Maulana Sheikh NazimDirty Democracy will be Removed
The German army will come from the west, the Japanese from the east and the Turkish from the south. Russia will be squeezed in the middle. All emperors, kings and sultans which were removed during this century will come back in the new century. During this last century devils were cheating people with the system of democracy, which is the very worst system of governing there has ever been. Before power used to be in one hand, now it is in the hands of thousands of people. Every day, every television station takes the opportunity to advertise for democracy. There is no need to advertise if you have gold for sale.
Here in Germany they love to advertise for washing powder. But I have never seen any advertisement for diamonds, pearls or gold. Democracy is like washing powder. People are fed up with democracy. The only ones still pleased are the Mafia. The 21st century will bring back the real rulers. It will be cleaned of this dirty democracy.

In the time of monarchy people had good manners. They respected each other and were respected. Now all that is finished. They call it equality, but in reality they have lost all respect for each other.


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