (are) saying
to me: “You are a Sheikh!” I am saying: “For you I am Sheikh, but (the) real
Sheikh (is) not here, (he is) up!” And people now they are running after imitated titles and they
are wasting (their) whole lives for nothing! At the end of their lives (they are) looking that they
are carrying nothing! Real ones (titles) that (are) granted from
Heavens to you that is your real title, (your) real level, (your) real rank.
Don’t look what people (are) saying to you, no, no! You are not... we are not
interesting in such a things! And really we must be interested through heavenly
Levels, heavenly Ranks, heavenly Grants! Don’t be cheated (by) that (what)
people (are) saying to you from imitated titles, no!

You may put on your head a crown, like a King, but that crown (is) never making
you a King! You are saying: “Why? What (the) King (is) putting on himself, I am
putting!” “Yes, you are putting, but you are not a King, you are (an) ordinary
person. This crown (is) suitable for Kings, not for common people! (Those), whom
they are relations up to Adam, they have been granted from their Lord a title
and a holiness to be King or Queen. If you are not coming from their line, you
are not going to be a King or Queen, only (by) putting something on your head!”
But people now they are cheated. They are trying to reach some imitated titles
and (they are) fighting. Whole fightings (are coming) after that bad idea.
And we are asking a good understanding through whole religions. I don’t know if
(in) Christianity they are happy with imitated titles? I am not thinking that
through Judaism people may be happy (with) what people (are) giving to them
(from) imitated titles! No! Real titles (are) coming from Heavens. And that
makes you happy and honoured and glorified servants, because you are belonging
to your Lords divinely Presence!

Welcome to you! Perhaps it is (a) well-known thing for them, and I am (only)
repeating. Or they are hearing such a things (for the) first time... because
everyone (is) just granted (a) special specialty that through their speciality
they have been granted something from Heavens. Like seeds; if (you) may plant
that seed, (it is) growing and coming a, any other kind (of) plant. And everyone
(is), as you are looking and you can’t see two people to be same 100 %.
Therefore each one (is) granted through their outlooking to be one. And everyone
also (is) granted some specialty that it is different also. Therefore billions
or trillions or quadrillions or pentillions (of) people (are) granted each one a
specialty. Leave yourself- you must believe and you must know that (the) Creator created
every atom. It has a special being in existence; (a) special name and (a)
speciality. But your mind can’t carry such a things, because they are belonging to heavenly
Knowledge. You can understand only through your spirituality. You can’t know
such a things, when you are reading books, no! Therefore- each one (is) going to open their
real being after death. The Day of Resurrection you should know your real position and
specialty that your Lord created you to be one! One B., one Abdul T., one Dr.S., one Dr.
Sahta... one donkey, one... so many donkeys... Don’t be surprised when I am saying
‘donkeys’. Every donkey has another speciality; some of them (are) biting, some of them
(are) kicking... some of them (are) very slowly going, some of them (are)
running... because they are looking and seeing horses, (they are) asking to be a
horse... Don’t try to be (a) horse, if you are created (a) donkey, no! You can’t
reach horses!

O my beloved visitors, welcome to you! I am nothing! I am nothing. If I am not
nothing, but I like to be nothing, because to claim that: “I am something”, then
you are carrying a heavy responsibility. Say: “I am nothing” and (you have) no
responsibility! Therefore whole religions (are) coming to make people to accept that they are
nothing. But Shaitan (is) teaching them and saying to them: “Oh, you are
something, you are not nothing, can’t be! B., you are something, yes! Don’t say:
‘I am nothing’, no! You are with (a) long beard and (a) big crown, (a) big
turban... (With the) red turban you are something else, (with the) green turban
(you are) something else... (With the) yellow turban you are going to be
something else... look (into the) mirror: ‘Now I am (with the) yellow turban-
better... If I am smiling- better... I am laughing- better... or to be more
serious...?” Whole German people, they are very serious... You understand? O people,
welcome to you! Enough, I am tired!

Ohhh, ya Rabbi! Anta Rabbuna, Anta Hasbuna, Anta Waliyuna, Anta Khaliquna, Anta
Raziquna. Ya Rabb, ajma qulubuna ‘ala muhabbatika! Ij’alna, ya Rabbi, mina-l
‘abidin, zahidin, qanitin! Ya Allah, Anta-llah, nahnu abiduk, irham dhulnana,
irham dafana (?), bi jahi man arsalta alayhi Suratu-l Fatiha...
What it is necessary, I said to them... no need to ask (any) question! If
question asking, you give (the answer)... Give (the) meaning of (the) red
turban, (the) green turban, (the) white turban, (the) blue turban... (the) long
beard... and (the) short (beard) or moustache... or... you know that...

Q.: Maulana, can you tell us about the Sufi way of healing!

Never understanding, what I am saying... Alhamdulillah. Because their minds half, (they are)
never understanding... What we are saying, you must look in it, to know, what I am saying!
You may find your answer through our speaking!... What you are asking?... What you are asking?...

Q.: I would like to know more about your way of healing.

We opened for them an ocean, but (the) doctor (is) asking from a drop...

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Aziz Allah,
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Karim Allah,
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Subhan Allah,
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Sultan Allah...
Subhan Sensin, ya Rabb, Sultan Subhan Sensin, ya Allah!
Allahumma salli wa sallim ‘ala Nabiyina Muhammad alayhi salam, salatan tadumu wa
tughda ilay, mamarra layali wa tula dawam... Fatiha.

Lefke, 21.10.2008 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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